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Crooks exploit OpenMetadata holes to mine crypto – and leave a sob story for victims


Re: "avoid using the default credentials"

In this day and age why do products allow default credentials to work forever?

Tesla says California's Autopilot action violates its free speech rights


Re: According to Musk, fraud is protected under the 1st Amendment

You could start selling Carbolic Smoke Balls again

Meta axes two Danish datacenters amid shift to AI infrastructure


Re: ... or let people in cold houses host them

All major Danish cities have district heating systems that can take the heat. The excess heat from the facebook barns is distributed to houses by Fjernvarme Fyn

Senators urge US trade watchdog to look into whether Tesla may just be over-egging its Autopilot, FSD pudding


Re: I am kind of surprised...

Speed limit is 30mph if there are street lights, no matter how many carriageways there are


Apple sent my data to the FBI, says boss of controversial research paper trove Sci-Hub


http: link in a security notification? smells a bit

Woman dies after hospital is unable to treat her during crippling ransomware infection, cops launch probe


The IT is there to make things more efficient and quick. Without the IT there was a delay. If the IT doesn't make things more effective or quicker then it shouldn't be there.

Its the same as oxygen lines, they can treat people without them, but not as well, and some people will die

Neuroscientist used brainhack. It's super effective! Oh, and disturbingly easy


Re: Yep: Think Otherland instead of Ringworld

stiine: the weak ones will be toast?

TalkTalk kept my email account active for 8 years after I left – now it's spamming my mates


Giving your private email address list to 3rd party and then refusing to do anything sounds not-gdpr ok to me. They should at least lock the account down and make the current "user" prove identity surely?

With sorry Soyuz stuffed, who's going to run NASA's space station taxi service now?


Re: No worries

lolled = past tense of loll, to hang or lie down, the verb has been used for 100s of years :P

NASA reveals Curiosity 2020's 23-camera payload


Re: When will the name change?

launch window to Mars is every 26 months, so 2027, 2029 203X would be more accurate. There will never be a 2028.

World's largest private submarine in mystery sink accident


submarines owner is charged with murder now

NASA lights humongous rocket that goes nowhere ... until 2019


Re: Blue whales.

distance per unit time is velocity and has nothing to do with either thrust or power

2016 just got a tiny bit longer. Gee, thanks, time lords


the earths rotation is slowing, so the leap seconds will come more frequently as time goes by

OpenStreetView? You are no longer hostage to Google's car-driven vision


Re: How "open" is OpenStreetMap?

Just to be pedantic, (C) never had any copyright meaning at all, only the word "copyright" or "©" worked.

Nowadays you get copyright without needing either. But (C) has never had any legal meaning.

Botched Microsoft update knocks Windows 8, 10 PCs offline – regardless of ISP


Re: Caused by power management setting on network adapter

No, that does not fix it

Forget malware, crooks are cracking ATMs the old-fashioned way – with explosives


Legal Tender laws have nothing whatsoever to do with payments in shops. Legal tender will not necessarily be accepted by shops: http://www.royalmint.com/aboutus/policies-and-guidelines/legal-tender-guidelines

BSODs at scale: We laugh at your puny five storeys, here's our SIX storey #fail


Embedded XP terrifying?

Why would that be, it is supported until 2019?

More terrifying is the fact-checking skills of journos imo

The return of (drone) robot wars: Beware of low-flying freezers


I thought that fat women jokes stopped when Les Dawson retired?

UK membership of Council of Europe has implications for data protection after Brexit


Re: Brexit means Brexit

Open borders were allowed before with the Nordic Passport Convention, so there's no real reason that it could not be done again to keep the Irish border open.

Ad-blocker blocking websites face legal peril at hands of privacy bods


So google will make/sell a cookie that allows you to globally agree to not having adblockers. What has the world gained now? SFA.

Mystery Kindle update will block readers from books after Wednesday


Re: Non-cloudy thinking

tbh If amazon rescinded 95% of my ebooks and gave me a refund (like they did then) then the only difference to my future life would be more money for beer. A lot of beer, probably, and I could buy hardbacks of the few books I actually want to re-read.

Microsoft will rest its jackboot on Windows 7, 8.1's throat on new Intel CPUs in 2018 – not 2017


Re: @kb "One solution is to boot a Linux USB stick ..."

"That's because they haven't been written/developed to run on Linux"

For most people this is not a trivial problem, and full documentation will not solve it, even for "programmers"

Terrified robots will take middle class jobs? Look in a mirror


Re: GPs

Isn't that how 111 works?

Are Samsung TVs doing a Volkswagen in energy tests? Koreans hit back


If they describe their tv as more economical than their rivals, and it is not, then they can presumably be sued under trades description act. If they have been gaming the test it will get you about £100 per set I would guess

Sorry, say boffins, the LHC still hasn't sucked us into a black hole


Re: How would we know?

Renormalization (getting rid of infinities) is needed for most quantum physics theories. If you could get rid of them you would get a Nobel Prize, (and reduce the takings in bars at physics campuses).

Spotify springs bloody leak as losses grow to $197m – report


Re: Must be fucking nice

Become a banker

Google versus the EU: Sigh. You can't exploit a contestable monopoly


Re: So....

"What Google may do is give preference to their own services, but it does not force you to select them."

oh goody, I can de-install "play store" from my phone then?

No NAND's land: Flash will NOT take over the data centre


Re: "what comes after is breathing heavily down the neck of flash"

to quote from the cited paper "physically isolated through the segregation of inter-granular non-magnetic Cr-rich [5]and oxide materials [6]".

oxide materials = rust in my book

and it spins!

Bank of England: What's all this then, CHAPS? Review to get a grip on IT cockup


As CHAPS is nowadays based on SWIFTs Y-COPY using MT103 messages, I don't think the "system" is 30 years old. Nice that everything in CHAPS goes through the BofE nowadays, that must make things simpler and more reliable than the bad old de-centralised days?

DOUBLE BONK: Fanbois catch Apple Pay picking pockets


It doesn't transmit your name to everybody?

You can wipe it remotely if it gets nicked?

Apple's new iPADS have begun the WAR that will OVERTURN the NETWORK WORLD


Re: Only unlicked devices should ever be allowed....

I was going to make a comment about how TVs only used to work in small parts of the world, allegedly to protect various manufacturers. Then I saw the spelling mistake in the title and started having visions of wiping spittle off of my new electronic goods....

New Scottish Apple Store appears, then VANISHES off map app


its also on apples own site, but that would be pretty hard for you guys to check I guess :P



Or you can read about it here


Massachusetts shoots down car dealers' Tesla-busting sueball


Re: 500,000 Batter Packs

They will be able to sell the lot in Scotland

Scottish independence: Will it really TEAR the HEART from IT firms?


Re: It will be business as usual.

"Scotland will continue to use the pound. They currencies will be fixed", and George Soros never really existed.

There is no way a Scottish issued pound fixed to the English/Welsh/NI pound will survive the currency speculators. It would be cheaper if the Scottish parliament just burned a couple of billion pounds in a big bonfire and then introduced a new currency

If your kid blew $$$s on in-app tat, Google has a slice of $19m+ for you


What happened is you put in your parental password for your sprog to buy something, then as default google would assume that you ALSO ok'ed anything that was bought for the next 30 minutes.

YES YES YES! Apple patents mousy, pressure-sensing iVibrator


Re: so just like...

Maybe making the rotating parts of the drive chain from asymmetrical components would mean that bits of it would wear out quicker?

Just TWO climate committee MPs contradict IPCC: The two with SCIENCE degrees


Medical doctor (GP) not a scientist?

I thought that getting a doctorate, which actually involves doing "research" might qualify someone a bit to understand "research". But not at the register, where you get grouped with homeopaths.

Are you saying that medicine is not a science?

HP settles suit with popstar Chubby Checker over todger tester app


Palm users

Surely palm users are intimately familiar with the size of their todger already?

NASA aborts third attempt at finally settling man-made CO2 debate


Re: Maths?

As the instrument measures the spectrum of "reflected sunlight", it don't work very well 50% of the time (when it is dark)


page 7

Space Station in CRISIS: Furious Russia threatens to BAN US from ISS


Re: I wonder if...

If there is no space station after 2020 then there will be nowhere for the manned dragon to go to. I would think that the prospect of losing 4 years of NASA pork is not that amusing for them

BuzzGasm: 9 Incredible Things You Never Knew About PLIERS!


Re: Not correct!



Sweet work, fellas: Boffins build high-density battery powered by sugar


Re: Full story?

The referred article says "the complete oxidation of glucose", so there is no way that hydrogen is produced. Complete oxidation means the end products are carbon dioxide and water.

Boffins debate killing leap seconds to help sysadmins


Re: If only there was a way for computers to send data to each other...

The main problem is that GPS satellites don't do leap seconds, so GPS time is already 16 seconds out from UTC. Also you cannot predict when you will need leap seconds as it depends upon the weather on top of the mountains, which affects the amount of ice that accumulates in winter which affects how fast the earth rotates.

Microsoft haters: You gotta lop off a lot of legs to slay Ballmer's monster


Re: Desktop monopoly

You must be a god, I couldn't even type 1K lines of lorum ipsum in 2 hours, let alone 1K lines of working debugged code!

Our week with Soylent: Don't chuck out your vintage food quite yet


food 3.0

I propose that you should add a 1/2 bottle of vodka to the evening glass, then not only do you save the time taken to prepare your evening meal, you also save 2 hours down the pub.

Washout 2012 summer, melty Greenland 'nothing to do with Arctic ice or warm oceans'


Re: Overpopulation

Maybe, but judging from the comments here, its gonna be a lot of effort for very little goo :P

Better Place electric car outfit goes titsup


Re: Let's just wait and see...

Probably no-one, better place only have 500 customers and that is less than clever which already has a nationwide network of fast-recharging stations in Denmark, and more customers too. And there will be no other cars using the battery shift technology apart from the renault fluence, so there will never be enough customers to make the station profitable.

Forgetting the technology, I find it hard to understand why anyone would want to go down the buy-the-car lease-the-battery route. When I get a car its either buy or lease, not buy a bit and lease a bit. I mean you wouldn't buy a petrol car and lease the engine. The "better place" way was that you buy a bloody expensive car, then you have to rent a bloody expensive battery. So you have all the disadvantages of buying (high up front costs) and all the disadvantages of leasing (e.g. maybe the administrators will take the batteries back from the customers and sell them in France). Similarly when you sell the car on, you have to sell the car, and sort out battery rental with the new owner.

So even if the technology worked really well, I think most people would avoid the complex ownership/lease model, because when you spend the amount of money that a car costs, you want to understand what you are buying.

If you've bought DRM'd film files from Acetrax, here's the bad news


Thank god I bought VHS

No drm on those suckers, can't watch them anyhow as the player is bust, but at least there is no DRM. (to be truthful most all of the tapes got f*cked when my basement flooded so it wouldn't matter at all). The books survived, kinda, but as they smelled of sh*t they got thrown out too. To be honest the tapes were more of a fire-hazard at the end than a useful library of data.

So its swings and roundabouts, and to be honest most movies/books only get watched or read once by me so I don't really care about DRM, just about how convenient it is to get the content. What I would like would be if I could access books or movies for about £2 for a 6-months or so, then I would be happy to rent them, but that seems unlikely to happen.

Branson's SpaceShipTwo succeeds in first rocket-powered flight


Re: Kids should NOT be allowed.

His daughter is married, so I guess the "kids" can make their own mind up. Old peoples kids get old too!