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Swedish data centre offers rack-scale dielectric immersion cooling


Re: In days of yore

I've been using XPSC EC6 non-conductive coolant (smells like rapeseed oil and probably is) for about 4 years and I've never had any sort of buildup. The only thing it seems to do is form condensation in the air spaces in the loop, which is odd seeing as it's s'posed to be a waterless coolant... maybe I got some moisture into the loop. It stains things if it's left to dry on them and leaves a sticky mess if there's enough of it.

I've unintentionally tested its non-conductivity with my graphics card and it really is. I've also been reusing the same litre of it by draining the loop back into the bottle without any problems.

Russia admits, yup, the Americans are right: One of our rocket's tanks just disintegrated in Earth's orbit


Re: Musings from the group W bench...

'After a while...' That 'while' could be centuries, especially for orbits above LEO.

Author of infamous Google diversity manifesto drops lawsuit against web giant


Blissful unawareness...

...is actually blissful autism- https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/nov/16/james-damore-google-memo-interview-autism-regrets


Makes me wonder...

...what happened with the similarly vociferous (but less polite) Tim Chevalier's lawsuit against Google for firing him over stuff he posted about Damore's memo.

Intelsat orbital comms satellite is back online after first robo-recovery mounting and tug job gets it back into position


Makes me wonder...

What part of a satellite, that was never meant to dock with anything, would be sturdy enough to grapple? The engine bell? Hardpoints where was attached to the rocket that launched it?

Morrisons puts non-essential tech changes on ice as panic-stricken shoppers strip stores



...has nowhere near a 3% death rate. Neither does COVID-19. The actual number of infections will be a lot higher than the number of cases so dividing the number of deaths by the number of cases (aka the crude CFR) will always overestimate the death rate except very early on in the epidemic before people have had chance to die of it. The infection fatality rate is the important number, that's your overall risk of dying if you get infected although it doesn't account for age and, as you correctly stated, this kills the same people that seasonal flu does.

The WHO report from mid-February estimates the IFR at 0.3% - 1% : https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/situation-reports/20200219-sitrep-30-covid-19.pdf?sfvrsn=3346b04f_2

A report based on data from the Diamond Petri Dish cruise ship puts the IFR at 0.91% - 1.2% overall depending on sampling and 7.3% - 9% for the elderly, who are the main clientele of cruise ships : https://cmmid.github.io/topics/covid19/severity/diamond_cruise_cfr_estimates.html

As for flu, well: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/19/1/12-0124-techapp1.pdf

The global CFR for swine flu was 0.048% across all ages so the IFR will have been lower than that, possibly less than half. The Asian flu pandemic of 1957 had a CFR of 0.3% which is the bottom end of the current IFR estimate. The only flu pandemic that has this beaten on paper right now is the 1918 one but that had more severe economic/social effects as it killed the exact opposite of the people who are vulnerable to COVID-19.

My guess is that the IFR number will go down as data comes in from countries that don't have China's spectacularly bad air quality.

There is another side to this; although less than 1% are dying of this, it's still putting a lot of working-age people out of action for a few weeks which won't play well with the just-in-time distribution model that everything is built around in the West. That's why slowing the progress of the pandemic is important, so as to minimise the proportion of the population who are sick at any given time. It also put about 5% of cases in China in the ICU which is a burden that the NHS is ill-equipped to bear, now that it's been organised so that all resources are fully utilised by not having enough of them.

Sometimes shining a light on a nuclear problem just makes things worse


Re: Mice too

Even later optical mice could be banjaxed by a piece of paper. One of my housemates discovered this in the early 2000s when she tried using a blank piece of paper as a mouse mat so there was nothing for sensor to read as she moved the mouse.

Having trouble finding a job in your 40s? Study shows some bosses like job applicants... up until they see dates of birth


Boomer is a state of mind

...was the saying at the time that this trend started. It's spawned a sub-trend of needlessly categorising people so there's Zoomers (Gen Z), Doomers a probably a few more -oomers besides.


OK Boomer

It started as a response to older people dishing out absurdly out of touch 'advice' over social media, people so out of touch that they think that most workers entering the workforce can get a job for life or that it's the norm for companies to reward loyalty. These kids have been on the internet for long enough to know that trying to change other people's minds, especially if they're coming from a viewpoint so far removed from their own, is a fool's errand as so many people are out to score 'wins'.

But that's just my experience.

Hate hub hacked, Cisco bugs squished, Bluekeep attacks begin, and much, much more


Re: I Now Pronounce This Hunt Open

TIL that a small internet forum having a bodycount means that it's merely a proponent of ideas that are in opposition to Liberalism, for whichever definition of 'liberalism' that is.

I bet you'd like to know how Castro found that list of donors, it's quite tricky. First you have to go to the Federal Election Commission's website and fill in a search form that's almost as big as the one for rscomponents.com, then it spews out a list of names for you to peruse- https://www.fec.gov/introduction-campaign-finance/how-to-research-public-records/individual-contributions/

Campaign donations over $200 are a matter of public record, no l33t h4x or brown envelopes required. That a candidate for office would do this is dodgy and should discount them from it but this is hardly the first time this information has been abused- https://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/19/us/19prop8.html There's probably been a few other similar events too.

I expect that something like this'll happen again in the future, once everybody's forgotten about this time.


Re: Hate hub hacked

The forum was shut down in 2017 anyway, for reasons that I don't know and that don't seem to be widely known.

IT Angle

Military perspective on the Iron March leak

Since there were quite a few Iron March users who claimed to be in the military or were interested in joining it, I thought people might be interested in how this is viewed by military-orientated journalists- https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-army/2019/11/07/desire-to-join-military-large-focus-of-leaked-chats-in-infamous-neo-nazi-forum/

Robocop needs reboot, $200m for AI research, UK govt knowingly deployed racist passport system – plus more


Every time...

...I see another part to the running gag of 'racist' facial recognition it makes me want to train an AI that can only recognise black people's faces and release it as freeware, just to see what people write about it on the interwebs.


Re: Absolutely right!

'A similar story came out where some AI sometimes thought people of colour were chimps. How racist! Turns out it also tended to think paler folks were manitees.'

It's cos the its attempt at categorising black people happened to coincide with a racial stereotype. If it thought they looked like bears or something you probably wouldn't have heard about it. If that AI had thought white people looked like crackers you'd've certainly heard about it.


Re: Racism

I strongly doubt that farcical recognition tech is paying attention to your eye colour, otherwise it'd have as much trouble with brown eyed white people as it does with black people. Older facial rec systems often looked for an inverted triangle of dark patches (eyes and mouth) with the nose outlined by its shadow. The contrast between the 'canvas' of the face and facial features is crucial for the AI. This is why it fails with dark skin where the contrast is lower (or even reversed) or with very pale people as their eyebrows blend into their face.


Re: a reminder to all the convenient fools intent on excusing examples of systemic racism

The other 90% of the problem is that, in the rush to automate all the things, the gov seem to have completely stopped giving a fuck about edge cases and the edges seem to getting bigger all the time. All they had to do was add a human review step for pics that the AI rejects or give users a 'no, this really is a face' button to send their pic to review but that's too simple. God forbid anything should imply that digital.gov services are less than perfect.

Spacecraft that told us 'you're screwed' finally gives up the ghost after doubling its shelf life


Re: Vomit comet?

I think you only get about 30s of zero gravity before being slammed into the floor on the Vomit Comet, they're probably looking for changes that take longer to appear.


Not even their first

Sam Cristoforetti was a bomber pilot in the Italian air force before becoming an ISS astronaut.

Computer says no: An expression-analysing AI has been picking out job candidates for Unilever


Re: A less biased system

eBay still let's you exclude things from results by putting - before a word e.g. -hardening

I use it cos a lot of sellers went to The Keyword Spam School of titling your sale items.

YouTube's radicalizing Alt-right trolls and Facebook's recruiting new language boffins


Re: Radicalization

Peterson, King of the Lobsters, is almost certainly in the Intellectual Derp Web category in this study. As mentioned in the study, there's overlap in the audience between the IDW and the talking heads formerly known as alt-right which would be enough for YouTube's algorithm to try and steer viewers from one to the other.


CASE studies...

...follow an individual example in order to show what mechanisms are in play. It's more or less a short longitudinal study with a sample of 1. They're useless for statistical purposes, even adding a bunch of them together isn't much use as every case study could have used a different procedure.

The quoted study actually has a large sample size with consistent measurements and can, presumably, be used to draw some sort of conclusion with stats to back it up.

You're mixing up the 2 types of study, it's not the article author who's confused about that. You're right that he hasn't cited any of the 'many' case studies, though.

Giraffe hacks printers worldwide to promote God-awful YouTuber. Did we read that one right?


Re: Get thee back to reddit

Well, I was optimistic.


Re: Newbs

In case you haven't guessed, they've all come from Reddit, Iron Bones' pretentious argument style is a dead giveaway for that. The posts about this article have dropped off the front page of r/PewdiepieSubmissions so we won't see any more of them. It was all blatant karmawhoring anyway, just people playing to Pewds' subreddit userbase for virtual pats on the back-



Iron Bones is most likely nanisk, as they posted a screenshot of their comment and invited a raid for the aforementioned virtual backpats- https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/comments/a243at/please_go_help_our_fellow_9_yo_defend_felix/

Considering that the sub has 3/4 of a million subscribers and 10,000+ online, it's a pathetic raid. Having to create an account probably put off a few people.


Get thee back to reddit

This article's dropped off the first page of r/PewdiepieSubmissions/ so the whiteknighting will have stopped now. 3/4 of a million subscribers to that sub, 10,000+ online and all they could manage was 5 people. A chan raid this was not.

The Iron Bones guy is most likely ninask, as he/she/it went a-karmawhoring back to reddit with a screenshot of their post- https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/comments/a243at/please_go_help_our_fellow_9_yo_defend_felix/


Re: Get me a babysitter

Hi nenask. Only 5 karma for your whiteknighting, were you hoping for more?


Re: Absolute Garbage

I've watched it and it's very slightly better than the crap Team10 (Logan and/or Jake Paul) used to put out, with the significant difference that it's recycling an old meme instead of inadvertently creating one. The whole thing's deliberately low effort... well, I hope it was deliberate.


Slander vs. libel

Google the difference between them.

Late night server rebuild led to 'nightmares about mutilated corpses'


Me & a friend separately had different versions of the effects of over-gaming

I got really into Need for Speed: High Stakes while at Uni and, while driving IRL, I caught myself subconsciously reaching for the handbrake as approached a sharp 90 degree bend. In a 1.0 Micra full of students.

My friend's version of this happened after playing Half Life 2 all night and going to work with no sleep; he started hallucinating some of the enemy NPCs on his screen and kept trying to shoot them with the mouse. Afterwards he had absolutely no idea what he'd actually clicked on while doing data entry for a bank.

Antiques in spaaaaace! Retired space shuttles cannibalised for parts


Re: Next time: the 8086

That's because they'll be rad-hard CPUs, not the ones you buy from dabs.com.

Boffins raise five-week-old fetal human brain in the lab for experimentation


Re: Get a grip

Bit difficult to do that with your brain, though.


Re: Good be good, could be bad....

It won't develop properly without the appropriate sensory input, though the deleterious effects will be much greater on a brain that's grown past the foetal stage than one that's only a few weeks old.

Also, this may have 99% of the cell types of a normal brain but how significant are the remaining 1%?

Beaten blokes hate the women who frag them in online games


Re: Depends...on when people noticed the debate...

Dear fucking God, this shit's spread here as well :/

PEAK PLUTO: Stunning mountain ridge snapped by New Horizons craft



Is my vote for the mountains on Pluto.

Forget Nokia: Finland's promising future is to be server central


Re: Iceland Is Another Country

The fish is nice. The Tri Franskur (I might've misremembered that) restaurant still serves whale, owing to the owner buying 2 tonnes of it just before whaling was banned. I should've tried puffin the last time I was there but it didn't occur to me till afterwards.

There's also plenty of vacant buildings left over from the boom.

THEY WANTED OUR WOMEN: Neanderthals lusted after modern humans


Re: Were Neanderthals really stupid?

A few other things I gleamed from a documentary about them (so decreasing the credibility) was they lacked the ability to verbalise as well as sapiens (they couldn't produce the same range of sounds) giving them inferior communication abilities and didn't organise themselves into groups as large as human ones. They had much bigger occipital lobes than humans so they're presumed to have better eyesight, though that seems like a bit of a phrenological conclusion.

Vauxhall VXR8: You know when you've been tangoed


mgp vs gph

My parents last 2 Fords (Focus & B-Max) all switched to gph on the instantaneous fuel consumption display when the car was stationary. From this I learned that Ford auto boxes waste 2x as much fuel when you're stationary and idling in D as they do in N.

Chips can kill: Official


Re: OMG Tasty foodz can killz you

He has mousey hair but no. No oblique Nazi references, I'm afraid.


Re: OMG Tasty foodz can killz you

Valar Dohaelis.

My friend in naming his currently unborn daughter Arya... better than Khaleesi, at least, or Sansa*



Anyone remember the last time?

When some goof found that acrylamide was poisoning cattle and decided to ring all the church bells. Shortly after someone found that humans can tolerate a much higher concentration (I think it was orders of magnitude) of acrylamides in our food, probably because we've been cooking it for so long.

Chlorine gas horror leak at Apple data center puts five in hospital


Re: I hope

Add gaseous ammonia to that list; as soon as it touches a wet part of you it hydrolyses to ammonium hydroxide. It'll kill you in under a minute by stripping the flesh out of your lungs. It's also a lot easier to get hold of and store than fluorine.

Then there's NOx where you can get a fatal exposure and not even notice till 8 hours afterwards.

Sex disease surge in US state partly blamed on hook-up apps



...oral herpes, oral gonorrhoea, HPV-induced oral cancer...

Heroic German rozzers rescue innocent lamb from sordid brothel


Nutritional needs unmet

The brothel had the wrong type of grass.

Why does Uber keep its drivers' pay so low? Ex-CFO: 'Cos we can'


Re: I've told my wife this thousands of times

That works both ways round. I bought a monitor from amazon.es 'cos it was cheaper than it was on amazon.co.uk.

Manchester car park lock hack leads to horn-blare hoo-ha


Yay for pants old cars

If you don't have remote central locking, you don't have this problem, though I went as far as buying a car where the central locking is only operated from the driver's door :S

Facebook is VIOLATING your SEXUAL privacy, warn Belgian data cops


FB ads vs. my life

The only thing I've noticed about them is they consistently try to sell me something I've just bought or sold (yes, sold) on eBay.


Stupid skim-reading brain

misread it as "Facebook is VIOLATING your SEXUAL potency"

Hey! Want a FREE TOASTER that makes BITCOIN? What? You DO?


Re: no heating needed

Melted power sockets sounds impressive.


Sold my Antminer S4...

...about a month ago when the weather turned warm enough that I didn't need to heat my flat.

You can't keep a Secret and nor can anyone else: the app is closing


Re: reductio ad hitlerum

Probably, I stumbled on that term in the encyclopaedia dramatica.


reductio ad hitlerum

Obliges the fifty Hitler post, or it would if I could post images.



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