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Google lets users slurp own Gmail, Calendar data

Lil Pete

Re: They only do it because they legally have to.

Downloading your data from Facebook is reasonably simple and painless.

Apple will swap fanbois' killer phoney phone chargers for legit adapters

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Re: A good opportunity to sell stock at cost and look big'n'caring

Comment about the 3G only, fair enough, although I don't know anyone using 4G in the UK anyway.

Release Dates;

Nexus 4 Release Date = November 13th 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date = September 12th 2012

I've not heard of any Nexus 4 availability problems for months, I know that when I ordered mine in February it arrived 3 days later.


Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us

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Re: Put an iPhone beside a...

I always found it perplexing and when given an iPhone to type a message on spent a few seconds pressing the shift key to turn off the caps lock!

Yahoo! adds 1TB of free storage to Flickr in site revamp

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Re: why bother?

Especially not with ownCloud's client constantly using 100% of one core for larger data stores. I'm sticking with it though, just hoping it improves.

Google's Page, LG boss's SECRET confab sparks Nexus 5 rumour

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Re: I wish the Nexus 4 did have a button.

I'm glad I'm not the only one to do that. It does feel lovely having the glass back but means you can't ever be sure it'll be where you left it when you put it down!

BSkyB seeks 100s of Geordies to deal with broadband customer growth

Lil Pete

Re: Bit optimistic

Same here, I switched a few days ago. Such a pity.

Apple 'less innovative' at laptops than Lenovo

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Re: For me, Apple has a significant advantage

I'd second that, apart from a problem using the official ATI Driver and Unity I've never run into a problem. Even then removing the offending driver removed my problem and the OpenSource driver works fine!

The best April 1 gags … or were they?

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Re: I liked...

I did wonder why my internet was suddenly covered in cats!

Ten... in-car gadgets and accessories

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Re: Where should I start

I have the same charger as the one in the review and was initially disappointed when my HTC Desire seemed to only be charging at 500mA. After a quick google, a pair of scissors and some electrical tape to short the d+ and d- wires together it charges at 1A quite happily. You just have to remember not to use this cable to plug into a computer as apparently it may damage the USB ports by trying to draw too much power through them.


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