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Intel's mystery Linux muckabout is a dangerous ploy at a dangerous time


that and all the mpeg2 patents are expired anyway

US senators propose $22bn fund for new fabs on American soil because making stuff is better than designing stuff


Re: Meh

theres 10,000 at the intel fab in Ireland, and another 1600 to come when the new fab ther is built

Irish electricity company threatens to cut off graveyard


mprn is for electricity, gprn is for gas

and there's something else for the clusterfeic that is irish water

Bulk comms spying is not mission creep, insists UK foreign sec



if there was ever a few days the people of cheltenham might be distracted by something else going on....

SpaceX lofts two all-electric ion-drive comsats to Clarke orbit


Have a little re-read of your post and ask yourself: What country is Alaska in?

Philae heads for comet, reports back to mothercraft Rosetta



esa twitter feed saying Philae landed


Blinking good: LG launches smart light bulb for Android/iOS


60 W led?

either it's one of the most inefficient led bulbs going, or it's not 60W

an 8 W bulb is probably brighter than a 100W incandescant bulb...

The best e-readers for Christmas


Using American Nooks in Britain

Can you use a nook simple touch bought in US with a british Nook account?

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Bauernfrühstück v bacon sarnie


Re: Brown sauce?

You need to watch the film ( or is that movie) Intermission

All you need to know about Brown sauce

Epic net outage in Africa as FOUR undersea cables chopped


nautical miles vary in length

@Field Marshal Von Krakenfart the length of a nautical mile is the distance one minute of longitude extends on the surface of the sea locally. and as the earth is not spherical it varies when you measure it in feet or metres.