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Valve opens Steam store to non-gaming software


"tiny herd of nerds"

He's right though, isn't he? Comapred to Windows, Linux accounts for a tiny amount of users out there. Yes, loads of you will say "I only use Linux, M$ Windoze sux" but posters on here are hardly representitive of your average user, are they?

According to my extensive research (i.e. looking on Wikipedia, so it must be right), Linux accounts for 1.53% of PC (including Macs, btw) users out there, which I would call "tiny", compared to Windows 80-ish percent share.

*dons flameproof underwear*

Rock'n'Roll Racing


One of the greats

This was one of my most played games of the SNES era, it was so simple to play, but so hard to fully master. Took me a while to beat, but it was well worth the effort.

I must dig out my cart...

Couple of points, though:

If you used Olaf, you're a great big cheater! You had to hold down L, R and Select to get him. And he was a character from Lost Vikings...

There was a 3D sequel on the PS1. It was rubbish

Mass Effect 3


Is this out, then?

I wandered into Game today and they didn't have it. What gives?


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