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Cars in driver-assist mode hit a third of cyclists, all oncoming cars in tests


Re: Pedestrians?

It appears *snuff* is exactly what they are up to. Soon they will jump the kerb and chase down the others.

How ICE became a $2.8b domestic surveillance agency


Re: Trying not to contribute to those tax dollars

I would be cautious about where you draw dots. Bitcoin is far more traceable than third country transfers, cash, or precious metal exchanges. The draw for crime isn't about trace, its about control; as in freezing assets.

Apple's return-to-office plan savaged by staff


Apple's Godwin.

Apple culture has its own version of Godwin's law -- cherry pick some SJ quote and the argument is over. I wished I had the opportunity to turn on someone with .... As Steve said, you might be better at your job if you dropped some acid....

Senate edges US chip world closer to $50b subsidies by passing COMPETES Act


Free market ideology.

Flexibility is the underpinning of the free market. The inherent flexibility to have public funds openly interfere with market forces is a next level freedom that is the envy of the world. The inability to pin down any rules on the free market is precisely why it always wins; it just redefines itself to the winning side and moves on.

C: Everyone's favourite programming language isn't a programming language


All right.

So "C" is a grotesque language and CORBA IDL is the epitome. I think I can see where swift and rust got its good looks from.

Ford to sell unfinished Explorers as chip shortage bites


Chip Shortage?

I thought the Chip Shortage was caused by the Vaccine chip requirements; and now that its done, there were lots of chips for everyone.

Please explain.

Apple has missed the video revolution


So Basic

This collection of collaboration tools don't have any style or design; they are basic, like shopping at Winners.

Apple, like the other great designers, are setting up their entrance into this field to show the important ones they way to proceed.

Nobody cares what a white box pc can do unless you are working on a loading dock.

When video becomes as important as InstaGram, we will have all the best working with us while you losers keep complaining about your sad little lives.

[ I accept upvotes for my Anna Delvy impersonation ].

'Hundreds of computers' in Ukraine hit with wiper malware as conflict continues


MS Should own this.

I think the next editions of this 30+ year old disgrace should be titled appropriately:

- Capitulation

- Weakest Link

- All Ur Base


20 years ago, Mission Critical often meant little more than " not windows ". Now, windows has infested not just critical infrastructure, but has ridden the wave of ubiquitous computer application in the social sphere.

This social sphere is now part of the warfare target, a modern twist on the "Berlin Betty" approach to demoralization.

Google's DeepMind says its AI coding bot is 'competitive' with humans


Re: Googled the answer?

Good programmers copy; great programmers paste. [ Kelsey Hightower ]

Time to party like it's 2002: Acura and Honda car clocks knocked back 20 years by bug


Re: Customer disservice...

Is it possible that "... by the end of August", they meant by the time your car shows the date as "August 2022", which might be in human calendar August, 2042?

Either way, I applaud Honda adopting the customer service model of phone and utility companies.


Re: Always date and time

Have you ever looked at room full of computer programmers/engineers/title-of-the day and thought to yourself .... " I wonder if any of them would know what to do with a date?"

So, hardly surprising.

Apple custom chip guru jumps ship to rejoin Intel


Re: how long?

Not before apple can get royalty free rights to make x86 soc's.

It takes more clicks to reject their cookies than accept them, so France fines Facebook and Google over €200m


Miles off topic....

Do you know of a way to do container routing; so that all pages I open for theregister.com go to one container, while dailywank.com goes to another?


point taken....

But to be fair, Amazon does have a patent on sending you stuff you didn't order (speculative fulfillment?) which is not that different.

Tech Bro CEO lays off 900 people in Zoom call and makes himself the victim


Re: staying in contracting from now on.

Oh please, that dufus pretender has never been in charge of anything more than his backyard shed, and his wife that beats him regularly probably inspects it once a month.


Re: staying in contracting from now on.

I recall sitting in a meeting where some drooling wannabe has captured a dozen people for an acid-dripped fantasy about how edge computing was going to drive the digital convergence that would make this company great.

Had I been an employee who was concerned about the future of my team, organization and company; I would have been the first to shut the dumbass down. Drooling and pontificating morons don't just cost the hour that the top talent has to endure this asinine crap; it can take days to recover.

As a contractor, however, a zen like state of bliss arrives. I am being paid 2500/day to meditate to a mantra of disconnected idiotic buzzwords; I can only say two scoops please.

Tech bro CEOs claim their crowns because they fix problems. Why shirk the biggest one?


You missed a couple.

But it is a fine bit of work getting so many petroleum industry talking points threaded into the paragraph. We really need a bingo card score to keep better track of this sort of tripe.

Pitting people against each other is not at all the required effort. If it is the best you can do, please sit down and let somebody else carry your load for you.

For the rest, like any effort that requires mobilization of everyone and everything, try to look forward. What is in the rear view mirror is seldom instructive, and often demoralizing. There will always be crooks of various stripes taking advantage of the efforts of others; but for every one of them there are 90+ on side. 5 years ago it was only 70+ onside; and in 5 years it will be 99+.

This is how all change happens -- job #1 is to get the people who never should have held positions of responsibility out of those positions. It gets easier after that, but still > 50% of COP26 participants were fossil fuel partisans.

Apple is beginning to undo decades of Intel, x86 dominance in PC market


Wrong article?

This one isn't about chromebooks, etc... It is about how quickly Apple transitioned its x86 legacy to its modern future. Its modern future is based on cpu technology far faster than the legacy x86 it discarded. Macos is still Macos; love it or hate it, it isn't chrome os, it is still actual UNIX running in a pretty desktop environment.


Re: Speedbump

Cough *BS*. I have a half dozen macs here, the newest of which is 2011. They are still updated by apple -- wtf would anyone run windows on them? -- but they are at a bit lower level of support. CVE's trigger updates; but features don't.

If I wanted to switch them to windows machines, it would still be moving backwards.


Re: Speedbump

What suffix of WINDOWS-suffix isn't a pain the arse? WINDOWS-360, a stunning blast from the past as MS thinks web-apps really work now that people's expectations are so low? Windows-tablet? Getting the thumbs up from 75% doesn't mean much when only 4 people actually bought them? Windows-[8,9,10,11,...] -- speak for themselves.

ARM is just a cpu architecture; it can't save WINDOWS from being WINDOWS.

* - OK, one benefit of WINDOWS-whatever is that it has a massive security hole, so that you can sign in from an unregistered device, and attend meetings with just a password. This is awesome if your company has an under provisioned VPN; and if your company doesn't have an under provisioned VPN, you should probably dust of your resume. Also, because Teams can forge the corporate credentials, it means even if you use a secure mechanism like webex or zoom, you can launch it from Teams, inheriting the credentials, bypassing their security mechanisms. MSFT for the win! They have brought bypasses to web apps!

It started at Pixar. Now it's the Apple-backed 3D file format viewed as HTML of metaverse


Re: So not VRML then.

The terminology has changed. Now it is (something)verse. Sadly hypeverse.com is taken.

Assange psychiatrist misled judge over parentage of his kids, US tells High Court


Re: Independent, informed comment

Members of the legal profession have ethical allegiances that vary very much by country. Assuming the worst of a UN lawyer, that is that they would behave like an American lawyer, is a foul insult.

Few free countries are burdened with a justice system as corrupt as the one the Americans suffer under.


Re: I see that the system works

Julian has done all sorts of useful things; but unless there was a divine intervention or some sort of turkey-baster-artificial-insemination, solitary does not appear to have been part of his sentence.

Twitter's machine learning algorithms amplify tweets from right-wing politicians over those on the left



Can they partition again, into "Left True; Left False; Right True; Right False" to see whether the amplification follows not just the bias, but also the fantasy aspect.

The revelations of hacker X, and his claims that they stuck to a right-biased narrative because it was more lucrative, might be a fundamental force. If Leftish consumers don't prop up the ad revenue by swallowing left wing fantasies whole; but Rightish do for right fantasies, then it is merely an economic model at play. Spreading right wing bunk is more profitable because it draw more customers than left drivel does.

A complimentary bias in truth -- that left true articles draw more support than right true articles -- would set a further nail in the coffin; leading to a conclusion: The Left will only pay for truth; the Right will only pay for fantasies.

Unvaccinated and working at Apple? Prepare for COVID-19 testing 'every time' you step in the office



But I scarcely think the solution to a delusional mob is revenge.

In the first place, punitive measures seldom have the desired effect -- reinforcing resistance would be likely. If it were purely a matter of convenience, rationale or knowledge, it might be an effective strategy. This is more like a religious fervour; and there is nothing better to rally a cause than a bit of oppression.

In the second place, it undermines the moral position of the effort. In general, the people wanting everyone vaxed are doing so out of a community minded desire for safety, and a personal desire to get this pandemic over with as soon as possible. These goals are not compatible with punishment; more so, such a punitive approach may validate the unfounded claim of coercion.


Don't pretend the lack of information is nefarious.

"Why are they considered unsafe for people 16 or younger in most countries, but fine for adults?" -- because testing is incomplete. For a variety of reasons from moral to complex physiology testing on children is more difficult. Since they were less obviously impacted by catching covid, they also caught the back of the queue for studies.

Those studies have now mostly wrapped up, and those clinical trials are now being examined. The vaccines will almost certainly be approved for young people, because they have proven themselves to be safe in the trials. Just like for adults.


Re: They aren't forcing anyone - they can test instead

Zero room to complain. Yeah, that has stopped hoards of aggressively confused wankers carrying signs and yelling at hospital staff.


Re: @Howard Sway

Urine tests for drug screening.


Re: where does it end ?

I feel the same way about seat belts. When I have mine on, I barely touch the brakes at all. I am not worried about hitting something; I will be perfectly safe. If not, what is the point in having a seat belt?

Intel teases 'software-defined silicon' with Linux kernel contribution – and won't say why


Re: Thanks, Intel

Sorry, gotta call you on that one. RISC-V is "free and good enough". The exact attributes that led to Linux's world dominance.

An SOC wannabe company gets barrel-f*ked when it wants to put a dozen or so ARM cores into its chip; while the architectural licensees get to piss them around for giggles.

That is where the gulf lies between < fancy ARM SOC maker > and < rest of the world > lies. RISC-V can unlock that; or at least force ARM out of the per-core licensing model.

Intel are taking the SGI approach of using all their money to buy more smack to shoot up in the alley with, hoping it will bring them back to the glory days. They have maintained a downward trajectory for decades now.

AMD is interesting, since it may surf the intel compat thing for years while intel staggers off a bridge; but it needs to look to the future. That future is also known as distance yourself from x86, bets they are comfortably covering.


Re: Delight

Apple are coin-operated. In a 52-minute infomercial the other day, they introduced very expensive laptops ( albeit juicy ); various colours of fabric for speakers; and a tiered option to have yet another thing in your house that doesn't understand you.

If Apple saw money in server-ish stuff; their would be a flanx of flim-flam men delivering a rigged demo with an IMSR backdrop lickety-spit.

As for intel, the pandemic-induced day drinking doesn't seem to have done them any favours. From what I can see, they are openly admitting that they are out of ideas; are willing to download yours into their chips and charge you for it.

Maybe I could download a RISC-V emulator into a Xeon to ease the transition to being done with both of these dinosaurs.

Think your phone is snooping on you? Hold my beer, says basic physics


Not exactly true...

I worked a bit with a company who could demonstrate playing video games and navigating web mazes using brainwaves.

The device, of course, had no idea what you were thinking or how to decode it. But rather than you training it, it trained you. Training started with quadrants of the screen, and a little dot that moved somehow in relation to the sensors on your head.

After a bit of practice, you could figure out how to make your head emit signals to move the dot into the desired square. The rest was just practice and refinement.

I lost track of them; I presumed they were rigging this demo for a chest full of investor lucre..

US nuclear submarine bumps into unidentified underwater object in South China Sea


Maybe a sandwich?

I don't know why, my mind has a strong association between peanut butter sandwiches and US nuclear submarines. Could the submarine have hit an extraordinarily large peanut butter sandwich, perhaps containing some disc drives?

Intel offers Loihi 2 to boffins: A 7nm chip with more than 1m programmable neurons


Re: Mole-rat

Is it a member of the Trump Family?

Oracle loses appeal against $3bn payment to HPE over withdrawal of Itanium support


class action?

If this is, and the 3 billion divided amongst all past itanic users, that would be like a 1billion each. I knew I should have got an itanic.

Frustrated dev drops three zero-day vulns affecting Apple iOS 15 after six-month wait


Re: Pity that Apple don’t have Elon’s attitude to fixing things

What in the hell are you talking about? Musk's attitude to fixing problems is suing people. His every endeavour is mired in crapware.

1. Tesla -- worst vehicle by every measured standard except its adoring fanbase.

2. Rockets -- 50 year old NASA technology that already worked took 10 years to turn into 50 year old NASA technology that already worked.

3. Tubes - Oh yeah, the Vegas hyper loop is quite something.

4. PayPal - Oops, they got rid of all of elon's companies source code before launch.

The guy is a pan handler.

If you're Intel, self-driving cars look an awful lot like PCs


To intel,

everything looks like a PC. Remember how phones were just PCs, and tablets, and wearables. Seems the 5lb battery held them back a bit.

While the intel envisioned *server on wheels* might have some merit; how much power will that require?

Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover protocol found leaking hundreds of thousands of credentials


Design blunder...

You had me at Exchange, or even microsoft....

In honour of the recent sequel to The Shining, they should rename the whole mess *LookOut*.

Apple's M1 MacBook screens are stunning – stunningly fragile and defective, that is, lawsuits allege


Re: Can normal people sue?

A ship on the beach is a lighthouse to the sea.

I hate intel. Its probably irrational, but I do. I hate microsoft. Not quite so irrational. I am astounded I didn't buy any of the Apple ARM kit when it was released last year, because it isn't intel; it isn't MS, but I held back anyways.

While I am not glad for those that suffered for it, I am glad to not be amongst them.

Apple debuts iPhone 13 with 1TB option, two iPad models, Series 7 Watch


Re: iWatch and e-biking

Isn't chasing units kind of a fools errand? It is relevant to me that my heart rate is over 140 for 2 hours a day. That my watch converts this into 0.3 Rhinos weekly doesn't matter, and is probably not right anyways. What matters is that I can track my activity trends, not the number of Rhinos I can eat.

Sort-of Epic win as judge kills Apple ban on apps linking to outside payment systems


Re: Epic Greed

Henry Kissinger, who was a horrible human, made a pithy remark: "It's a pity both sides can't lose".

In a heartbeat; EPIC would have no part of apple's distribution infrastructure; but it does not have a choice. The charges are clearly highway robbery. Of course, EPIC tried to subvert it rather than fight the elephant head on; so moral high ground is conceded.

Not conceded to Apple, who have milked this cow to create a valuation illusion that may crumple once the courts decide they are stealing from the poor to give to the rich (themselves). And while justice is blind, it isn't a pauper. The valuation of APPL is integrated into indices, infrastructure, etc... Don't hold your breath for a revolution.

Intel's Mobileye unveils first 'production-grade fully electric self-driving vehicle,' partners with Sixt for Munich launch


Final solution

I am pretty sure the ultimate goal is avoid the recurring cost of drivers. Anything else is either a blessing or collateral damage.



Intel marketting speak: "...truly a lighthouse project for Europe..."

Dutch sailing proverb: " A ship on the beach is a lighthouse to the sea. "

Apple engineers complain of hostile work environment to US labor watchdog


old industry joke...

Why does ${COMPANY_X} pay so much?

Because it has to.

The company pays you a fat wage; and a signing bonus, and a pile of RSUs for a very simple reason -- they have purchased your agency. While it might be cloaked in rituals of the mad obsession over irrelevant details ( a preemptive defense against whistleblowers ) or your shiny "Class of 2021" T-Shirt; it is the underlying story.

I don't think misunderstanding what you signed up for is really actionable.

30 years of Linux: OS was successful because of how it was licensed, says Red Hat


licensing technology

*free and good enough* is tough to beat.

A man spent a year in jail on a murder charge involving disputed AI evidence. Now the case has been dropped


Re: barely anyone used it to make actual art

I wonder if AI teams should include somebody who has met an actual human to help guide them. The goal really is artificial human; so the AI should have defaced itself if it was anywhere close to the mark…


Re: Supprise

Review footage of victim in accused car until you can find a frame from the same point in time as a shot; then massage the shot data to point at the location of the frame. It is likely a rookie exercise. Not that far from cooking a science lab.

Eight-year-old bug in Microsoft's 64-bit VBA prompts complaints of neglect


We don't know the source of the neglect.

Is a lack of new flaws a sign of neglect?

Why does nobody make it worse,

its just disrespect.

30 long years

then into the ditch

I think msoft finally

made me their bitch.

Bad as they've ever been.

I think I just slam-poetry'd microsofts product management lifecycle.

Don't believe the hype that AI-generated 'master faces' can break into face recognition systems any time soon


Didn't this come up before....

Where car visual sensors were confused if you put words in front of them? I ordered a custom license plate "STOPSIGN" just to see if Teslas would crunch to a halt.

What if I hung a sign around my neck that said "login: admin\npassword: password\n"? Wouldn't most of these random matching machines just sign me in as admin?

New GNOME Human Interface Guidelines now official – and obviously some people hate it


Re: Who makes this crap up?

Yeah, it pisses me off that my toaster only has one setting to burn the toast. It should just have each possible resistance value from the rheostat marked on it, and separate rheostats for each side (or even zone) of each piece of bread. Plus options to change fonts.

The most important benefit of a good design is to distill from the universe of possibilities the ones that make sense, and prioritize them in the way that is most likely. A designer that can't do that needs to move to Redmond and join like minded folks there.



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