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Wileyfox Swift: Brit startup budget 'droid is the mutt's nuts


Having cracked the glass on my £500+ Nexus 6, I'm now faced with a £220 repair bill or £75 insurance excess with a Note 4 replacement. I'm done with big name flagship phones. Roll on the Wileyfox.

Nexus 7 fandroids tell of salty taste after sucking on Google's Lollipop


My nexus 5 is noticeably laggier. There's no way I'm loading this onto my 7.

Apple drops HTML from iPhone and iPad


Outside of the envelope

Going forward iHTML is the clearly best way to retrofit your code and future proof your backwards compatible name servers. The current HTML model is way to complex for today's hardware and lends itself to cable friction burn when downloading large files over 10kg per square hectare.

Personally I can't wait for Apple to release it's iUSB cable so I can hook up my brain to iTunes and filter out bad thoughts.

3 tries to tempt mobile broadband buyers with MS Office


Top Tips

In addition to Open Office, might I also suggest iPhone Modem. It lets you use your iPhone as a 3G wireless dongle. Any monies saved can be put towards renting an actual office instead of buying an inferior Microsoft version of an office.

Apple yanks C64 emulator from App Store

Jobs Horns

Do Apple a favour & turn yourself in

Dear Apple,

Thank you so much from protecting me from myself. Had I downloaded the C64 app I may have inadvertently downloaded a 25 year old game without the appropriate copyright license. Leading to the collapse of the entertainment industry and hefty prison sentence for myself. If only other products that I own and have paid for would censor me in the same way.

I'm praying for the day my iMac alerts me when I'm whistling a tune with out written consent from the original copyright holder.

Eircom to block Pirate Bay


Eh... Don't think so.

Having had the misfortune to be an Eircom customer in the past this doesn't surprise me. Under Eircom Ireland have enjoyed some of the highest call charges in Europe and up until recently the poorest broadband saturation in the EU.

I don't think this move by IRMA will have a long lasting affect. By their logic every search engine should also be blocked. People will either defect to other ISPs or come up with a work around [a la TOR / Proxy Servers] . PB are hardly the only indexing site out there.

Geek gets Blackberry Storm tattoo

Thumb Down


Imagine somebody today with a Motorola StarTAC tattoo. Fool.

Dell coughs to second Vostro laptop keyboard cock-up


OMG Dell get something wrong.

Stop the press! Dell make a mistake!

If this is the worst piece of news to come from Dell as they slash their Irish workforce, they'll be doing well.

Irish mobile numbers just too portable



I went to port my number from 3 Mobile to Meteor. The only verification made by Meteor was calling the number to make sure my phone rang. Within a few hours my number had been ported.

In theory I could have taken anyone's number.

3 Ireland's broadband stumbles to its knees



I've been without 3G service on my handset since I signed up on a 12 month contract (six weeks ago). I've been onto their "tech support" about 20 times trying in vain to get this problem sorted. No joy so far.


Internet users living secret lives online


Yeah! What about the Pr0n and P2P?

I'm amazed that the two biggest aspects of the internet fail to make an impact on this report. Adult content & "illegal" file sharing. It must be the good clean lifestyle the Irish are living. Gambling, shopping, and checking your parents email is as bad as it gets.


Woman cleans keyboard... in dishwasher


I've tried this...

I've tried this a couple of times with my Mac keyboard. I left the keys on, but it took about three days for the thing to dry properly.