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Bob Dylan's new album is 'Copyright Extension Collection'


Re: @JaitcH: When you die...

"Simple - If the government didn't exist, anyone would still be able to make copies of what you did (e.g. you invent a wheel - suddenly everyone is copying it - that's called human progress) - whereas making people not copy requires a government (or sizable militia that agrees with you) to enforce it."

This "natural right" bullshit is really making my blood boil.

According to this twisted and sinister logic nothing is enforceable without a militia. Nothing. NOT EVEN BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS! So bringing this idiotic argument to a discussion about copyright is absolutely retarded and only harms the cause.

As someone who has dedicated a large part of their life to fight against things like conscription, forced labour and draconian copyright laws I find it truly appalling that you would use an argument like that, and actually think you are making a valid point for a just cause.

Sheesh. Every 15 year old who has somehow managed to crawl half way through of 'Days of War, Nights of Love' (and still completely missing the point!) now think they are making the world a better place by nicking Snickers bars from supermarkets and torrenting music. Some revolution that is. Spoiled brats.


Re: @JaitcH: When you die...

"Simple - If the government didn't exist, anyone would still be able to make copies of what you did (e.g. you invent a wheel - suddenly everyone is copying it - that's called human progress) - whereas making people not copy requires a government (or sizable militia that agrees with you) to enforce it."

You seem to ignore the fact, that making the wheel would actually require quite a lot of craftmanship, raw materials and tools.

So the people who have dedicated most of their lives to learning the required skills, learned to make the tools and gather the materials should just make free wheels for everyone? Hoorray! Free wheels!

The idea of a wheel: free.

The work of making an actual wheel: not automatically free

And further:

A song: free (at least after some reasonable period of time)

The work of recording or performing a song: not automatically free

Note the word automatically. The works can be free, if the person making them so wishes. But you should not be able to force someone else to work for free. That's called slavery.

Mexico to Apple: You WILL NOT use the name 'iPhone' here


Re: I laughed.

Or... iLaughed!

Ballmer claims Win 8 sales strong, WinPhone to follow


Re: No Doubt Huge Customer Base But...

"I personally don't like Win7 but even I can't imagine why a desktop user would downgrade to the gimped Win8 desktop."

I fail to see what's gimped about it? It is pretty much the same desktop as earlier, except the Start menu is now larger, much cleaner, and easier to navigate.


Re: Little known fact

"I am tempted by the stuff under the hood but from what I gather the new OS has a split UI personality disorder."

It certainly does.

But my reasoning was, getting a couple of upgrades for 30€ a piece was worth it for Bitlocker and Hyper-V alone, so I could live with a the split UI disorder. And most importantly, the fairly small investment also means, that I'll only lose relatively little if I decide to fall back to 7.

Forgetting Microsoft: How Steve Ballmer's Surface could win


Re: We are not the product-

Information about us is the product.

Ballmer bets 'all in' on Phone 8 and Windows


Re: Android copied Apple

Well, there were many other platforms with widgets before Android, so how do you decide which one copied which?


Re: What a load

"Live tiles are only useful on a mobile Launcher screen"

Oh boy have I been wrong! I've been using them and finding them very useful on my laptops and desktops too!

Sorry, I thought that it was actually I who decided what to find useful on my devices, and not you. I'll correct my mistake and remove the live tiles immediately!


Re: their cash cow shrunk

Enough with the brainless Symbian nostalgy already!

The "medicine" was not working very well, and the system was pretty much as far from recovering as it could ever be. The "baby cow" was still born. Read the Muropaketti article about Meego development puplished here in El Reg, and you might get an idea how the "baby cow" was actually doing.

Having had to use way too many of Nokia's top of the line phones during the last ten years, I say good riddance, Symbian. Finally Nokia has phones that won't reboot and freeze randomly, and actually have a good selection of well working software available to them!

Surface RT: Freedom luvin' app-huggers beware


What's the problem?

I get it that people who generally dislike closed systems are going to dislike this one too. And the people who want to sideload, or bring their own code (or like to pretend that they use their devices for anything else than surfing the web and watching YouTube) won't be getting these slabs either.

I won't be getting a tablet anytime soon, I consider them too much of a compromise between mobile devices and laptops, etc, the usual complaints.. But I still see the appeal. Most users don't give a f**k about compiling their own code, or installing third party apps. C'mon, most use their tablets for what? Surfing the web, listening to music and watching an occasional video. What part of that is prevented by a walled garden?

I'm interested to know, what are the apps that you absolutely would need, and that are not already provided with the OS or available through Store? It would be interesting to hear from iOS users too.

Microsoft has no plans for a second Windows 7 Service Pack


Re: LOL...


There's been only a handful of updates that require a reboot during the whole time Windows 7 has been out. And that would include the SP1.

Android apps get SSL wrong, expose personal data


Re: iOS apps

And if iOS apps turned out worse, Android apps would actually be relatively safe then, would't they?

Samsung, not Nokia, fans' most favoured WinPho brand


Re: triple...

I really don't get the romanticized picture a lot of people seem to have regarding Symbian and the "good old Nokia." Probably I've had to cope with a bit too many 6000, N, E and C-series handsets and versions of PC/Ovi/Nokia Suite, to have been thoroughly disillusioned.

Most of the Symbian devices sold were "classic" type handsets. Symbian device's share of the smartphone market was not so good to begin with, and declining. Many of the late top-of-the-line Symbian phones were buggy and behind competition, though the platform was still doing well in entry level models, especially in developing markets. But the platform was a nightmare to code for, as the tools provided were not very good, and software made for one handset model was never fully quarantined to work on any other existing or upcoming model.

The planned Meego/Maemo system was years behind schedule due to internal power struggles and sloppy management, and no other phone manufacturer was going to touch it with a ten foot pole. It was made on an Intel platform that had no planned route to LTE support, which would have been crucial in North American market. Intel was not doing anything to advance Meego development, it's hardware platform was outdated, and with no partners it would not have been a feasible plan to go with Meego against Android and iOS. Yes, it was nice to have a bit more diversity on the market. And yes, the software could have been ported on other hardware, but that would have required more time, which Nokia really didn't have anymore.

So the options were to lose market share and go alone with a platform no-one else was even remotely interested in supporting. Or lose market share, and go with an existing mature and widely supported platform, with some hope of gaining at least some part of the market share back later.

Care to elaborate what you would have done in Elop's place, and what you predict the outcome would have been?

Google readying on-device malware scanner for Android


Re: App Store Security

This ^^

It's a solution to a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place.


Adware removal too?

Could this scanner also remove adware from the phone? There's one really buggy and annoying piece of ad-/malware/spybot on my phone, makes it almost impossible to use the handset.

The adware is called Android 2.3.7 or something, think it came pre-installed.

That horrendous iPhone empurplement - you're holding it wrong


Rubber accessories

"They could provide free rubber accessories for this.

They've done it before..."

I was wondering if Apple had really handed out contraceptives to crazed fanbois and girls, but then realized you were probably speaking of different rubber accessories, of lens hoods and such.

But contraceptives might be a solution long term solution too.

'What was Google going to do, force Apple to change its mind?'


"You trust us not to screw up on your machine with every update."

Well I certainly don't!

Updates constantly f'''ing up something, braking compatibility, or making undocumented changes to config files, were the main reasons I completely dropped Ubuntu and its derivatives.

You could never be sure that your computer would boot and function normally after any minor update, let alone dist-upgrade...

OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 240GB PCI-E SSD


To bypass SATA?

But these cards are pretty much a SAS RAID controller with four attached SAS/SATA disks in RAID0.

They are not any faster than an equivalent RAID0 configuration with discrete drives would be, and that is not the point anyway. They offer the same performance in a more compact form factor than several disks and a controller, and I think THAT is the main idea behind these cards.

Metro breakdown! Windows 8 UI is little gain for lots of pain


Come on...

Is the author really complaining about an added optional feature which is not even finished and fully polished yet. Pretty much every point the author makes is close being ignorant. Like that you can actually minimize the Metro UI with a single mouse click...

This is an early preview release, and I think it should be quite obvious you shouldn't expect it to work like an RTM version. The author should know that, but chooses to completely ignore that too.

Sony NEX-5N 16.1Mp APS-C compact system camera


From the article: "I found I was mostly handling the camera by the lens barrel of the 18-55mm kit lens, despite their being a rubberised front grip. Not exactly the most ergonomic grasp if you want to make swift use of the lens zoom and focusing rings."

So you have to have your hand at the lens barrel, where the zoom ring is located? How is this slowing you down? That's the way you usually handle cameras with protruding lens barrels, especially those with controls on the barrel, isn't it?

This is like making it a negative point that you have to hold on to the steering wheel of a car, when you could also just as well be playing PSP Vita while driving. Yes, what a bummer.

Otherwise a really nice review once again.

The selection of E-mount lenses is still quite small, but with the widely available 3rd party lens adapters I can use my old manual focus lenses with this little gem.

The exceptionally short flange distance of the E-mount allows pretty much any lens to be easily adapted to it, from m39 to middle format mounts, and anything in between. No lenses needed in adapters, so optical quality won't suffer, you only have to take the 1.5 cropping factor into account.


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