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Super Cali's futuristic Tesla batt swap focus – even though car tech test is an expected bonus


You mean the 30 000 $ spare battery?

I figured the fuel costs of a sun-only driven Tesla S and an Opel Meriva Diesel in Switzerland are equal if you consider the subsidies for "renewable" energy. As soon as you replace the dead battery with the 30 000 $ new one, however, the Tesla's "fuel-cost" triples.

The Shock of the New: The Register redesign update 4



Did you just forget to sew the "Print"-button on or don't you like us?

Hot, horny bees swerve planet-saving duties as climate warms


Don't them Warmists believe in Evolution?

They do, and seldom remember to mention it, but if their faith stands in the way of frightening the perfumed and chic masses, they do remember to not mention it.

Nanowires boost photovoltaics sunlight capture by 15X


Cruel reality

I live in the here and now. A new 120 kwp facility nearby, which should deliver 329 kwh/day over the year - 138 kwh/d during winter - produced all of 52 kwh/d 71 winter days long. Around the river Aare, the biggest in Switzerland, it happens to be foggy in wintertime, most of the time actually, but the heroic promoters, builders, political overlords and supporting media artillerists bravely stood up against nature. The bravery is partly grounded on the assuredness that the electricity consumer has to pay the "solar" surcharge anyway - or else.

Climate scientists link global warming to extreme weather


Re: Links? Links! to Global Warming?????

It seems that you are not aware of how these silly "97%" came to see the light of climatology-publicity-world. Nevertheless, I'm nearly dying to get to know who qualifies as a "Top Climate Scientist", and why, and who does the qualifiying, and when the world will end.

Apple adds gay and lesbian icons to iOS 6 messaging


Re: My only question for the idiots against gay marriage is ...

Coward, you are right of course, that the "marriage" ploy is agressive anti-religious and political avtivism. Look back in time or just around the globe and you'll see, that the enemies of religion (and thereon based moral) are not content with a status equal to their foes. They have to ridicule them, destroy them, kill them, because a God-Believer always has a better logical position in moral arguments - will always make them have a bad conscience, which can be subdued with constant diversion and adventure-seeking only for so long.

I have watched the homosexual crusade since the early 80-ies. They have lied about everything and they think its funny. By far most of them abhor marriage - it is the opposite of what they want, i.e. no responsibility, no fidelity, promiscuity, etc.. If I were perverse, I would think the same; its logical from their point of view. After all, if what you do is not the "real thing", you will always want to look somewhere else.

Where I live, they go preaching into kindergarden. Letters criticizing homosexuality and its missionaries are not printed in most newspapers anymore. The state, communities and business are financing their crusade, fearing their PR-machine. Of course, they will go down like communism, as they have before, when people were able to see the friuts of their doings. Until then however, too many will suffer unnecessarily.


Re: That's it now Could this be the end?

You'll have to ask those how-many-millions who died from deadly diseases, liberally transmitted by the oh-so-"gay".

Apple scrubs dirty iCloud data centre with second solar wash


The European web-surfer can stay in bed until noon then

, or longer if its cloudy or rainy sever-site side.

'Seas will rise, flood millions of homes' warns Eric Schmidt ecologist


Re: Sea level rise, what sea level rise?

The Schmidt Family Foundation (established in 2006 by Wendy and Eric Schmidt), paymaster of Climate Central, says, that "at current rates, the earth’s average temperature is expected to rise anywhere from three to ten degrees over the next 100 years". Faith like this can easily lift the waters.


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