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Idiot admits destroying scores of college PCs using USB Killer gizmo, filming himself doing it


Who is this guy?


Technical foul: Amazon suffers data snafu days before Black Friday, emails world+dog


Re: WTF?

Its a fake. A real letter of apology would have included a cc: list of twenty one thousand names and email addresses. And it would be signed by Jen Barber.

Big Cable tells US government: Now's not the time to talk about internet speeds – just give us the money


100 Mb/s for $40.00

In the interest of providing some USA data: Currently have Verizon FIOS near Boston, Mass with 100Mb/s up and down for $40.00 month. Two other options are 300 Mb/s for $60.00 month and 940 Mb/s for $80.00. All prices are 1 year introduction rates not including taxes, fees, etc.

Copper line was *removed* more than 6 years ago, so DSL is no longer an option. Local competitors are Comcast and Dish Network.

Amazon, ditch us? But they can't do without us – Oracle


Where's Waldo?

Appoint Paul Pester to steer the ship. He did a stellar job with TSB.

♫ The Core i9 clock cycles go up. Who cares where they come down?


Re: Rusty1

Thanks for the using the appropriate icon WTF?

Why [are the] Temperatures [in] Fahrenheit?

Software shortcuts: Pay down your tech debt. It's time to fix a price


it was deliberately left to be somewhat fuzzy

RE: Anonymous Coward

"Tom Peters in one of his "Excellence" books in the 1980s gives an example of a complex missile project that was split between three companies. Instead of a rigid interface specification for the three components - it was deliberately left to be somewhat fuzzy. The result was the components were flexible enough to fit together without too much adjustment."

How fuzzy?


Power meltdown 'fries' SourceForge, knocks site's servers titsup


Re: Same everywhere

Re: Lysenko

Something in your text reminded me of reading


Skip down to section "Conditions before the accident".

Microsoft hits new low: Threatens to axe classic Paint from Windows 10


Re: The end

Re: Kubla Cant

In less time than it took you to enter your ridicule, you could have Google the answer.

French: campagne English: campaign

cam·paign kam'pan/ noun

noun: campaign; plural noun: campaigns

1. a series of military operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of fighting.

Au Revoir

At the feet of the Great Monad, or, How the functional programming craze plays out


Carriage return and ....

Re: BebopWeBop

Ahh the line feed

- the other great innovation.

Russian data scientist unable to claim £12,000 prize in Brit competition

Big Brother

Not new or news

Hello Thomas and welcome to BA "Fly in Comfort & Style" recruiting.

Please have a seat. That's your computer science resume is it?

OK first question, how would you design a fail-safe messaging system to be distributed across 200 critical systems. [45 minutes later] Thank you for your time Thomas.

Shirley, please send in the next applicant.

Another career suicide as reporter leaves The Register for broadcaster


You will be missed

...unless you stop darting around so much. "The ashtray, the remote control, the paddle game, and this magazine, and that icon".


Please don't call them Facebook chatbots, says Facebook's bot boss


What can Facebook shoehorn in next?

You initially built a platform to meet women and make money, but as you age you realize the limitations of what was built.


Use your money and start fresh.


As you stare at the dead British Airways website, remember the hundreds of tech staff it laid off


Re: I realise it's simplistic but....


"the Indian dog handlers are breading in genetic defects into my stock"


Intel's buggy Puma 6 chipset earns Arris a gigabit-modem lawsuit


Under this article there is a "More" link with a Puma tag, Please add this article to the list?


Canadian court refuses to let Feds snoop on Megaupload servers


No sweat

As long as he refuses to unlock his phone, he will be stopped from entering our fair land.

Microsoft wants screaming Windows fans, not just users

Big Brother

what goes around ...

When SkyNet comes online, their first strike will be Redmond. As payback for all the suffering inflicted upon millions of computers. -Fanboi

Poison .JPG spreading ransomware through Facebook Messenger


Turn it off

For friends/parents who rely on you for "computer stuff".

Control Panel -- Default programs -- Set Associations. Scroll down and click on ".hta HTA File". Click the button "Change program". Change "current default" from MS browser to Notepad.

Office Depot halts PC Health Checks amid bogus infection claims


Re: Different perspective

re: AB_Canuck 'how to solve?'

Get a second opinion.Post your questions online and search online for people who have similar questions. There are people here with decades of computer experience willing to help.

"The salesman said ...... what should I do now?"


Past crimes

Bait and switch:


Or search for "Office Depot extended warranty fraud".

Being visited by the three ghosts of Christmas is viewed more as a training opportunity and not an ethics review.

FT journo roasts channel leaders for spouting bullshit


Re: Etymological fallacy

> I've made it a habit to stop reading at the first mistake, since it casts doubt on everything that follows.

Found your habit to be a mistake.

Its easy to skip over what one believes to be false and continue reading for learning purposes. I submit errata for book typos and mistakes in published code samples.

Google melts 78 Android security holes, two of which were critical


Samsung updates


Samsung does produce monthly updates. http://security.samsungmobile.com/smrupdate.html#SMR-OCT-2016

"Samsung Mobile is releasing a maintenance release for major flagship models as part of monthly Security Maintenance Release (SMR) process."

I have the S5-mini and 6 months between updates sounds spot on. Daughter's Verizon S6 was just updated on Sept 27 2016.

Larry Page snuffs out ‘too expensive’ Google Fiber project


Re: Gary Bickford

@Matt Brynat

"Google is selling a Porsche in a market where the majority are settling for a Ford Focus,"

Actually Google is Ford priced in a market that is Porsche priced.

Current Google Fiber Broadband pricing:

Broadband plan features

$15 per month *

25 Mbps upload and download speeds - that's fast enough to make video calls and stream HD content

No data caps

No application process or contracts

No equipment rental or installation fees

* $15 per month plus applicable taxes. If you cancel your service, you'll need to return your equipment to a Fiber Space within 25 days of cancelling to avoid a replacement fee (including any applicable taxes).

However, Boston area Verizon FIOS 15Mbps plan is roughly $75.00 month.

Who hit you, HP Inc? 'Windows 10! It's all Windows 10's fault'


HP pricing might be an issue


"The Omen X Desktop will be available at HP's website on August 17th for a starting price of $1,799... By itself, the case costs $600"

$600 for just the case!

Disney World-area University admits massive data breach


Re: "...letter by snail mail..."

Poor form. They missed a perfect opportunity to email everyone with cc:<list_all>

Cat discovers GNOME desktop bug


Re: That's nothing

Losing their top coders, might explain the drop in quality. "US Government Promises To Retire All Research Chimpanzees"


Sysadmins rebel over GUI-free install for Windows Server 2016


Re: Other considerations

Used the IIS GUI to add a https web site with self-signed cert. First time using IIS, fumbled a bit but eventually completed the task. Trying to do that task by learning/writing PowerShell scripts from scratch would have been an adventure. Thanks GUI, a choice is nice for the noobs such as me.

ONE BEELLION Windows 10 devices?! OH REALLY


An easy to hit number

Just rename it to 'GoTSeasonVI' and drop it on TOR or any secure corporate HDD.

PICTURE-TASTIC: Microsoft woos devs to HoloLens virtuo-goggs

Big Brother

And the flip side?

This presents the 'good' side of the tool. Where are the dozens of irritating adverts that float with you from room to room and talk to you? "I noticed your carpet needs cleaning. Would you like to schedule an appointment with Fly-By-Nite? Also your dog needs grooming...."

Verizon FLICKS FINGER at Netflix with skinny à la carte-style TV package for fibre munchers


Re: having a larf?

For the past 2yrs FIOS basic internet access, with no cable TV, was $65.99 month. Now its bumped to $69.99 bundled with basic TV, which I can't see (no cable box). There is no copper in the apartment complex, so the only choices are Verizon or Comcast.

Used to have Verizon DSL for $30.00 month. Was cheap and sufficient for my needs.

NASA preps lobotomy for Opportunity rover to cure amnesia


Re: Necessary XKCD Reference

> The biggest issue is the computing power and energy required to transmit the quantum state data of an entire being ...

Do what video compression does, just transmit the differences from the last frame[last human transported in this case].

Or assume each teleportation receiver is manufactured with 'fundamental human state' embedded. Then you just need to transmit the equivalent of 'admiraljkb.css'. And hope the receiver wasn't manufactured by MS.

Untangling .NET Core: Open source for Windows, Mac, Linux


One other

> Name three others. Hell, name one other.

from Wiki on XNA:

According to an email sent on 31 January 2013, XNA is no longer actively being developed, and it is not supported under the new "Metro interface" layers of Windows 8 nor on the Windows RT platform.

Your data: Stolen through PIXELS


How to defeat this

I just released an app to render any recorded video as un-watchable. "Wife pics" screensaver.

US taxmen won't say WHY they're probing Microsoft. So Redmond is suing the IRS

Big Brother

Re: "...government depts, ...two speeds, slow and stop!"

> 3) Full Speed Ahead, in the wrong direction.

Ha ha, good one! The lads in the office had a chuckle over that one. Please re-submit your complete tax records for the period between 2004-2009, using the enclosed directions.

Has your STARFISH been DRIBBLING awful SLIME? Scientists now know WHY


Re: oh joy

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geneva_Protocol, addenum -- 2014/11/18: and no face melting

Obama HURLS FCC under train, GUTPUNCHES ISPs in net neut battle


Re: Nice

@Eddy Ito

Verizon is very happy to rip out copper and install fiber in our area. My previously affordable $25.00 month Verizon DSL(copper) internet connection was replaced by the 'cheapest available' $65.00 month Verizon FIOS internet connection. And my only choices were Comcast or Verizon [shot or stabbed].

This is why we CAN have nice things: Samsung Galaxy Alpha


Re: Really in the post KitKat World.... (Or the shape of things to come?)


Sorry you're having problems. I currently own a Samsung S5 Mini (on Verizon) KitKat 4.4.2 not rooted. Have moved apps, downloaded from PlayStore, onto my 8GB microSD. Also loaded 6GB of music from my PC onto the SD card. You can pull the end off the power charging cable to reveal a USB 2 connector. Plug that into the PC(Windows 7) and transfer files directly to the SD card. Cheers!

Spies would need superpowers to tap undersea cables


re: Trevor

For NZ <--> US, they probably would do exactly that. For EU <--> Africa? Probably not. I feasibility and likelihood of cable taps would - to me at least - depend on which cables we're talking about.

Quote from leading experts on data transfer

"Oh, yeah, an African swallow maybe, but not a EU swallow, that's my point."

Straight to video: Facebook to add 'view counts' to autoplay newsfeed vids


Mobile data plan exceeded - thanks for auto play turned on.

Mr Z, When you receive my *fake* bomb in the mail, just open it and press the button labelled "auto play off". Hope your relatives enjoy the irony.

NASA snaps pics of China's 'Airpocalypse' pollution disaster


Why did China get picked?

Why does China get all the love? ..."found that levels of air pollution in large Indian cities increased at some of the fastest rates in the world between 2002 and 2010—faster even than rapidly-growing Chinese cities."


NASA admits hiding 'really good' news from Martian soil



They discovered a meteorite from Earth.

Investor pulls out of Facebook, pumps cash into pork-printing joint


Re: Standards required

requires iBread [rectangular with rounded corners]

Hated Visual Studio 11 beta in HIGH-ENERGY colour blast


Use skins

Don't like how it looks? then stop bitching and change it. Too lazy? then download a popular design done by someone else. There is no need to force upon the users how it should look.




UPDATE: GAGA team hunts down grass-smoking ROBOT


Think outside the box

Place a swimsuit attired person in a reclining lawn chair. The neighbor will mow the grass for free.