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Circuits so flexible they'd wrap around your hair

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Can't see the Bluetooth chip there to communicate the occular pressure to anyone who'd actually care :-) Great advance though.

ALIEN WORLD Beta Pictoris snapped by Earth's Gemini 'scope

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It won't be long before we have the ability to see signs of civilisation on planets. It'll be about that time that all those extra terrestrials will switch the lights off and "pretend they're out"

iPad? Pah. Behold the EYEPAD, patented by Sony for the 'PS4'

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I can see the Apple Legal Eagles Preparing the lawsuit from here

It has a screen, is square, with slightly rounded edges. A blatant infringement.

Vertu-alised Android revealed at an all-too-real €7,900

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Re: It's not the phone - it's the concierge service

I believe the Concierge service is free for the first year, then is paid for in future years. The base phone is Titanium and sapphire guys! It's not for everyone, but these are not disposable phones. Ok, even if they last 10 years (which they do - see amount of early Signature phones still in service) they are still expesive. But so is a Porsche or Ferrari.

If you want a Focus, fine, they both do the job, I just know which I'd prefer if I had tthe money..

Engineers are cold and dead inside, research shows

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Cold and dead

I think it's through lack of pay and recognition over many decades. We were once a happy breed :-)

Ready for ANOTHER patent war? Apple 'invents' wireless charging

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Re: @Grikath

Nobody "Flemming" remembers that rule!

NY Museum of Modern Art embraces 14 video games

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Baldurs Gate

Go for the throat Boo!

That is all.

Flash memory made immortal by fiery heat

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Radiation hardness

Could this technique be used for "healing" chips exposed to ionising radiation?

Ten badass brainy computers from science fiction

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There can be only one.

Assimovs creation Multivac - From the first punch card version, asked what happens to us when the stars go out. To the multi spacial entity that was laft at the end of all entropy. Multivac said "Let there be light!"

Army patents neural chip design for quantum internet

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We want The Turk back, NOW!

Classic game 'Elite' returns … on Kickstarter

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It is our duty to donate :-)

Loved the original, died so many times trying to dock with that wire frame icosahedron I had nightmares! But perseeverd, & got the nack. Got the later games, Frontier Elite etc and enjoyed them all, docking computers made it boring hehe. If I had £1.25 million spare, Braben would get my backing, but as a poor engineer, I have £1.25 goiong his way.

Airbus predicts catapult takeoffs and formation flying by 2050

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Re: Lifecycle cost?

Isn't driving a Prius one of the leading causes of SMUG in the southern US? I for one would not drive a Prius until the SMUG threat has been totally eliminated!

And when I stop seeing them overtake my at 90 on the M40 :-)

Dredd movie review

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Stallone defeated an ABC Warrior?

Not in my lifetime, he'd have been taken out on a dark windy niight, from 7 clicks, in my sleep. I so hope the new Dredd is better than the review.


Work for the military? Don't be evil, says ethicist

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Re: As a famous robot sniper

Oh, and I stopped Mek-Quake

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As a famous robot sniper

One shot from me saved the planet from the nasy Volgans.

That is all.

Behold: China's robot noodle army!

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IT Angle

Yes, but can it Iron?

Noodles are for wimps, I'd pay 20,000 for an ironing robot!

Processor pioneer Victor Poor dies of cancer at 79

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A Diem well and truly Carped

Some people leave a huge mark on the world, however softly they tread. Fascinating bio. Thank you sir.

British boffin builds cool maser after argument with wife

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Paris Hilton

Re: Behind every successful man..

It will certainly be the American in the Hollywood adaptation. The Japanese guy? He will be American too.

Paris? Well she's definately American.

Move over Raspberry Pi, give kids a Radio Ham Pi - minister

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Re: Not as good idea as it sounds... Hey teacher!

Ah, one of the "All children should be above average intelligence" brigade?

Some children are thick as mince - some are slightly thicker.

BBC Micro team to celebrate historic machine's 30th year

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Re: Accolades

Hi Susan

One word...Frak! :-)

Court rejects Tesla’s latest libel spat with Top Gear

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Deja Vroom

I imagine a late 19th century conversation " Ach herr Diesel, this Carnot cycle engine you haff invented does not haf ze range or ease of use off der horse, und you haff to keep putting der hard to find fuel in der tank" <shakes head slowly> "It vill nefer catch on"

TESLA, not there yet, but keep going guys.