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Jellybean dominates Play, still seated atop rising KitKat

Carl Fletcher

"it’ll be interesting to see what impact Samsung’s involvement with mobile-Linux Tizen can have on KitKat’s update."

Really? I would say it will have no impact whatsoever... why do you think it would? Shouldn't there be some reasoning in the article?

Google's driverless car: It'll just block our roads. It's the worst

Carl Fletcher

"Only it isn’t, it’ll be more – because Google’s saying blind and disabled people who can’t drive will be able to call up and use a Google car. This means more vehicles on the road.

Tell me I’m wrong."

You're not wrong... you're just an asshole...

Bangable poster firm Novalia makes printed 'leccy keyboard

Carl Fletcher

100 million keyboards a minute?!

Oh, probably that means 100 metres....

Ho, ho, HOLY CR*P, ebuyer! Etailer rates staff on returns REJECTED

Carl Fletcher

Re: Tech Support?


HP’s ENORMO-SLAB: The Slate 21 MONSTER tablet

Carl Fletcher

£329, according to HP's site.

Fancy a new iPhone 5C or 5S? READ THIS or you may not get 4G data

Carl Fletcher

Really? Super-Greek numbering prefixes?

"two hendeca-band models for the US (GSM & CDMA), a trideca-band version for Japan, Australia gets a deca-band"

Very cleaver & everything but how useful is it to write an article with terms that mostly noone is going to be able to understand...?

Tim Cook: Android version fragmentation is 'terrible for developers'

Carl Fletcher

What's the rule... "never mention the competition"? The fact no mention was made of Apple at Google IO kindof speaks for itself doesn't it? Apple worried...

Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader

Carl Fletcher

Re: FAIL - no Credit Agreement with Apple

Not if they implement Verified By Visa or Mastercard SecureCode, which moves the onus on the bank in verifying a genuine user.

Google's Page, LG boss's SECRET confab sparks Nexus 5 rumour

Carl Fletcher

Re: Plastic back maybe?

Yeah. It's highly annoying. I wish people wouldn't make phones out of glass, it just seems to be the flat-out wrong material.

4G in the UK? Why the smart money still says 'Meh'

Carl Fletcher

Re: Why 4G?

Well the main reason is really capacity. We are at the limit of what data can be squeezed in the bandwidth available in densely populated areas, as anyone who uses a 3G phone in central London will know. We need more bandwidth, but importantly we need to use it efficiently, and LTE is much more efficient than 3G.

Still, that's a hard sell for higher prices: "a data connection that actually works!"

Brits swallow Google Nexus 4 supply 'in 30 minutes'

Carl Fletcher

It's embarrassing!

It's damn embarrassing that a company like Google can continuously fail to anticipate demand and launch products to immediate sellout. We've had 3 other Nexus phones already, they know how many are going to be needed.

The website didn't work either, slow and errored, and several people i know ordered several accidentally because they didn't get any confirmation that the order succeeded. This is *Google*! They can't build a website that scales??

I did bag one though.

Ofcom tries to chop months off EE's 4G exclusive

Carl Fletcher

Re: And just what is all this rush for?

We need LTE because of bandwidth efficiency as much as speed, we have a finite amount of spectrum that is useful for mobiles and an ever-increasing demand. LTE is more efficient than 3G, therefore we need to use that instead.

The problem is in the radio spectrum space, not the backhaul.

Linus Torvalds drops F-bomb on NVIDIA

Carl Fletcher

Re: Great now we have a child

What does NVidia sell... at the moment more and more Tegra CPUs that go in Linux-based Android devices. Linux is doing well for them even if it's not on the desktop.

Wave, Buzz... Android? What Apple teaches Google

Carl Fletcher

Re: 4 out of 5 developers "Very Interested" to develop for Android

"It's one thing to be "very interested" in developing for a platform; it's another to actually go out and actually develop for it."

Which is why this survey is worth even *less*...

Microsoft vs Google patent ding dong gets stuck on repeat

Carl Fletcher

Bidding with MS wouldn't have helped

The problem for Google and Android is that it's the 3rd party manufacturers need protecting, not Google themselves. So Google jointly owning patents with MS wouldn't stop what's currently happening, which is the hardware manufacturers are being sued for patent infringement.

Bloggers swallow iPhone 4 screen weakness claim

Carl Fletcher

Love how there was a "you're holding it wrong" reference at the end...

Isn't this the exact point though, Apple have chosen to make their phone out of an unsuitable material - glass, on a surface that doesn't need to be transparent. I'd say that's a design fault.

Spotify ports its music streamer to Linux

Carl Fletcher

Re: Yes, because i really want a whole lot of third party apps

What? Did you even follow the link? They've made an repository that you add and it updates within the standard Ubuntu package management.

Google blames developers for lousy Android battery life

Carl Fletcher

Why do people assume they know about something when they don't?

It does commonly amuse me when people compare different technical things when they blatantly don't know what they're talking about.

Android and iPhone's *default* app behaviour is quite similar, which means that this assumption that every app is multitasking and can cause memory leaks is highly overstated. Normally, when you switch away from an Android app, it is paused (pending removal), it's state is saved and it does no more work. The *difference* is that Android also has the ability to start a long-running fully-fledged service which can do everything a frontend app can do. Most apps don't do this, so would never be able to affect the battery. You have to specifically write your app to be multitasking to have that functionality.

And no, iPhone (<4.0) *doesn't* do multitasking, no matter how you try and redefine it. It's just marginally clever with it's state-restore ability. Try playing music in Spotify and then writing a text message. The music stops.

Carl Fletcher

No No No.

They *don't* keep running. They stay memory-resident, but that does not change the power consumption. The only things that keep running are any services that might have been started by the app, and most won't do this unless they have a reason and it's part of the functionality.

Yes, the Googlephone works in Blighty

Carl Fletcher

Three aswell apparently

Three too, according to this:


Xbox 360 Twitter, Facebook clients rated X

Carl Fletcher

Well that's not right

“offer an age-appropriate environment for everyone”

Or not everyone, really...

Facebook loses a few bitches

Carl Fletcher

Re: About time

Got to love the number of people that say that:

"Never used the site, just seemed like a complete waste of time for me"

Um... then you have no right to hold an opinion? It's not a perfect site, but it's bloody useful for some things. It's going to transition from something that's overhyped into just another tool that most people use. No big deal.

Intel delays quad-core Penryns to pummel Phenom?

Carl Fletcher


Which is, of course, exactly why we need a healthy AMD to keep Intel trying... Without AMD we'll be back in the overpriced marginal upgrade cycle that Intel dictates like the Pentium I era...

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard - Finder

Carl Fletcher

"Rating: -1%"

It might not be perfect but, bit harsh that isn't it?

Microsoft vs European Commission: the verdict

Carl Fletcher

Re: So what about

It's simply because Microsoft are a monopoly. The rules that a monopoly company have to comply with are different from normal. Bundling is abusing the monopoly that MS has as it forces everyone to use their bundled software. Apple has no monopoly to abuse.

Revo Pico+ DAB radio

Carl Fletcher

Oh dear

"Recordings made onto the SD card from live radio are in MP2, but the sound does not appear to suffer overly."

I'd be willing to bet they don't suffer *at all* since MP2 is the format that DAB is streamed in...


Council worker develops PC energy-saving program

Carl Fletcher


I hope the program is a hellofalot more clever than it's reported to be... I can imagine a lot of very annoyed people when it first switches off and loses the document they were working on the previous night. And what's so bad about Hibernate mode exactly? Doesn't it write to disk and switch the computer off completely anyway?

Ofcom responds to threatened luvvies

Carl Fletcher

Re: Impoverished West End theatre owners and producers???


The theatre business goes way beyond the big name hit shows you know. There is a massive number of smaller productions that can barely make ends meet to feed their cast and crew. I'm not necessarily saying that they require sympathy, people choose their profession and life, but also it's not necessarily a status quo you want to upset. Theatre feeds into the (much bigger and more significant) TV and film industries. For example, The League of Gentlemen started out in fringe theatre, and now they've got multiple exportable tv series and a film to their names.

Just because theatre is not necessarily hugely popular or profitable by itself doesn't mean it's not massively important. Hurt theatre and you cut off the talent supply from television...


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