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Loser Trump is no longer useful to Twitter, entire account deleted over fears he'll whip up more mayhem


Whole system is broken


Cyber-security super-brain Rudy Giuliani forgets password, bricks iPhone, begs Apple Store staff for help



You mean paid. In a shop, like you're supposed to?



He -probably- has mandatory second/third level security forced on him by work. We don't know.

Possibly was that which borked the device. Again we don't know.

Do Reg journilsts know the nature of the BYOD staff contractt? Or just making up crap becasue you know, Trump.

As halfwit, would-be dictator buried by UK judges, Spain would like to dig up a very real one


Yes writers, you are fashionably left wing

Well done posturing


As half-wit, would-be dictator buried by UK judges,

How does UK.gov fsck up IT projects? Let us count the ways


Project managers

Been there. They make up for not having a good project manager by having 15 bad ones.

The pro-privacy Browser Act has re-appeared in US Congress. But why does everyone except right-wing trolls hate it?


2 percent facts, 98 percent ad hominem attacks

Come on Reg, a real discussion rather than Trump SUX fnarfanr tedium please.

Who's using Mueller Report Day to bury bad news? If you guessed Facebook, you're right: Millions more passwords stored in plaintext



This whole thing is just weird Trump Derangement Syndrome. Sad to see The Reg playing along.

Prince Harry takes a stand against poverty, injustice, inequality? Er, no, Fortnite



Now I'm not a fan of royalty, but a bunch of cheap ad hominem attacks like this is beneath even The Reg. Surely?

Science says death metal fans delightful and intelligent people, great at dinner parties


'Science says'

Is another new internets clickbait hook.

New Zealand border cops warn travelers that without handing over electronic passwords 'You shall not pass!'


Re: Mission Creep

was my thought too. But what a pain. Real crims would encrypt it in a hidden dump so this is just more theatre.

Remember when Apple's FaceTime stopped working years ago? Yeah, that was deliberate


I'm with Apple (and I hate iphones)

Legal bods can't say it is illegal to use a patented method Apple someone to change it, then allow someone to sue them because they did exactly what the original case told them to stop doing.

Brit regulator pats self on back over nuisance call reduction: It's just 4 billion now!


Re: I'd put a blocker in

Because they use cheap SIP based services.


Re: Typical Marketing Call

no it isn't typical at all


I'd put a blocker in

But my wife gets a lot of calls from family in Germany so none of the numbers are traceable.

Microsoft patches problematic OS to deal with SSD woes


Stop re-enabling 'fast startup' MS

Every other sodding patch seems to re-enable the 'feature' which does nothing on 2 of my 4 machines except cause bad hangs at boot. If I go into an advanced menu and deselect something like that MS, I did it for a reason.

Capita cost-cutting on NHS England contract 'put patients at risk' – spending watchdog


would it have been

Any better if done by the NHS's own staff and resources, assuming budget the same? Evidence?

Press F to pay respects to the Windows 10 April Update casualties


No - no -no - delete

New annoying invasive stuff options on startup - no several times.

New Edge icon on desktop - delete.

Lappy seems okay and pretty much unchanged apart from that.

Horn star Sudan, last male northern white rhino, dies aged 45


Too many people

on the planet. We kill everything else by our sheer numbers

BOFH: We want you to know you have our full support


Sad but true

Senior look-at-me blue cloud chimps will witter about AI making this useless crap better.

UK PM Theresa May orders review of online abuse laws in suffrage centenary speech


So i won't be able to talk about

Keith Vaz getting some prostitutes and coke in for a wasted night of rear end action?

UK competition watchdog: Fox's takeover of Sky 'not in public interest'


While we're at it

Kill the BBC. Damned monopoly from hell.

You GNOME it: Windows and Apple devs get a compelling reason to turn to Linux


Dump the stupid penguin. Now.

Nothing screams 'geek virgin trying to be cute' like a couple of bellends romping about it dumb onesies.

WD My Cloud NAS devices have hard-wired backdoor


My time is important

and flash memory / 100bit interface both suck for intended use.


Iffy reporting

Series 4 firmware has been on my 2 MyCloud (on auto update) for almost a year. Yes, hardcoding was a stupid thing to do in the first place, but the fix has been available for a very long time.

Oi, force Microsoft to cough up emails on Irish servers to the Feds, US states urge Supremes


Re: Change "email" with "money"...

'And maybe the state attorneys should actually study the law, before opening their mouths.'

Go IT boy - teach them clueless top legal bods law stuff.

El Reg assesses crypto of UK banks: Who gets to wear the dunce cap?


Finance departments

Most big offices use some sort of man in the middle to ensure staff can be fired for misuse of internet, oh and to protect the users too. Suddenly doing the right thing can cause headaches.

Is the FCC purposefully screwing up US school broadband projects?


I have a crazy conspiracy theory

That the greedy beggar right and the big government left are colluding to screw over Jo/e Average in the middle. Cracy I must be.

Mom, mom! Make China stopppp! US govt gripes about Beijing's internet censorship to WTO


Why thw silly headline?

'Mom, mom! Make China stopppp!'


London Mayor backs talks with Uber after head honcho's apology



...due from Khan for putting the pockets of his union backers above those of the public?

New HMRC IT boss to 'recuse' herself over Microsoft decisions


Grey areas

Trouble is, there are a lot of greay areas where the damage could already have been done. Hypothetically - I have no evidence either way. What if for example Google came in offering a truly fantasitc G-drive price offering a year ago but it got pushed back 24 months till after the MS negotiations. Where OneDrive type stuff will probably become part of the bundle on the table.

Fewer than half GCSE computing students got a B or higher this year



Less than 50 percent getting B or higher is what the distribution SHOULD be. Seemingly the other subjects have an -everyone gets an A-culture.

Spotify cleared of exposing kids to self-love innuendo in TV spot


Spotify. Never mind the innuendo, sort out the lies

Who advertise Chromecast integration, yet you can't start it from the Windows app and have to start it from your oooh-err-missus phone.

Signed, yours, wasted money on Chromecast and ethernet adapter based on false promises. AKA lies

Microsoft president exits US govt's digital advisory board as tech leaders quit over Trump


Virtue signalling

Tech bosses scared of giving wrong impression to the fashionistas.

Why does the market care so much about Cisco's security biz?


No. It is a racket

Security specialists are best paid if they are a CC-XX. So best paid professionals protect their fellow professionals by recommending grotesquely overpriced products that need obscure skillsets to understand. And a lot of impressively nerdy console cables and needlessly overcomplcated ways of doing otherwise simple tasks. And of course, huge prices and a culture of poo-pooing interoperation with any-other-network-kit-in-sight.

Trump-backed RAISE Act decoded: Points-based immigration, green cards slashed


Re: Never got the Points System

He was a businessman then, president now. I think he might have spotted the change in job title along the way.

If you love your email standards, SMTP your feet: 35 years later


It is beyond fixing

Yes, it is just about tolerable with a lot of best-guess extra layers. But fundamentally it is crap. No, I don't have an easy fix that doesn't involve big brother or someone making a fast buck.

Google ships WannaCrypt for Android, disguised as Samba app


Many years ago

We had to allow in on our Windows domain cos the Mandrake Linux guys w/couldn't support anything more modern SMB wise.

So the 'this is a Windows problem' stick is a little unfair as often Windows only had it enabled to support other plaforms.


UK waves £45m cheque, charges scientists with battery tech boffinry



Governments should be investing in backbone nuclear power stations like crazy, not risky gimmick projects.

Genuinely sorry for next generation who will never know the joys of the internal combustion engine. Crunch times they a'comin.

The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY


The best is

whatever you yourself like and suits your nutritional needs.

US Homeland Sec boss has snazzy new laptop bomb scanning tech – but admits he doesn't know what it's called


Re: I could have done without the "nerd" comment

I don't support him as he is a tasteless slug with environmental credentials I don't support.. But I consider him better than any big government candidate..And I'm not a fashion whore.


Re: I could have done without the "nerd" comment

Sounds like humourless, childish but fashionable Trump-administration-bashing to me.

Intel is upset that Qualcomm is treating it like Intel treated AMD for years and years


lose lose

unless the courts give both a slap and allow at least one third party into the scene.

Google must cough up contact info for 8,000 employees in gender discrimination case


Why this way round?

Why not take 5000 random men and 5000 random women, compare them head to head in a skills test of boolean logic and programming. Then pick the top 0.1 percent as candidates. Double blind. If women come out equal, then let this case proceed. Otherwise I call discriminatory gender bias against the govt.

Dear racist Airbnb host, we've enrolled you in an Asian American studies course



the >< didn't show up on my display. Must be the browser playing up....

Well, that escalated quickly: Qualcomm demands iPhone, iPad sales ban in America


Re: "Apple will no longer use any Qualcomm chips in future products"

Doubt it. Qualcomm aren't I suspect as vulnerable. Although it will hurt. Stupid leftie hipsters have a lot of disposable income.

Bonkers call to boycott Raspberry Pi Foundation over 'gay agenda'


Back on planet Earth, it's reassuring to note, no one cares.

Sadly ,it seems, The Reg does.

Facebook has a solution to all the toxic dross on its site – wait, it's not AI?


I assume

Guardian readers giving their deep thought ' you're a Daily Mail readering Nazi' stuff still won't be hate, just usual rational argument?

Tech can do a lot, Prime Minister, but it can't save the NHS


Re: The basics...

Which tax cuts for which already rich people? Facts might help your case.

Gay Dutch vultures become dads


IT angle?

At least if it were slashdot they'd have in-jokes about how the vultures not being virgins.

Acronis beats Veeam


Who paid for the study?

Does the study compare using the compression/dedupe settings? Or conveniently cherry pick?