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Davros liable to criticism for huge STRAW DALEK he never built


google maps

please let google maps take satellite photos and street view images of the area while this thing is up. then never change them.

Wanna really insult someone? Log off and yell it in the street - gov


Re: the tin foil hat wearer in me is deeply troubled

"@charlie clarke: i never said it would be impossible. Think of the benefits that the revolutionairies you mentioned would have found from having facebook."

Vladimir Lenin has invited you to an event : Storm the winter palace 25th october

Tzar Nicholas wants you to help him plant crops in farmville

Leon Trotsky poked you

Vladimir Lenin likes the page Karl Marx's 100 silly kitty pictures

Joseph Stalin has sent you a friend request

Google Adwords scammer charged premium to call NHS Direct


Re: How is this a scam?

Its known as passing off. The advert is delivertly designed to lure visitors by appearing to be the genuine service, in this case nhs direct.

Since paid links on google appear before standard results and only differ in background colour very slightly, the vast majority of people will see the top link, assume it is the authority site and click it.

Add a confusingly similar domain name, nhs-direct.co.uk say, very vague text in small print of below the fold on the browser to cover the legal angles and perhaps obscure who they are or servies they prvide using long winded text. The unsuspecting or unaware punter wont realise its not a genuine site, dial the number on it and get stung.

As opposed to directory services (118, yell etc) who dont pretend to be the nhs or tax office or tax advice service and are open as to what services they supply in pretty plain text. When you call them you are aware they are premium services and your going to be charged a high call rate.

Sandy 'Mary Celeste' Island undiscovered - again


ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming

Ten... PC games you may have missed

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Re: Why all the death and destruction

If you want a good old fashiopned point n click, grab a copy of Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please

You can get the pair of them for about £3 on steam at the moment. £3 for two great wee games.

Great point and click adventures very sam and max / DOTT monkey island like. Language can be a little more mature than say monkey island and simon, but very british sense of humour to them.

and hey... its 3 quid for 2 games. plus... theres a demo. so try before you invest the really serious sum of £3.

did I mention it was only £3 for these two games?

Credit card-sized mobile simplified for oldies

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These would also make a fantastic phone for younger kids, or as an emaergencty phone to have in the car in case of breakdowns. Preset it with AA / rac numbers and insurance company etc, drop it in the glove compartment till you need it

New I-hate-my-neighbour stickers to protect Brits' packages


This should opt out at the senders end

As the operatr of a small scale onlien shop, this strikes me as a nightmare for us should it go ahead. There should be the option of having packages ONLY delivered to the adressee, and it shouldnt be the addressee who decides if the mail can be dropped at a neighbour, it should also be within the rights of the sender to decide if its allowed.

I pay extra when sending packages to ensure they are tracked and signed for by the recipient. I pay to have them delivered to a specific address. Not some arbitary house nearby.

Fraudulant delivery addresses are one of the largest concearns we have and the thought that RM will now simply post to a neigbour and allow them to sign for secure or recorded packages is absurd and is going to make it worse.


Go along to online-sign and make up a custom "dont leave my mail with anyone else" sign. Then just print it off.

The Strictly no admittance sign would probably be a good pictogram to use. (http://www.online-sign.com/build_sign.php?pic=55)

faster than waiting for the stuff from RM and you can give precise intructions to the postie. If they actually look at them.


Dont delivery here

Forget a sticker saying dont deliver to my neighbour, how about one that says "I dont want my neighbours crap delivered to me and cluttering my house" Though I suppose a "I do not accept other peoples mail" sign might be a little more tactful.

Although I do forsee some interesting pranks using this system. A pranskster could have some fun and start a war or two between neighbours with the post offices stickers. Pop along grab a pile of "I dont trust my neighbour" stickers. Then pick a few random houses in a street and pop those stickers on them and then sit back and watch the lovely feeling of neighbourly love that has just been created.


Re: lockbox

a better solution would be to get a box that self locks when closed. When you go out leave it open, have sign saying leave in box and close please or the likes.

That way only you need a key.

Sellers flogging vid games to underage kids face jail, unlimited fine


Re: ...

true, but I think wowfood was highlighting how silly it is that a 16 or 17 year old in the uk can leave school, have full time jobs, get married, have sex and legitimately have children but can't buy :

Modern Warfare 3, Assassin's Creed III, GTA IV, max payne 3, ghost recon, fallout new vegas, doom 3 or any the other 100s of games that are currently rated 18.

But then there are laws saying the cant buy drink or ciggies, and those seem to work fine.


googles and apples app stores?

So does this apply to mobile games as well. As far as I know there is no PEGI ratings on either of the 2 main app stores, there is a internal rating system but its not this. So does every game going into these have to be passed to the BBFC for classification or are mobile games not classed as Video games for the purpose of this bill?

And with the volume of games appearing on the mobile platform by indie developers and large software houses every day is the BBFC even close to having the capacity to process them at a reasonable rate? Or is an mobile game developer after waiting weeks to get through apples / google vetting and approval system then going to have to wait further weeks / months to get their title classified for sale in the UK.

Jackson’s Hobbit becomes a trilogy


Re: of course it has to be three films.

or perhaps they said..."peter baby.. three films... means three different chances at more oscars"


of course it has to be three films.

and you can imagine how this epic idea for three films came about. and its all very reasonabla if you think about it. the piutch probably went along the lines of .....

Peter baby, we really need 3 films, You need at least an hour for bilbo to have flashbacks to explain his undying love for [insert current flavour of the month starlets name here] and the backstory of why they are no longer together.

Then at least 30 minutes in the second film where the go off on a side quest and bolbo is finally reunited with her, even though he thought she had died.

And of course we have to have that really big section about the forbidden love between gandalf and whats her name... the pointy eared chick from lord of the rings....because the audience are desperate to learn more about that.

Oh and about another 30 minutes to recap how golumn found the ring in case they missed it in lord of the rings.

And we have to get strider into the film, cause we have a bucket load of strider action figures that never sold when return of the kind came out and we could really do with the extra cash.

And how about we sneak in a few scenes with legolas, cause chicks REALLY dug orlando bloom in lotr, and you know, we can put his picture on all three films posters to lurte them in , even if he's only in it for 5 minutes. plus you know, we can sell some of those legolas for men aftershaves we could shift when the orginal films came out.

oh and as a last minute surprise is there any way we can get jack sparrow into the story, cause I know he wasnt originally in the hobbit, but like putting him into a movie is box office gold baby, and we can explain it as he's actually gandlafs second cousin or the likes.

So peter how about it, we doing a trilogy or what?

Apple silences mute kids' speech app in patent blowup


seriously $300 for an iphone app.

Yep, I agree apple shouldnt pull an app til its proven in court its infringing patents.

Yep the US software patent system is so messed up its laughable.

But This is not a piece of software from a non profit organisation, they are as guilty of fleecing the target market as the makers of the overpriced $3000 dedicated devices are being accused of.

The app apple removed .. it cost $300. It was the 14th most expensive iphone apps in world. (data from march 2012). Hardly the altruistic software that the article makes it out to be.

This is from a company that says on its own website "Heidi and Renee say they'd like to "change the world, and we can do that for people who can't talk by giving them a voice. It is a basic human right to have the ability and means to 'Speak for Yourself.'"

It may be a basic human right to be able to speak for yourself, but obviously only if you have the $300 to do so.

It sux that an app that can make such a difference to peoples lifes has been removed from the app store, but at the same time, its a shame that they'd have to pay $300 to get it if it wasnt

Fate of dot-word bids decided by ICANN archery shoot-out


archery shoot-out??? surely its track and field stuff

at last... all those so called "wasted" hours playing track and field in the arcades in the 80s is about to pay off dividends


Re: What does Google plan to do with 50 new top-level domains?

you forgot the only suffix that google actual needs to register


but some others that would be worth chucking some cash at




Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK


These days Miles per Pound would be a far more useful measurement in a car.

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abandon the imperial and metric...

For liquids, time to do away with both the imperial and the silly metric system altogether and convert to the beer system.

The standard unit can be a beer (based on the current a pint measurement.)

You can order a Beer. or if for some reason you feel the need, a half a beer.

Smaller measurements can be measured in shorts, or chasers.

and for highly detailed measuremenets (liquid medicine for example) the sip would of course be the standard measurement.

The irish can of course adopt the guiness as their standard measurement and 1 guiness would convert very easily into 1 beer. Thus making international exchanges of measuremnent data so much easier to understand.

Measuring weights of solids doesnt need changing as I'm not sure what all this talk of imperial and metric are about, as it is common knowledge that all weight of solids is based upon the universal constant of the bag of sugar, and has been since at least the early 50s.

Google Drive stalls on LAUNCH DAY


for this "insert completely pointless thing here" user.....

why is it only apple users that tend start articles or points they are trying to make with "For this Mac user" or "as an iphone owner / user / licker".

What you perhaps should have started with was "as an impartial tech journalist / blogger" and then writing an article about about google announcing a FREE service that your not obligated to use, and then not getting it up and running right away and and embarressing themselves somewhat. Or that google are rolling the service out in a piecemeal fashion or maybe trying to reach a source in google and find out some facts or a statement about why there are issues for some people across all the platforms they said it would work on not getting the service while others can.

Or perhaps you can someonhow instead write an article making it all about how you are a mac user and how google is disapointing you as a mac user and how you cant get something on your mac from google that they said you can and how because you are a mac user this is a bad thing and if google wants mac users to be google users and start articles with "as a google user" they had better jolly well get this thing working on a mac for mac users.

Sorry but its not just mac users, every platform has the same issue some people are getting it, some are having to press the little notify me button. the difference is most of them arent as whinny.

Happy 30th Birthday, Sinclair ZX Spectrum


10 Print "boobs... I mean happy birthday"

20 goto 10


Dear Speccy,

happy birthday and thank you for the wonderful childhood memories and my career in IT.

Also, for teaching me that "go to" is one word in all my english exams.... well lets maybe forget about that bit.

UK government says no to turbo e-bike


Re: @tapeworm - Govt can't keep the pace?

"Cyclists have every bit as much right to be there as you do. Especially as they have paid road tax for cars they're not using."

Sorry but there is no such thing as ROAD TAX in the UK.

There is an annual VEHICLE TAX, which hasn't been linked to road mainentance since about 1937. And its a per vehicle tax, so cyclists dont have that covered just because they own a car, as the vehicle tax only covers that vehicle. But then cycles would be exempt from it probably.

However, they also dont have compulsory insurance, sometimes in the thousands of pounds, to cover their liabilty for damage to other vehicles and injury to people. Nor do they require to have ANY formal training or testing before they are let loose on the public roads. Anyone can walk into a shop, layout a wad of cash for a bike and begin riding on the road without knowing the differnce between a giveway sign and a stop sign. They also dont have to have their vehicles maintained and inspected by government testing stations every year. Nor is there a vehicle database of cycles registration marks that police or other authorities can use to identify the owner of a bike should he decide to break a law or say damage a vehicle or a person in a collision and decide to flee the scene.

Now theres no reason why cyclists should be made to at least take the theory test before being allowed to ride certain roads, for example dual carriageways certain busy commuter routes, national speed limit areas etc, to show they have the responisbility and sensibilities to do so. A yearly check to enrure their vehicle is fit to be on the road, has proper lighting etc. Mandatory laws regarding safety equipment and visibile clothing for cycling at night say. And some for of third party liability insurance to assure the rest of us that if some dozy plonk on a bike slams into the side of your car while its sitting at lights and damages it, you can at least rest in the knowledge his insurance will cover the cost to repair damages to paintwork.

Then cyclists can quite rightfully claimn to be entiled to the same rights as motorists, when they are treated the same as them in every aspect of road use, not just the bits cyclists like.

So while I agree that cyclist do have the right to be on the road, and many have the greatest of intentions at times, such as saving the enviroment (carbon footprint of their rather expensive to make lycra outfits, bikes and other equipment not withstanding) and staying fit. there are a huge number running about without any regard for fellow travellers on the road, an over inflated sense of entilement, no clue what so ever about basic road signs, ettiquete or safety or ride in low visibility without lights or proper high visibilty clothing. And are simply a danger to themeselves and other road users. And these are the ones making the rest of you look bad and annoying drivers the most.

Woman spanked for dissing ex in Facebook snapshot

Black Helicopters


I can just imagine how the spanish crooks could be using this as a money making scam this summer.

They'll get a pile of cheap "im with gilipollas" with pointing arrow t-shirts printed up, head for spanish holiday resorts and give em out to drunken tourists in clubs, tell em they get to keep shirt if they pose for a photo, stand beside them and their friend takes snapshop and gets mark to to upload it to facebook or some other public forum. They say gilipollas is a new drink / club / website they are promoting and the mark thinks nothing off it till he gets home and finds court papers as the scammers headed to local courts and sued mark under the same law this woman's husband did.

They then contact mark, offer to settle out of court for €500, so mark doesnt have to fly over to spain.