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Greenland melt surprises NASA Earth-watchers


It's a pretty disingenuous approach to colouring they've chosen for the map. With the white ice sheet apparently disappearing it certainly looks as if they're trying to give the impression the whole thing has melted to anyone who doesn't RTFA. Or even if you do read the article in the case of the one the BBC wrote.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?


The Ghost and the Darkness

The island of Doctor Moreaux

Chinese fossil analysis suggests new hominid species


Re: So, just how many more "Homo Sapiens *" have there been?

I have to wonder whether the idea of the 'deformed' skeletons of longbow men is a bit of a myth. it's repeated a lot, but almost never with any sources, apart from a hazy memory of one skeleton from the Mary Rose, and one study of skeletons from Towton, which so far as i can see simply says the bones of one arm were thicker, which is a 'deformation', but not the quasimodo like image the word tends to conjure up.


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