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RIP: Peak Oil - we won't be running out any time soon


Re: Biological v. Abiotic?

Abiotic oil is an entertaining subject. As someone who has studied (and profited) from oil depletion, I've reviewed the concept.

I put abiotics in the same category as "drill baby drill", or the assumption that drilling technology can save us from the rapid depletion of conventional oil.

Google "IEA peak oil 2006"

So, please continue to promote concepts like abiotic oil - it ensures that my energy investments (particularly those in tar sand oil producers) will be very profitable for many years to come!


Re: @Richard12

"alternative energy produces very low energy densities and needs vast tracts of land"

Well, here's a practical example to counter your hypothesis. I've got a 4 Kw solar grid-tied array. It occupies a 13 x 30 foot patch of my roof. It's not noticeable, makes no noise, emits nothing but power, and it provides all the electricity my family uses over the course of a year.

So, how "impractical" are alternative energy sources? For many, many people alternative energy is VERY practical.


Re: 'Renewables' still doesnt stack up numbers wise.

As someone who has a grid-tied solar array, solar works very well for me:

The solar array is sized so that it covers my entire annual electrical use. I'm considering adding another 8 panels to cover the annual power requirements to "fuel" a Volt for 10,000 miles of driving per year.

It's that simple. So, while solar is not the full answer to society's power need, it can be a very good option for many, many Americans - especially those who are independent-minded, and prefer not to rely on others.


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