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F***=off, Google tells its staff: Any mention of nookie now banned from internal files, URLs

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Re: Americans Don't Know...

@Peter Mount you're confusing the fact that Americans may simply not care about some words rather than that they don't know what they mean across the pond. The fact that someone says "Oh bollocks!" in a movie in America doesn't get much or a reaction.

The same way I can call a little kid running around getting into trouble "a little bugger" and it wouldn't raise an eyebrow here even though we Americans generally know if means something else over there is a case in point.

Accused Brit hacker Lauri Love will NOT be extradited to America

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Conspiracy theorist

"USA law has ultimate primacy"?

"rag with chloroform"?

"private Cessna to wisk him away"?

Wow, I do believe you Brits are thinking the Mission Impossible movies are actually real life. Get a grip.

Protest against Trump's US travel ban leaves ‪PasswordsCon‬ in limbo

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Quick to take offense?

US conservatives have not necessarily agreed with largely liberal EU politics and actions for decades, but has any US technical expert refused to got to a technical conference in Europe because they didn't like the fact that in Norway Breivik was sentenced to 3 months in jail for each person he killed in cold blood, because they didn't agree with Germany's open immigration policy, or they were offended by Denmark restricting free speech for religious leaders?

I don't know of any such instances, and I think it goes to the fundamental differences in the way that liberals seem to react to their version of injustice, vs how conservatives react. Per Thorsheim is allowed to boycott any conference he wants to, but his public pontification and flag-waving is telling.

Assange™ offered 'plans for escape by flying fox to Harrods'

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Re: "surveilled"

"Surveilled - Is not a word[1]. Please discontinue usage thereof or I shall cancel my subscription to this publication forthwith!"

As stated, the Oxford English dictionary says you're wrong. For that matter, Google, Dictionary.com, Webster, Random House, and Macmillan disagree with you as well.

We colonialists may be a bit plebian compared to someone of your stature, but when you deign to give tidbits of information to the masses please make sure they're correct

Freed Facebook hack Brit vents fury at $200k cleanup claim

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Re: He was still guilty.

FYI, if you read the article in its entirety, you will see they stated that no personal data was compromised, just the source code.

The 'one tiny slip' that put LulzSec chief Sabu in the FBI's pocket

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Re: So 3.5k for car parts....


"The Bush clan has been attempting coup d'etat..." "They draw attention to who the real crooks are and always have been: The powerful dynasties such as the Bushs."

Really? The Bush thing again? The standard for evil in this world?

Yes, I do believe that credit card fraud is fittingly a felony crime in most instances in the US, and stealing private data of all types and posting it on the Internet should be a felony also. No, I don't believe it is "hijinks" comparable to teenagers egging a house on a Friday night. Yes, multiple things make me angry, but these crimes are certainly on that list.

There is a standard for civil disobedience, but I have no faith that these guys have any idea of what that standard is. Just because you happen to dislike the hacked victims in this case is no excuse. Depending on the moral fortitude and ethical compass of nameless, faceless actors on the Internet that answer to no one and cheering them on will certainly give you unintended consequences in the end.

Good luck with that.

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Re: So 3.5k for car parts....

There comes a point in time when the majority of people in the world who are just trying to do their jobs and succeed in life get tired of those who thumb their nose at society's mores, act like the rules don't apply to them because they're special, pretend they're vigilantes working for the greater good of all mankind while simply vandalizing servers for "lulz", pontificate about the evils of public and private organizations while they're racking up charges with stolen credit cards, and believe that they themselves are the final authority of ethics and morals on this planet.

Do I want a sentence and punishment for this group of wannabees that is severe enough to "send a message" to others that are doing the same thing? Heck yes. I hope their sentence costs the US taxpayers a great deal more than 3.5k.

"Does law enforcement think that we rate the seriousness of the crime by the penalty?"

Uh, yes, that's a factor for most of us. That's why I'm perfectly willing to drive over the speed limit much of the time, but unwilling to steal, rob a bank, or use stolen credit cards to buy car parts.