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Review: Google Nexus 4


Re: Twas the bettery life, or lack of.

Asking a big screen backed with a quad core CPU in a compact phone body to last more than a day when used for CPU/GPU intensive tasks is inevitably not going to happen based on current battery and screen tech.

Admitedlly I'm not the heaviest user, but in a typical day I probably send about 20 or 30 texts, maybe 10 minutes of phone calls, a few hours connected to bluetooth, an hour or so of web/app use - but using it like that I can comfortably get two "working" days out of it before it calls time, off charge at about 8am, pretty much at the point of switching itself off at around 8/9pm the day afterwards.

If I chuck a bit of gaming into the mix and use it more intensively for other tasks I can still easily make it through one day without it needing charging. I honestly can't see a problem with it.

I do accept I'm very, very lucky to have one though, the whole ordering process has been a complete debacle. Have Google *really* not got the capability to take pre-orders?

Apple CEO: Frothing fanboi iPhone 5 hype screwed our sales


Re: Cupertino Head Cook lashes out at rumour mill

Of course, there is the small matter that Cook didn't in any way lash out at the rumour mill.

But hey, why let that get in the way of a good rant?

Climategate cops: We'll NEVER solve email leak hack riddle


New slogan for El Reg

"The day before yesterday's news, today!"

Big media little iPad stories suggest Apple is cranking up the spin cycle


And how exactly is this different from the rumour which goes round every few months? If you're going to report it at least report it with the proper degree of cynicism. This is El Reg after all.

iPhone spontaneously combusts on CCTV


"There's a tap for that"

No there isn't.

Water. Lithium battery fire. Really, really bad combination.

Ten... pieces of tat for Apple fanboys


Cook Teaser

You owe me a keyboard for coining "Cook Teaser"

Ten... Freeview HD 42-47in TVs


Re: Price of energy

Sorry, but that's bollocks.

Let's say you've not bothered to shop around much and are paying a stupid rate for power like 15p per kw/h. Let's say you watch five hours of TV a day on average. Let's say you've got a 46" set like many of those on test.

Difference in annual energy bills between an ultra-efficient LCD tv pulling circa 100W and a guzzly plasma set pulling circa 200W? £28.

If your idea of "significant" is less than £30 a year then what are you doing spending nearly a grand on a telly?

Volvo claims V40 is first car with an airbag for pedestrians


Re: Not really news

Sadly your google-fu is lacking.

A pop-up bonnet is not the same as an airbag covering the lower part of the windscreen and A pillar area. The pop-up bonnet is a specific solution for some cars which do not have enough space between the bonnet metal and hard engine-bay structures (e.g. suspension turrets) to protect a pedestrian's head in this type of impact.

The airbag is designed to protect the pedestrian's head should they be unlucky enough to be at risk of hitting it on the base of the windscreen or A-pillars, a pop-up bonnet doesn't do that.

Ten... two-bay Nas boxes


Re: I went down the DIY route

Another vote for the Microserver from me. I'm running WHS 2011 on it and with over 4Tb on board it makes a great media streamer and automatically backs up every windows box in the house too. For a "real" price of £140 after cashback it is (still) the steal of the decade. I'd get another one but I genuinely have no use for it other than as a cold standby if the existing one blows up.

Ten... Living Room Gadget Treats


Panasonic Plasma

Good luck on finding one of those, it's discontinued and widely out of stock. Amazon don't have any for £750 at the time of clicking, their cheapest price is circa £900.

Novatech pushes affordable Ultrabook


Gah.... another pants screen

If the screen resolution wasn't so low I'd be buying one of those now especially since you can get it without paying the Microsoft tax.

14" screen at 1366x768 - what a joke.

Google's Android 'let down' sinks iPad rivals - IDC


Re: Peole don't say tablet - they say iPad

Actually I've had an iPhone 3G, a 4 and both an iPad 1 and 2. I have also had a Galaxy S and Galaxy S 2, and an Asus Transformer. Currently have no tablet but very interested in iPad3 and my current phone is Windows Mobile 7.5.

I'm about as platform agnostic as they come, I just like nice tech.


Peole don't say tablet - they say iPad

Deeply unconvinced by this analysis, I'd love to see what data it's actually based on because it seems flimsy at best. In my experience the quality or curation of the app market is a long way from the top of the average consumer's priority list. Quantity and availability yes, but that's not the same thing.

I would suggest a far bigger issue for the competition is that Apple have been able to define the market segment in the mind of the general buying public.

Just like people don't say "MP3 player" but instead say "iPod" they don't say "tablet" they say "iPad".

The non-techie person in the street asks for an iPad because in their mind that's what a tablet is, and that's what they get.

That's hellish difficult to overturn, especially once you take Apple's economies of scale into account.

Blighty's Post Office computer system goes titsup


Re: Is this the system.......

I don't think you actually read the article you've linked to, at least I hope not. If you genuinely believe that the replacement of Lotus Notes by Exchange for Royal Mail's internal email system back in 2010 directly lead to the problems with the Post Office's system today then that's a bit worrying.

Hint: corporate email/office application and EPOSS systems tend not to share the same infrastructure, for fairly obvious reasons.


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