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Apple tells emulator developers it's OK with retro games – not entire OSes


“We have always been at war with Eastasia.”

Where is that woman with the sledgehammer?

Phoenix UEFI flaw puts long list of Intel chips in hot seat



U EFfin Idiot ?

Fragile Agile development model is a symptom, not a source, of project failure


268 per 100 ?

Interpreting this assertion as 2.68 times the rate of failure; and another bold assertion that 70% of IT projects are doomed to not meet requirements, we have (at least) two interpretations:

1. 70% * 268% = 18760 / 10000, so 187.6% of Agile projects are doomed to failure.

2. 30% off all projects are successful, thus (Success(Agile) + Success(Other)/2) = 30; so Other is 22% and Agile is 8%.

Neither of those interpretations is a point of pride; but given the unlikely scenario of 1, that an Agile Project is able to undermine 87% of a non-Agile Project, maybe [2] offers a somewhat realistic decoding.

The success rate of 22 vs 8 still isn't the whole story.

Projects have a cost.

What is the cost of success for Agile vs Other?

What is the cost of failure for each?

One of the promises of Agile was to weed out bad ideas early, hilariously parodied in the clever Silicon Valley series.

Killing a project early costs far less; especially if a less expensive brand of wizards is dispatched on it before Gandalf and Dumbledore get to start billing.

ps: I am not an Agile fan, other than the delight in watching former Sigma Six Blackbelts hovering over a wall of coloured post-it notes while trying to retain a shred of dignity.

Its too bad the manifesto didn't include dunce caps and funny noses.

Meta algorithms push Black people more toward expensive universities, study finds



I finally made a facebook account.

Meta seems to either think I am black, or am interested in pseudo-erotic images with a distinct African-American theme.

I wish I had searched marketplace for some howlin wolf or even drake artifacts; but I did nothing, on a quarantined system

with virgin second factor, the initial feed was all African-American erotica.

Kudos to Meta that it didn't adopt a cisnormative perspective.

Analysts join the call for Microsoft to recall Recall



Thank god the analysts are there. What would we do without them?

Or what would they do without us?

If the general consensus wasn't *this is a steaming pile...", the analysts would be nodding their heads like a tiki bird absorbing a Mai Tai.

But, thank god for the analysts.

We polled thousands of IT pros – and sustainability just ain't a priority right now


Re: Are we shocked?

"A lot of people just aren't capable of context and critical thinking." -- well said.

To go on and demonstrate not just a lack of critical thinking, but maybe a lack of thinking at all.

What cereal box informed you that the issue was bringing London temperature to Glasgow?

How much energy does it take to warm the surface of the planet by 1.5C?

Dunderheed was the term my Dad preferred.


Re: Are we shocked?

Nature doesn't have a problem, foolish primates do.

Nature will make new critters and plants to suit whatever climate throws at it.

Foolish primates will wither and die.

Was there no one at Microsoft who looked at Recall and said: This really, really sucks



IIRC MS has a design patent on "This really, really sucks", after failing so completely at "It Just Works".

Dell to color-code staff based on how hybrid they really are in RTO push


Long, long ago...

Dell established itself as the leading innovator in PCs via its clever use of colours.

The unexpected appearance of mice made for an ugly user experience -- it was hard to tell which plug was for the mouse and which was for the keyboard.

Dell shone through that dusky field by introducing colour on both the receiving port and the cable.

Users no longer had to struggle with repeatedly swapping mouse and keyboard ports, forgetting partway through which of the 4 combinations they had missed.

Dell had saved the day with its enduring commitment to innovation.

It is only fitting that it has now placed its employees on the same plane as peripheral connections.

A tale of two Chinas: Our tech governance isn't perfect, but we still get to say no


Re: Except

Western influence on China vastly outweighs China's influence on the west.

Perhaps rightly this influence is viewed as evil by the establishment; but the battle is already lost.

OpenBSD 7.5 locks down with improved disk encryption support and syscall limitations


UNIX Trademark

IIRC, UNIX is a trademark of the Open Group, and in order to use the UNIX trademark, you must be certified by them via their single unix specification.

MacOS was a while ago, but I don't know if they bother maintaining it. That word isn't as powerful as it once was.

Exposed: Chinese smartphone farms that run thousands of barebones mobes to do crime



a beowulf cluster of these...

Sorry, Siri: Apple may be eyeing Google Gemini for future iPhones


Re: Generative AI

To introduce some variation in people.

Why have everybody over-enthusiastically gush at the same banal crap when each device owner could have entirely unique banal crap.

Ever hear a band swap a city name in the lyrics to the city they are playing in? Recognizing that their favourite band knows where they are tonight, whips the crowd into an adoring frenzy.

Likewise your favourite TicTok, uh, star, generating content directly for you. It's all you diapers and feeding tubes in this brave new world.

Broadcom boss Hock Tan acknowledges 'some unease' among VMware community


RIP: VMware

VMware was an exceptional company.

In Technology, they were the only? pure systems software shop going.

They made crazy virtualization technology work, even when there was little hardware support.

They made assisted virtualization better than the underlying technologies supported.

They were the leader; everybody else followed with grim, hacky copies of what they had.

So, Hock, how many of the *monitor* team are still with you?

They were, of course, targeted for retention, yet have been showing up at interviews for the last 6 months.

It is terrible that these raiders can slash and burn.

There will not be another VMware.


Re: Way to go : Tan

I appreciate people who embrace the downscale market.

What is the point in quality when users have a refresh button?

Sure, some will never use your services again when you charge them for undelivered items, etc....

But they are only a small percentage of your base.

What company ever went wrong with hugging the fat middle of the curve?

We asked Intel to define 'AI PC'. Its reply: 'Anything with our latest CPUs'


Re: Centrino

`the wrong color of WiFi `: I seem to recall that colouring your wifi antennae with Green Crayola Crayons would make the Ones more Oneier and the Zeros more Zeroier.

VMware by Broadcom promises more, cheaper, training, starting around May


Remember the 6 million dollar man.

He was supposed to be "faster, stronger, cheaper"... oh, uh, no, not cheaper.

How has "We can offer a more abysmal service for less money" become our defining goal?

AI models show racial bias based on written dialect, researchers find


Re: @John Riddoch - Not at all surprising really

I am continuing to Petioning the Lord with Prayer. Petitioning the Lord with Prayer.

You Cannot Petition The Lord with Prayer.

So, okay, an LA Heroin addict isn't an authentic source, but they were little removed in absurdity than those that first read the holy books.

It has been a long tradition that a ridiculous story of one era (ie. walks on water) becomes a literal tenant of an "enlightened" subsequent generation.

I "quote" enlightened to demark its sad perversion in this context.

Broadcom says VMware to grow revenue by double-digit percentages all year


Great malice creates greater opportunities....

I have always been shocked at the loyalty and respect vmWARE's customers have/had for them.

Now that this has been spent, there is a great opportunity for other platforms to offer relief to those customers.

I think it will take AVGO a few years to drain the tank, since most customers were not ready nor in a position to change platforms.

I suspect for every dollar picked from their pockets, those customers have a fiver to invest in breaking the chains.

Oxide reimagines private cloud as... a 2,500-pound blade server?


Re: The most important question

In my past, I have shouted at BMC. BMC not only shouts back louder, but does so at a words per minute rate that would make a Scottish Chieftan head (actually heed) for the hills (heels).


3000 lbs...

My 2U supermicro with 32 cores weighs 40 lbs. About 5/4 lb per core.

So 2560 lb per 2048 cores.

Almost exactly what the 0x1de one weighs; but doesn't include the cross connect, etc.

Not sure where the author got 3000lb.... oxide's spec sheet says different.

Air Canada must pay damages after chatbot lies to grieving passenger about discount


oblig air canada joke

Two drunks were sitting in an airport lounge, when a couple of flight attendants walked in. One drunk approached the attendants with the tired line "... If I can guess which airline your with, you have to let us buy you a drink ..".

One of the attendants, without skipping a beat, replied "I don't care what your problem is, go back to your seat and shut the fuck up."

The drunk smiled and said "Easy. Air Canada".

iFixit tears Apple's Vision Pro to pieces


Re: Frying tonite

Given the Price : Value ratio, I assume the wearer's have all had a little electroshock therapy.

Apple's on-device gen AI for the iPhone should surprise no-one. The way it does it might


Re: Alibi

Dissection, be it of a joke or a frog, seldom yields any insight; and in both cases, there is no hope for the patients survival.


Re: Alibi

Ever feel a sort of whooshing over your head?

Can solar power be beamed down from space? Yes. Is it commercially viable? Not yet


Re: Alternative uses

There were a series of documentaries about this in the 70s.

One prototype was setup in the Nevada desert outside Las Vegas; another in Thailand.

In both cases, UK terrorists sabotaged the prototypes, presumably to keep North Sea oil viable.

I think the chief scientist on one of those projects ended up shilling for Dodge/Chrysler.

Be honest. Would you pay off a ransomware crew?


idealogical or pragmatic....

"Threatening to call police SWAT teams on cancer patients. " is a bit chilling.

The solution of making ransomware payments illegal is just a variation on the same threat.

Who protects us from the protectors?

ps: Yes, if it was important. No otherwise.

Road to Removal: A blueprint for yanking billions of tons of CO2 out of our atmosphere


Re: Done that.

"have too many children".

well, at least one too many.


all caps

I find the all caps is what makes this so convincing. Two parts whisky; one part shift lock.

A tale of 2 casino ransomware attacks: One paid out, one did not


What happened to the mob?

I thought the main role of mobsters in places like vegas included making sure these places didn't get hit.

Even if the mob thinks computers are out of its ken, organizations like okta are directly competing in the protection racquet domain.

Have the movies been lying all along?

Scientists mull Solar Radiation Management – a potential climate-change stop-gap


Re: Denier no more?

The denial of the overwhelming body evidence of supporting AGW is where the plot holes lie.


Re: CO2 absorption by iron fertilisation of the oceans

Yes, all a conspiracy by the elites to keep their important and highly paid positions.. sigh.

If only there were some way to lookup the possible ramifications of *iron fertilizing* to see why these green meanies are so bent on wrecking everyone's fun....


Re: Sun block

The only experience with deliberately tinkering?

What about trying to burn everything we could pump out of the ground for over a century?

Given that the dangers were well established by the early 1900s, it seems a bit trump-ish to claim it wasn't deliberate.


Denier no more?

re: "Discussions centered not on "if" — that's been settled — "

I missed it, when did El Reg drop its global warming denial stance?

Amazon already has a colossal ads business and will extend it to Prime Video in January


Re: No comment on how this has been received by Prime members?

I've always considered prime video and music to be a second class freebee thrown in to sweeten the deal of getting car parts without shipping fees.

That said, there are often shows and series on prime which aren't available elsewhere. Peter Gun was a welcome example.

So, if I have to pay 35$ a year extra for commercial free life, it would be sad. As revenge, I will order and return the shipping cost equivalent of 35$ from Amazon Basics, just to be a dick.

To quote the great Arlo Guthrie:

You know, if One person, just one person does it they may think he's really sick and

They won't take him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony,

They may think they're both faggots and they won't take either of them.

And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in

Singin a bar of Alice's Restaurant and walking out. They may think it's an

Organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day, I said

Fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice's Restaurant and

Walking out. And friends they may thinks it's a movement.

NASA engineers scratch heads as Voyager 1 starts spouting cosmic gibberish



Will it be repaired by a race of living machines?

Broadcom to divest VMware's end-user computing and Carbon Black units


spun out?

The monitor is the same in desktop and server variants. So, if I buy this spun-out desktop division, I get the crown jewels with it? I can then use that to make my own junior-virtzilla ?

Share your 2024 tech forecasts (wrong answers only) to win a terrible sweater


New OpenAI CEO:

David Tolley, fresh off their good work at WeWork, will take the reigns of OpenAI, after convincing the board they had out-accelerated not just Twitler's personal amplifier X, but even " "X in the race to ground.

IBM-led advertising X-odus gains steam as more flee Musk's platform


A lesson from Tigger and Pooh.

Maybe if he tried to destroy ~~twitter~~ X, he would accidentally save it.

We're getting that fry-day feeling... US Army gets hold of drone-cooking microwave rig


star wars II ?

Now a couple of generations past, David Parnas delivered his scathing evisceration of Rayguns STARWARS defence system using the corporate jet as a metaphor.

Could a space based defence system reliably discriminate a lear jet full of executives from one packed with nuclear weapons.

[ edit: not sure which is more dangerous ]

Could this pulse weapon, meant to destroy hostial UAVs, be repurposed by positioning a UAV between the emitter and a commercial airliner?

Surely if it destroys a UAV control system, which could be equipped with faraday cages, etc..., an airliner now sporting 5g bridges is a sitting duck...

New information physics theory is evidence 'we're living in a simulation,' says author


Physics nerds.

They couldn't grasp the concept of recreational pharmaceuticals in secondary school along with the cool kids.

They traipse along their meagre existence until they catch up to their pubescent contemporaries

And finally decide that what was bleedingly obvious to all

Reality is a facade

great news.


Re: If this is a simulation...

Sure, here is your simulated money : https://www.coinbase.com/

Microsoft CEO whinges about Google's default search deals



Is "nefarious means" microsoft speak for basic competence?

Core blimey, Intel's answer to AMD and Ampere's cloudy chips has 288 of them



A beowulf cluster of those.

Tesla knew Autopilot weakness killed a driver – and didn't fix it, engineers claim


Re: There is no possible fix

What could go wrong with relying on yet another layer of half thought out ideas poorly implemented?

The idea of playing "grand theft auto" with live vehicles packed full of people is intriguing....


The real danger...

This excerpt " ... resulting in motorists putting themselves in dangerous situations.... "

seems to miss the point.

If idiot mode only harmed the driver, that would be sad, but not the saddest thing.

The crime is that these idiots operating and deploying these killer robots are endangering everybody else.

I'm sure I am not the only one that checks for a Tesla before crossing the road.


what the driver was doing at the time?

1. Madly trying to figure out how to turn murder mode off?

2. Loudly and slowly saying "Alexa, let me drive. "

3. ....

Gelsinger: Intel should get more CHIPS Act funding than rivals


C-suite metaphores...

where would we be without them? Happier? probably not; mainly feeling less superior to the dolts that 10^6 X our salaries.....

Light a fire for a man; he will be warm for an hour.

Set a man on fire; he will be warm for the rest of his life.

Ultra-rare Apple sneakers from the 1990s on sale for $50,000


Apple Maps memorabilia....

I look forward to launching an NFT of Apple Maps directing me to the nearest gas station, a mere 2700 kilometres away.

Hopefully I can double down with an audio NFT of Siri insisting I head towards my destination...

Metaverses are flopping – hard – says Gartner


The V/A R killer app

Prisons. Often a literally killer app; but V/A R could be applied to make prisoners lives less miserable. Or more. It is hard to say; but at least this kit doesn't have to end up in a dumpster.