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And the winner of the most reliable disk drive award is ...


dont forget *everything* fails.

Do people forget the electromechanical nature of drives?

Do users treat them appropriately? In the correct environment? Cooling? (not too cool by the way!)

Do they handle them correctly? ESD wise? Shock wise? Storage wise?

Do they use the right drive in the right application?

Based on the sob stories above (actually every time a HDD piece is published on el reg), the answer would have to be NO.

HDD technology is pretty amazing and no wonder it sometimes fails, especially when they are mistreated/misused, but I suppose users would never blame themselves for any drive failures, ever.

And that list in the article is very misleading - a useless statistically invalid dataset masquerading as useful information. You only have to look at the storageboxes the blogger is recommending and the inappropriate drives he is using for such chassis' to see the source is invalid.

El Reg should have spotted how poor the article is a mile away.

Bigger on the inside: WD’s Tardis-like Black² Dual Drive laptop disk



I think you have missed the point. Seagate have been making Hybrids, which include Seagate jiggery pokery to guess which files are frequently used and to control everything.

WD's drive gives the user complete control, albeit after a few setup shenanigans. This is better in my opinion.

I think the idea is sound - greater control over your files for archive on HDD, and anything you want to be quicker than HDD on the SSD.

By the way, HDD is a much safer place for personal files, when SSDs die, they properly die.

WD: HDD prices won't fall to pre-flood levels until 2013


Re: Consumer exploitation at it's worst

HDD makers - years of screwing customers??? How exactly? You mean by reinvesting major amounts of dollars into R&D so you can enjoy bigger and bigger drives year on year for all your pr0n etc?

Not to mention that the HDD is by far the most advanced and difficult tech in a PC/laptop/DVR/server. ....and still all i hear is punters moaning about the prices. Why all the hating?

Ive said it before and i'll say it again, SSD has limited mfg capacity, nevermind its technical limitations, they cannot and will not replace HDDs. They will be additional storage in the right markets, and if you really care about your important data, you should save a copy on a HDD and on a server based service.


The crisis is NOT fake!

Try yelling "fake" and "my 2TB drive is to expensive" to the 815 dead , yes 815! The area of flooding was over 7700 square MILES. The drive supplier infrastructure was decimated. Whole factories were lost. The cost of a HDD facility recovery would be HUGE. The disaster was the 4th costliest disaster of all time (according to the world bank).

Yet still we hear from poster (Joerg, Dan Paul etc) crying about HDD prices.

Also dont forget that there is a considerable distribution network in between the HDD companies and the end customer.....if there are elevated prices then maybe the disti's are using the flood as an excuse to raise prices?


@Dazed and Confused

Computing with no spinning platters? So you mean SLC SSDs (for write cycle performance), and no external spinning drives (the ones with vastly higher write cycles)?

That will be both mega expensive and mega unreliable, cos when an SSD dies, there is no recovery.

Supply and demand will be the challenge for SSDs, they have a limited global capacity, so when demand rises, so will price.

LCD to have killed all* other TV technologies by 2016


LCDs v Plasma

LCDs look great in the shop - not natural, just gawdy and bright.

Plasmas look great and more natural.

Both can be improved with some fiddling.

Then when you watch a sports program or movie and the LCD screens completely fail to produce anything realistic, often they soften the background and retain a weird focus on the central image.

Plasma (recent plasmas from Panny) are excellent with motion.

LCD = cheap and not so cheerful.

Plasma = good for those that care about realism, but can be expensive.

Seagate fscks up: Disk drive sales fall short by $500m


Re: @ Joerg

OK I take the loon part back, and I do not work for seagate.

You are still wrong and it just isn't cricket to spew false info. Do some research, learn about media and head technologies and then come back. The 300TB snippet was taken wildly out of context by your source and is in fact a theoretical limit before BPM is required. Go on, ask me what BPM is.

On second thoughts, dont bother.


@ Joerg

What a load of utter rubbish. You select some really really really poor sources from years ago and then complain that the drivel they were spouting didn't come true.....and then you complain that the drive companies have some kind of conspiracy plan by holding back the tech. Loon.


Re: Idiot managers should cut prices and release huge disks now!


What a complete load of rubbish.

WD beams in 802.11n Wi-Fi stations


bunch of naysayers

crickey you are all a bunch of misery guts, cant you applaud a company for trying to create products people actually want? Something different from the norm?

No, you prefer to bitch about hdd failures. I say well done WD!

WD acquires Hitachi GST for $4.8bn


Re: @ Tom 38

14.5k in RAID I assume. So not only is your experience based on a very small qty (statistically speaking of course) but they are also only one type of HDD. The world wide market PER QUARTER is circa 170MILLION drives.

If you are getting a 7% failure rate I suggest you speak with the supplier pronto, because like I said before, that isnt the norm.

Are you mishandling your drives? Running too hot? Do you have the incorrect type of drive for your RAID enclosures?


@ Tom 38

7%?! that is utter BS. It may be your experience, but it isnt the failure rate for HDDs.

It reminds me of a very true quote - What do you get if you fill a room full of people with anecdotal evidence? Answer - anecdotal evidence.

Hitachi GST waggles nippy 2.5-incher at Ultrabooks


Re: Re: Single platter

do you think HDD are vacuum sealed?...er no they arent.