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iiNet to be scooped up by TPG for $1.4 billion

Ute Man


I'm one of the subscribers that left TPG and went to iinet.

The reason I left TPG was that they had absolutely no plans ready for the NBN when they rolled it out in my town. None, not one, zero, nada, zilch. I audibly groaned when I heard iinet was being bought.

hive mind informs climate change believers and sceptics

Ute Man

Re: "As a right-thinking Reg reader"

All the left thinking ones are increasingly irritated by the Registers continuing campaign on the side of AGW skepticism.

I mean, it's one thing to be suitablly skeptical, it's another to be circling an ever shrinking drain of denialism. As a result, my register reading has gone from daily to once a month.

Bring back big gov, right? If only the economics, STUPID, could tell us more

Ute Man

Cyclical economic and government cycle is cyclical

Something that our small government, bullsh*t artist libertarian leaning idiot friends never want to acknowledge is that government backed research is an inevitable driver of progress, not private companies.

Private companies don't and can't truly do new research. There's no better way to disseminate the tech cheaply than privatise it and reward the scientists / technologists but the simple matter is, when our governments are brow beaten into cutting back on universities and fundamental research, we all suffer.

You'll be waiting a long time for our rent seeking corporations to do anything other than establish a rental and then lobby to maintain it, to the point of owning our governments and the public conversation of what government should do. What we truly lack is a proper reset on our public institutions and political process to get it back from being owned by private interests and back into being owned by public interests.

Giving mobile users the applications they want is child's play

Ute Man

Native development is a waste of time for corporates

Just put a RESTful skin on your back end, and hack up an Angular front end on it, coat it with some mobile sugar like Cordova and you don't have to worry about deploying it to a bazillion devices, you just host it on your public facing website. Not only is it easier, you miss very little by having a non-native application unless you are developing a game. Most corporate apps are barely more than CRUD and reporting engines anyway.

Foxtel and Austar set to play nice with IPTV guys

Ute Man

Stupid TV policy in Australia

The two companies aren't allowed to compete anyway - foxtel only in the major metro areas and Austar everywhere else, despite having identical channel line ups. The only thing keeping them separated does is ensure the end user is slugged extra for equipment because they don't share satellite decoders.

I don't know who thought up the stupid policy and called it "competition" but it sure never has been


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