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LOHAN sees bright red over Vulture 2 paintjob


The Vulture 2: What paintjob should we put on our soaraway spaceplane?


Re: Anti-Flash White && Cherenkov Blue

Like this



Anti-Flash White && Cherenkov Blue

checkered a la Tintin (but doesn't comply with "no different colour on flip side).

So this has to be simplified - or does it? Left side different than right side surely is ok ;->

Ensign Red Main wing tip on one side, Solid Yellow on the other for visibility.

Congrats on MP3ing your music... but WHY bother? Time for my ripping yarn


RIP on Listen

One way or another, you'll pay.

Obviously time to store and/or retrieve CDs for listening is already a burden.

So if you are compelled to listen to a CD, rip it, put it away once, then let that jewel collect dust.

To rip, I use EAC with Lame made so that I get both WAV (could be FLAC) and a decent mp3.

This process is not fully automated - correcting Artist Name, Album && Track Title is mandatory when not using some unfaillable fruity magic.

CUE sheet with pauses matter to me as well - I am paranoid regarding the lifetime of a CD.

To store and listen, I have a an old Thinkpad rigged as fileserver running Linux and Squeezeserver.

If you do not need synchronized music from different sources (like I do), you may use any advanced router with USB and DLNA server.

LOHAN ideas..


Re: LOHAN On Top?

Commercial toroidal latex weather baloon - indeed no site. Therefore out.

Fixing the payload might be more difficult, also.

However - just for the record - if you had one, the radius of the inner clearence should rather grow. Climbing up, the torus will strech uniformly in both directions of the surface, if it wasn't made from a bent cylinder.

If your initial clearance is e.g. 0,54 m, the final clearance could grow to 5,4 m (conveniently assuming 55 km height with air pressure down to 1 hPa, so that volume is increased by factor 1000).


Re: LOHAN On Top?

Why not use a donut shaped baloon instead?

If my back of a napkin math is right, for a torus with R=2r the surface should be 41% larger than a sphere with the same volume.

41-megapixel MONSTER mobe shutters Nokia knockers


Nokias many diseases

OK, I'm compelled now.

So firstly, Nokia as an organization doesn't know anything about software.

They do not know what "Moore's Law" does for them, they don't know what is important and they do not know to do the important things 100% right the first time in software.

Apple beat them 2/3 on Nokias own turf - a desirable phone has a great screen and great usability. The missing 1/3 was Apple to define what makes a phone smart - this is what we call App these days. There Nokia failed.

They failed in getting a partnership with Intel.

They failed in making Linux viable for developing Apps.

That took some time.

And finally the money people topped that by a triple fail within half a year.

Keep backporting Symbian/S60 built in software to S40 and S30 and whatnot, for it is still the money spinner.

Killing Linux platform before checking with Moore's law.

Jumping to a platform that was known to be unfit for prime time.

And these days we find:

Blaming sales staff for not selling Nokia Smartphones.

Users have given up on Symbian - good simply is no more good enough since iphone.

Actually this 808 is an indication that WP7 is still unfit for a least a year.

And this 808 still sports a sub-par screen resolution.

Users do not pick up WP7, but rather track down an N9.

Now, grab for the coat with the grain of salt.


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