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Virgin Media vid misery blamed on unnamed peering network


Its ongoing all around Bristol too! Every evening and weekend - cant even load up a web page. Seems to coincide with the 100Mb rollout in the area. The internet is unusable for pretty much every VM customer-except for the 100Mb customers, who dont seem to notice any problems at all. Been given every excuse under the sun, and just recently found out that the fibre infrastructure needed to support it hasnt even been installed. 'Utilization Issues' they call it!

Hubble spots ancient spiral galaxy that SHOULD NOT EXIST


Re: Where's the science?

"Astronomy is the worship of the stars and planets"

Don't you mean Astrology? And you make it sound like it's a bad thing. Can't be any worse than worshipping an invisible bearded sky-fairy.

So, "Astronomers, who think themselves scientists, have been selling this unfounded garbage since the oceans were formed. I mean that literally." Really? You have proof?!? I thought they were made on different days.

Zuckerberg: Now share your organs with Facebook friends

Paris Hilton

"Became a organ donor" has been added to the list of health-related life events that a Facebooker can add to their "Timeline"

So, will the list of organs donated be added at the end of the timeline?

Paris, as she's probably had plenty of friends organs to play with in her timeline.

China cuffs 905 suspects in online black market purge


a grand total of 53 criminal gangs were effectively eliminated. Not bad for a day’s work

....Said one underage foxconn worker, whist digging a very large hole in the middle of nowhere, during his 'forced' lunchbreak!


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