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As of today, iThings are even harder for police to probe



How do you know it was relatively untested? It's been in testing for years before it became public knowledge and has had several beta's for the public to test and is why we haven't hear many complaints! Hopefully the macOS conversion will be as smooth! Your loss for being closed minded and not wanting anything Apple!

Pence v Clinton: Both used private email for work, one hacked, one accused of hypocrisy


One was Secretary of State for the country, other was not!

One was a governor of a state and the other was the Secretary of State of the United States! Huge difference!

Macbook seized or stolen? But you've set a FileVault password, right? Ha, it's useless



So this click bait was all about Apple, but I seen a very small mention of Linux and Windows? Are they fixed yet?

Mac administrators brace for big changes to Apple-powered fleets


Loss since MCX

I think managing OS X went down hill after we loss MCX. A lot of configuration management was lost then and hasn't been as flexible since!

Cheer up Samsung! You might get back $400m for copying the iPhone


Samdung deserves to pay the fullest amount

Samsung deserves to pay the fullest amount to Apple for copying! They made billions by making their devices look like Apple devices and chasing rumored features to release before Apple did, etc. Samsung is no good like Google and Microsoft!

Did you know iOS 10, macOS Sierra has a problem with crappy VPNs? You do now



I wish Apple would put in support for SSTP. I asked a few years ago and never heard anything back. I said to drop PPTP and replace it with SSTP.

Windows 10: What's coming in 2016?


How long?

I'm wondering how long it is till they start requiring a subscription to Windows? Everything has pointed that way over the past 2 years or so. Just a matter of time, but when?

Apple: Samsung ripped off our phone patent! USPTO: What patent?


Taketh away

Giveth then taketh away! Might as well not even have a patent system! Everyone copy everyone!

Windows 10: Buy cheap, buy twice, right? Buy FREE ... buy FOREVER


Windows will be a subscription service in another couple of years is what I think is going on! Get everyone on board with a free upgrade and keep releasing updates and then turn it into online upgrades then start charging a monthly/yearly fee.

That will be the day I stop building PC's and remove them from my house and only use Macs!

Got an Android phone? SMASH IT with a hammer – and do it NOW


But its open source

But its open source, its all FUD! Open as it wide!

Rand Paul is trying to murder net neutrality. Is there a US presidential election, or something?


Lost my vote

He lost my vote if he's going to stick up for corporations over the people! He needs to resign as well!

Google's 'encrypted-by-default' Android is NOT encrypting by default


Re: I don't really like Apple/iOs

I'd rather have that sensation than Google scanning through all my documents and selling me as their B!tch to the highest bidder feeling! And not feeling truly safe at all with most of the malware/viruses being pointed at Android and lack of updates and Google leaving me being out in the cold in the 60% of users it refuses to update for so they are secure! So Android truly is open as in WIDE open!!


Just goes to show....

Just goes to show that it was an after thought and the only reason they said "we are doing this too" is because Apple is doing it!

And the buggiest OS provider award goes to ... APPLE?


Article is flawed in its numbers

OS X is various versions of OS X lumped into one while Windows is separate! Since IE is part of the OS IE should then be included with Windows OS if they want to play that game. Separate OS X or combine Windows numbers to equal things out! Same goes for Linux and iOS!!

DOH! Google’s internet of things vision is powered by… Mac OS


Google switched to Mac

A few years ago when Windows got slammed by a virus Google made the switch to the Mac platform. I forget what virus it was, but in order to use Linux or Windows you have to make a good claim on why you must use those. Mac is about the only choice at Google to my understanding unless you make your case!

Apple Fanbois are the biggest pervs, say people who know


Not surprising

Its not surprising as iOS has the most mobile traffic on the web with people who actually use their devices.

Tim Cook: Apple's 'closer than it's ever been' to releasing new product range


The Facts..........

• iPhone was released 5 years, 7 months, and 19 days after iPod.

• iPad was released 2 years, 9 months, and 5 days after iPhone.

• Tim Cook has been Apple CEO for 2 years, 8 months.

Google's Drive SLASH, secret 'big upgrade': Coincidence? Hardly


What about later on

What happens years later when all your data is on their servers in the cloud and they go crazy on the pricing then?

Look at unlimited data plans for cell phones as an example.......

Update your Mac NOW: Apple fixes OS X 'goto fail' SSL spying vuln


I don't see what the big deal was.....I just used another browser until it got fixed. They said the update was near and figured it would be this week. Whoopee!!

If they would have rushed out a fix and screwed something up then everyone would have been complaining about that! It was put in a current about to be released update and tested and released! That simple!

Microsoft mocks Apple and new iPhones in vids it quickly pulls


Bad decision and taste

Take notice the back of the head looks like Steve Jobs when he was sick and near the end of his life. I think that is poor decision making at the person who ok'd the videos and publishing them! Thats just not right.

Apple KILLER decloaked? Google lovingly unboxes Nexus 7 Android 4.3 slablette


Same features as last model?

Does it come with the same features as the last model?


Notebook makers turn to Android in face of Windows woes


Yea more netbook junk

All a Chromebook is, is a netbook piece of junk. But this time you have a company selling you to their customers the advertisers!

Microsoft backs law banning Google Apps from schools


As infested as Google Play is I would ban them as well. Google is just as dirty as MS if not dirtier, do some research!

Apple: OK, we tracked your every move... but let's call it a caching bug, m'kay?


I would be more worried about what Google does. They scan everything you do, your email, etc. They add code to their site to bypass security in browsers. To Google your the product being sold to its customers the advertisers!

Bite us, Apple: Samsung hauled in $8.3bn in Q4


They should feel so proud

Copying another company to make 8Billion.......I feel proud for them!!

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer named 'most improved tech CEO'


Keep em as long as possible

lol.......Microsoft, keep him as long as possible! Apple and Google will greatly appreciate the gesture!

Crytek says future is free-to-play


Hopefully not a subscription or buy add ons weapons etc

If they start a subscription or in game buying like buy your weapon and stuff I'm done playing video games if it takes that turn! I don't mind buying a new $40-$50 game, but I won't be in EverQuest mode, sorry!

Apple trails behind world+Microsoft in 'Flashback' malware debacle


Get your facts straight

Apple is going after all servers that is talking to this malware and Dr. Webs is one of them. Its not the only server being gone after.

As far as Apple trying to sweep it under the rug! Not so! They are making a detect remove utility and is surprised by this like everyone else. I still don't believe it, I think Dr Web is behind the whole mess. That company is in russia where most malware comes from and was the only one with the data at first. Seems suspicious to me!

Apple is learning as they go and are still learning about the problem and investigating the issue. They haven't been attacked like Windows OS has over the years so they are not professionals at malware/virus protection. Grow up and learn about the company! Want a company to hate go look at Google, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft.


iArrogance......I have over 200 macs under me and none have been infected by this bug. Its not arrogance its standing behind a product you believe in and a company that supports its users and doesn't sell you like Google does.

15in MacBook Air will go HEAD TO HEAD with MacBook Pro in April


Re: Or

Go to Dell and price a comparable laptop meaning a Precision laptop and spec them out the same and see the prices then. All the laptops at $499+ all look good on paper.

Look at the ultrabooks coming out now to compete with the Macbook Air......they are having a hard time getting the price under $1000 because of quality components and not junk.

And as always with Apple they usually only update once a year, maybe twice with the laptops, but its usually best to wait for the next update to get the latest and greatest. Sometimes Dell/others get the products out quicker that have been updated over the year, but usually Apple will update pretty quick on a new release of hardware like the upcoming ivy bridge.

Plus with a Mac you have less problems with hardware in my experience over 11 years, plus you can run OS X, Windows, Linux, etc. I only run OS X, its nice not having to worry about spyware, etc and things always just work usually.

Every time I turn my Windows 7 PC on I am troubleshooting or updating or wasting time in one way or another.

Apple to Google Maps: ‘Get lost’


Re: Shot across the bow

Then they would loose alot of customers!!

Fat margins squeeze Apple against Android


This article is flawed in so many ways........Apple isn't hurting.....heck today it was announced that the ATF is dropping blackberries for iPhones. The iPhone had the most sales over the holiday quarter and the last few months iPhone is going up as Android is evening out and going the other way.

But in the long long run I think its Microsoft all over again....we are seeing Android all over being used on junk up to good products and it will have the most marketshare just like Windows and Apple with have its own little niche market just like the Mac. There are so many junk Android phones out there and too much confusion and choices its a mess. Apple has a nice simple way of doing things and having its niche market is fine with me! Apple makes the best hardware and software and it will continue.


Only Android tablet worth getting is the Asus or Samsung and we see how much those are....just as much as the iPad. The rest are cheap junk....you get what you pay for!