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FAA: 'No, you CAN'T hijack a plane with an Android app'

Boris S.


How many times have we heard that other digital events could not happen yet they eventually do happen? While hackers may not be taking control of a plane tomorrow, that doesn't mean they won't eventually figure out how to use portable devices to do so. I say for the most part that the industry and authorities are naive and way over-confident in their ability to maintain system security.

Dubai splurges on 700hp, 217mph Lamborghini police cruiser

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It's nice to see an appreciation...

...for quality motoring. After all everyone around the globe is paying for these police toys via blackmail pricing of crude oil products. Ya gotta love a Cabal...or not.

'You can keep it' - Brit's nicked laptop turns up on Iranians' sofa

Boris S.

Let's hope...

...that the perps are caught and sent to prison for 5+ years.

Researcher hacks aircraft controls with Android smartphone

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Now we know...

...that the FAA was wrong again to allow electronic devices to be use on board.

US Air Force reclassifies 6 cyber tools as weapons

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It's very unfortunate

Cyberspace is so out of control that society is under full attack by the crims. All authorities will need staggering increases in their operating budgets to even begin to address the hackers and other terrorists that are wreaking havoc on the world - most of which isn't even reported by the media.

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

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For a price...

...I'll fix anything. Most people aren't interested in paying my price however.

Wisconsin man cuffed over Koch-blocking DDoS attack

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As ye sow

This will be an expension lesson in life.

Every single Internet Explorer at risk of drive-by hacks until Patch Tuesday

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What's the big deal?

It's only 57 more security holes. Another day, another ten security holes reported. This isn't something new, just a never ending saga.

Linux boot doesn't smash Samsung laptops any more

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Re: software capabilities can be total FUBAR

I sure wish that the Linux community had stepped up and developed a user friendly version of Linux and "encouraged" software developers to make similar Linux software to Windoze software so one could migrate easily for Biz purposes. I've tried several commercial versions of Linux and IME:

1. Customer technical support was nonexistent - i.e. they could not advise how to set up a modem in Linux

2. The popular Windoze software companies don't seem to have any interest in Linux - probably due to Microsucks "marketing dollars"?

3. You pretty much need to be a PC geek to make the switch for a Biz - which is unfortunate

Until someone comes up with a better O/S than Windoze - which would not be hard to do... and has the software companies support for said O/S, Windoze will continue to be the ruse forced on the majority of PC users of the world, many of whom have no clue what a poor O/S it really is.

Oh, Sony, you big tease: Mystery PlayStation reveal date set

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It's all good

The PS4 will feature AMD's APU power.

Michael Dell and the Curse of the Exploding Batteries

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Highly unlikely

It's highly unlikely that Mickey Donut nor Boeing are responsible for the lithium ion battery fires, though Mickey should consider a few dozen less donuts for lunch so that his stomach doesn't hang over so far as to short circuit the battery terminals.

AMD to get dense about servers – but in a good way

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Re: Lol


Intel is not leaving the X86 market. Their desktop mobo group is being switched to other products, aka SoC's so Intel can get into tablets and more portables as AMD is already doing. Intel's desktop mobo group has been dying for a long time so it's no surprise they are being phased out.

AMD was smart to buy Seamicro and will do well in Micro Servers which is a rapidly growing PC segment. With AMD in the upcoming X-Box and Play Station along with tablets and other portables, their revenue streams will be increasing significantly so GloFo and TSMC had better bet ready for the increased demand.

AMD alllllmost promises profitability by year end

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Re: The problem at AMD ain't Intel, its AMD

While AMD certainl has had it's own share of internal conflicts and CEOs focused on bonuses rather than long term success, Intel has also been a problem because of their unscrupulous buying of sales and intimidation of OEMs who have used or have wanted to sell AMD products. This intimidation didn't end with Intel's conviction for these crimes.

If Rory Read succeeds, he'll be labled a genius. If he fails then a lot of damage will have been done by him in particular with the recent reorganization of AMD. While tablets and portables are certainly market segments worth pursuing, doing so at the cost of AMD's X86 base, would be suicide. Hopefully Read is smart enough to know who to hire to rejuvinate AMD's desktop and server business as their laptop, APU and GPU Biz is quite good already.

In the very dynamic PC market that exists it will take a lot of hard work and a good crystal ball to stay ahead of the demand curve and reap good profits. AMD may struggle for years before they break through again, but it is highly probable they will once again be able to compete with Intel at the very top of the CPU ranks, though they have no problem with providing superior performance and value in the mid-range and low end segments. AMD's current IP advantage in APUs is quite an asset as that is the future.

Boris S.

AMD is not dead, yet

For the past 40 years fools have been writing AMD's obituary, but AMD ain't dead yet - by a long shot, unfortunately for Intel.

I would not be surprised at all if it takes AMD a few more years to get their ship righted and stable considering the never ending economic depression that exists in the U.S., Europe and Asia, the primary PC and PC toy markets of the world.

AMD does actually have good products now and better products coming for PCs as well as portables, which is the booming niche right now. Micro servers is another area where AMD/Sea Micro have a number of exciting new products coming to market so Read may be accurate with his sales and profits projections, though it is still impossible to accurately read the market as Microsucks, Intel, Apple and many more who thought they were immune to the world wide economic disaster are learning real quickly.

First Swedish Pirate Bay server displayed by Computing Museum

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Re: cultural revolution - I don't think so

Just easy, cybercrime, not a cultural revolution at all. Most of the world does not pirate and has no interest in stealing.

US court ungags Yelp reviewer who dissed builder

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Re: Give your Feedback to Chris Dietz

If the woman made false or exaggerated claims then I hope he collects a lot of money from her. If her statements are 100% accurate then I hope he is held accountable for any frivolous lawsuits or allegations plus any damages or loss of value to her property. That is how the judicial system is suppose to work. The court of public opinion should have no bearing on the matter at all.

Boris S.

No news here

Negative reviews are allowed everywhere but false claims/statements that are disparaging are libelous and can cost you dearly - as they should.

'SHUT THE F**K UP!' The moment Linus Torvalds ruined a dev's year

Boris S.

While not exactly professional...

...I think Linus made his point clear.

'Holey code, Batman!' Microsoft to patch 12 vulns on Tuesday

Boris S.

A career opportunity

Trying to fix the millions of security holes in every verison of Microsucks Windoze is a career opportunity that is profitable and secure, unlike the O/S.

Open-source attack dog enters Ballmer's inner ring

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Someone should explain the definition of security...

...to Microsucks who doesn't seem capable of buying a clue when it comes to security.

US military nails 'best ever' Microsoft deal, brags size does matter

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This should be a very expensive lesson

Naturally tax payers will be paying for the DoD's ignorance, as usual.

China turns the screws on netizens with real-name registration plans

Boris S.

Why wouldn't you expect real names?

It's pretty silly to think requiring real names for internet access is inappropriate.

Yes, hundreds upon hundreds of websites CAN all be wrong

Boris S.

No surprise

I constantly find incorrect technical information posted online. When you try to explain to the unknowing that it's incorrect, they assure you it MUST be correct because it's posted at 4,286+ websites or threads - so it MUST be true...or NOT!

The same applies to PC hardware testing where the tester doesn't use appropriate test procedures and then gets an incorrect result. People who know no different will argue that the results MUST be correct because they are published on a website. They completely miss the importance of proper testing methodology.

Senate votes to continue FISA domestic spying through 2017

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Naive sheeple

Those who don't know about technology and security should educate themselves. The general public is "spied on daily" with security cameras and internet/phone traffic monitoring all the time. Thankfully these and other legitimate security techniques have resulted in the arrest of many criminals and eliminated a number of international security threats. We live in a much different world today so get use to reality that it is changing for the worse when it comes to crime and terrorism.

If you want to have a cellphone, expect to be tracked via GPS. If you want a modern car with all the electronic toys, expect to get tracked by GPS. If you want to go into any public area on foot, car, train, bicycle, etc. expect to be photographed. Despite the knee-jerk reactions of the clueless these security techniques are quite useful. If you find these security measures unacceptableto you then you'll need to never leave your home, give up your cellphone, never use a PC or mobile device, etc. You have the choice so don't complain or be led like sheeple by the instigators who are out of touch with reality.

Crushing $1.17bn Marvell patent judgment could set record

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Never happen

Marvell has already released a statement detailing that the patent infringement claims are meritless and they are likely to win on appeal. It appears that their statements are legitimate. For those who don't know, some patent holders try to extort companies with deep pockets. Anyone can file a lawsuit but it doesn't mean it will prevail when reviewed by technically competent legal minds vs. lower clueless juries.

Apple supremo Tim Cook's pay packet slashed 99% in 2012

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Maybe we should take up a collection?

Do you think the Chincese slaves will be able to donate to Tim's worthy cause?

Boris S.

Just a Poor Boy

Poor Tim, it's a tough life for a CEO. I guess he'll just have to tighten his belt and average his $700 MILLION compensation from last year with the "lump of coal" that the Rotten Apple doled out this year. Some how I think Tim is strong enough to scrap by under the circumstances...

Amazon outage whacked Netflix US customers on Christmas Eve

Boris S.


A system failure? Never heard of such a thing...

Live and learn.

After Sandy Hook, Senator calls for violent video game probe

Boris S.

Understanding the problem

As with terroristism, until someone can identify every terrorist or whack-job bent on killing innocent people, these tragedies will continue. You can pass all the laws that you desire and it won't keep people from killing other people.

Boris S.


We know from the military's use of violent video games to desensitize recruits, that video games most definitely have an impact on the psyche of those who are considered stable personality types. There is no reason to believe that the same violent video games would not have a negative impact on those who are less mentally stable. This isn't rocket science and certainly can be properly evaluated via testing.

However we are not always able to identify those who are mentally challeneged and thus we have a conflict. Should violent video games be banned, toned down or allowed to exist in the best form for commercial success in spite of the repercussions to society? No one has shown that there is some redeeming value to graphic violence in video games be it social or financial. Sex on the otherhand does net greater profits for unscrupulous purveyors of video games to youth.

It would be naive to think that video games or guns alone are the problem. The solution to violence is complicated and long term. There are no quick fixes as first you need to change the environment and then the menatality, before there is any hope of reducing violence.

AMD plunks custom Opteron into SM15000 microservers

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It's all good

As long as AMD is delivering what customers desire, then it's all good.

Senator threatens FAA with legislation over in-flight fondleslabbing

Boris S.

What a joke of a story

A Senator can make all the empty threats that she wants and it's just blowing smoke up some peoples arse to get votes. This Senator has absolutely no power to threaten or change anything unless both the House and the Senate approve a bill mandating the use of carry-on electronics by passengers in commercial aircraft. That ain't going to happen so she's just pandering to the clueless.

AMD bites bullet, slashes chip orders

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Re: Strategy

The answer to your question is: NO

You don't just move some chip production from TSMC to GloFo or other GloFo locations using a different node or Fab process. These companies use different chip wafer designs and to switch would take 12-18 months of redesign of a CPU/GPU by AMD to switch Fabs.

AMD's Trinity laptop chips are excellent and the GPU performance far exceeds anything Intel has offered to date. AMD is not having issues selling Trinity laptop, Trinity desktop, Vishera or the new Piledriver based Opterons - even in a terrible world wide economic depression.

AMD is positioning itself for future growth and streamlining product processes to be more cost efficient and able to adjust faster to market dynamics which are going to be changing more quickly and more frequently over the next 5-10 years.

Boris S.

Re: I've got an uneasy feeling about this

You people must be new to Biz... AMD like other GloFo customers executes a contract a year or more in advance to purchase X amount of chip wafers per year and a specific quantitiy per calendar or fiscal quarter. In normal times when there isn't a worldwide economic meltdown, consumers of chip wafers can reasonably predict how many wafers they will need over the coming year. In the current economic environment it's difficult for most businesses to predict their sales for the next month, let alone a quarter.

In AMD's and many other company's situation, sales are down and thus it is economically better to buy out one quarter's chip wafer production and save $500 million dollars in cash and then spread that charge over 2013 when revenue should increase via new products that are scheduled for sale under existing contracts with PC makers.

Telcos and hosters add US jobs in November, semi manufacturers cut them

Boris S.

Be careful what you believe

Do not believe any U.S. government published employment/jobs data (or most any other data). The data is typically very inaccurate and often quietly "revised" in the following months and usually more negative than positive. In addition the U.S. only counts those who are unemployed that are still eligible for unemployment benefits. If you have been unemployed for 2 years or more as millions of people in the U.S. have, then you no longer count and you are no longer counted by the Feds.

If you were to believe the tainted U.S. employment data or the jobs created instead of the reality that U.S. companies have eliminated far more jobs than are being created, you'd be either naive or a damn fool. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know when a bureaucrat is lying and when the numbers don't add up. With only a few areas of the U.S. prospering, the rest of the U.S. is in a historic economic depression and unlikely to see any real not imagined, economic growth for another five years as the current administration has no clue about job creation. With high unemployment, lower tax revenues, increased social service costs, there is no way but down for the U.S and other intertwined world economies. With high unemployment not only does the U.S. have fewer jobs they import fewer goods.

Samsung: Demand for mobes forced 16hr days on factory slaves

Boris S.

A perfect example

This is why these Chinese slave camps must be disbanded. Anyone with a conscience should have second thoughts about buying any goods produced by Foxconn when we get one report after another of inhumane treatment, child labor and deplorable dormatories at this company. When are people going to get real?

Antivirus biz's founder unmasked as noted Chinese hacker

Boris S.

Gee, what a surprise... or not

I would imagine that there are numerous A/V experts who are white hats by day and black hats by night - often for profit. You'd be naive to not expect this. That is why you always need to have other people watching staff to weed out the bad apples, especially those who are involved in criminal activities.

Apple chief Cook is highest paid CEO in America

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I'm sure they feel better with this knowledge

I'm sure the Chinese slaves feel better knowing that Mr. Cook only received $700 million in annual compensation...

Woz: Microsoft's innovation lead 'worries me greatly'

Boris S.

What a joke

I think they hire Woz to speak now days for the entertainment factor and to show how removed he is from reality.

35 US states petition for secession – on White House website

Boris S.

We the people...

...all lost with the re-election of Obama. It doesn't matter if you live in the U.S., UK, Asia or where you live, you will be negatively impacted by Obama-nomics which is destroying America.

You may think that the demise of the U.S. economy is unimportant to you, but you would be wrong. The U.S. imports billions of dollars worth of goods and services from Europe each year and even more from Asia. With skyrocketing U.S. unemployment, U.S. consumers can no longer purchase the goods and services they did four or more years ago. That means a loss of more jobs in the EU as well as Asia. With the loss of those jobs the UK and Asian economies fall even further. Another four years of Bama-nomics is going to cripple imports to the U.S. and also jobs for non-U.S. residents.

You haven't begun to see the pain that is about to occur.

AMD to 'reset' goals: servers, embedded, ultra-low power

Boris S.


Read want's to catch the potable electronic craze while it's on the upswing. While this is admirable, the odds are stacked against AMD as a late starter.

Personally I understand the fads and know how fickle they can be and I had hoped that AMD would do a better job of marketing their current X86 products which are actually quite good and very affordable. Considering that Intel is having a difficult time buying Ultrabook and enterprise sales in a brutal economic recession, maybe AMD will get lucky and create some new revenue streams via tablets/phones and other trash without compromising their X86 sales and development?

If not Mr. Read will be removed and replaced within 12 months.

Foxconn: THESE child workers were NOT making Apple products

Boris S.

It doesn't matter what these children were making!

Is Foxconn THAT removed from reality that they believe it's only wrong to use child slaves if they are producing Apple products? Really? Good Lord these CEOs are just animals.

Boris S.

Re: Some of you don't seem to understand...

Just make the goods in the UK and U.S. and free the slaves. No one needs the inferior crap produced in Japan be it Apple branded, Microsucks, Acer or Foxconn - to name just a few. The slight price increase to make an sell it in the UK or U.S. can come out of the multi-million dollar CEO annual bonuses that are paid in addition to the CEO base salary of millions, paid annually.

EFF warns of ACTA redux

Boris S.

It's real simple

Japan has it figured out and it's real simple. Pirates get a hefty fine and mandatory two years in prison. Facilitators of piracy get a minimum mandatory 10 years in prison and a huge fine.

This punishment should be adopted world wide and uniformly so that there is no argument or negotiations. You pirate and you pay. You facilitate and you pay.

End of story.

BTW, the EFF can go pound salt.

Chinese arrest 9,000 cyber-crims

Boris S.

It's highly unlikely China achieved this result

But the media and naive will take it at face value anyway.

AMD to decimate workforce several times over?

Boris S.

Decimate my arse

AMD is cutting employees but they ain't cutting 30% of their personnel. The sky simply ain't falling. I suppose we could say Intel is "cutting up to 90%" of their employees when in fact they are eliminating 10,000 jobs.

Global notebook sales tank in recent months

Boris S.

Re: Bad Apple cultists

Anyone who buys an Apple product is pretty clueless. It don't matter if it's a phone or PC or laptop.

I love the way you state that Apple owners are happier in their lives. What dribble and baseless statement pulled from your orifice, as if you have any clue in the world if Apple customers are happier than non-apple customers.

Take away bad drivers' mobile phones, they still crash their cars

Boris S.

Re: Surely the solution........

Actually much more serious punishment AND much higher standards of actual driving skills should be required. The punishment is for those who continue to make bad choices in life. The increased driving skills are to reduce the unnecessary accidents caused by a lack of driving skills.

BTW, I always love the media reports of a "run-a-way vehicle" where the driver miraculously avoids an accident for miles when there car has a stuck throttle or is possed by demons... Never in this wild, harrowing adventures does the driver even slam on the brakes - which will stop ANY modern car no matter what the power of the engine, nor does the driver shut off the ignition nor does the driver ever shift the trans into neutral. Instead they drive for miles with a stuck throttle until they crash.

What ignorance! These people should never have been given a driver's license in the first place if they aren't smart enough to slam on the brakes or shut off the ignition when the throttle sticks.

Boris S.

Re: Complete idiot young-ish lady driver with phone

Maybe the car just died and she was stuck there?

I do agree however that at least 85% of those behind the wheel are braindead and it's not just women.

Anonymous turns on 'one man Julian Assange show' Wikileaks

Boris S.

Re: Julian Assange for the Nobel prize for freedom of the press:

Shirley you jest. Nominate him for ARSE of the year and he might win.