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Saddle up for the Tour de Firmware


Re: Missed some

You can trust that the comments section will have some moron mentioning red lights, DING you win a prize. Although not first prize as you didn't mention lycra.

Container-friendly Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 hits general availability


While everyone now waits for CentOS 7 to appear!

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


My mother in law just got a new shiney Samsung Galaxy smartphone, so my wife has been getting battered with "how do I do, this" "how do I do that". She eventually just had to lay it out "I've only ever used an iPhone, I've got no idea how to do anything with your phone!"

Apple's steamy OS XXX picture leak riddle: Blurry snaps deleted


Re: iOS8

My iPhone 4S runs like crap on iOS7 so no way I'm upgrading to iOS 8 !

Google's driverless car: It'll just block our roads. It's the worst


Re: Platoooooo0n - HALT!

My Mum doesn't drive but she doesn't use taxi's either. Why? Because they are cripplingly expensive! She will use them if it's somewhere not on a bus route and she absolutely has to be there at a certain time, otherwise no way.

Nokia launches Euro ANDROID invasion, quips: 'Microsoft knew what they were buying'


Makes no sense at all. If they are going to make cheaper phones, then make them with the Windows Phone OS. Now you have cheaper Nokias running Android and the question will be being asked, why don't the expensive ones running Android too?

Microsoft would do well to ditch Windows Phone and put their work into making an excellent Android device - I suspect having a slice of the massive Android pie will be better than having the tiny Windows pie to themselves.

Wii got it WRONG: How do you solve a problem like Nintendo?


We bought a Wii in the Christmas of 2009 - pretty late to it, but we still enjoyed it when we got it, played Wii Sports for a good while and had the fitness bundle too. But that only lasted about a month or two before we'd played Wii Sports to death and then discovered there wasn't really anything more to it. So it's been sat under the TV, switched off, for years now.

The Wii U didn't offer anything new, a controller with an iPhone in it? Great...

The main issue is that people who bought a Wii remember why they stopped playing it, so why would we want to buy another one?

I'm in: Peter 'Dragons' Den' Jones launches bid to buy out Expansys


Expansys used to be my first port of call for almost everything. Then they changed the website making everything much more difficult to find, and they put the prices up, I stopped using them and haven't bothered looking since.

Jupiter moon Europa spotted spraying WATER into SPAAACCCEE


Re: We send probes to other bodies all the time.

That is, in fact, the plan.

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Ten tech treats from yesteryear


I remember once Christmas - probably 1988 or thereabouts I must have been 10; I'd had a BBC B which was showing its age and I desperately wanted an Atari ST, several of my friends had one. (Mum: Why do you want another computer, the one you've got works fine!).

I was told several times I wouldn't be getting one, but still that disappointment on Christmas morning when it didn't arrive :o(.

About 6 months later my Dad went and got me a PC instead, 286 12Mhz! I got into upgrading etc and it's probably why I'm now a sysadmin!

Fees shakeup: Freephone numbers will actually BE free – Ofcom


Given that mobiles are the primary way for most people to make calls these days, it's time the differential pricing stopped. This is a good step in that direction. I remember the days when if you called a mobile number, and you didn't get through or there was no answer - you'd still get charged!

I KNOW how to SAVE Microsoft. Give Windows 8 away for FREE – analyst


Re: Except Apple aren't giving it away for free.

Quite; the author misses the point that Apple makes it's money from the sale of the hardware so can afford to give the OS away for free. Microsoft does not have this advantage.

IT MELTDOWN ruins Cyber Monday for RBS, Natwest customers


And Kudos to the scammers who quickly turned around a new spam email which asked me to download a utility to verify my account:

"Dear Card User,

We urgently wish to inform you that your

RBS card could not be verify due to some

systematic error. therefore we urge you to

download the security file and follow the


Thank you for choosing RBS

Royal Bank of Scotland


We go joyriding in the Google Maps-killer's ROBO-CAR


Agreed, at least in the UK google has street view on pretty much every road in the UK which is open to traffic. Even the tiny single track country lanes you would think most wouldn't bother with; they're there.

I hope Nokia have similar ambitions, as just mapping cities and major roads won't cut it.

Digital radio may replace FM altogether - even though nobody wants it


Re: 30% seems high to me

We have a couple of DAB radios in the house, but on the main one we still listen on FM because the DAB reception was terrible. The other one upstairs my wife listens to 6 Music while she's working. The rest are in the car which are FM.

Microsoft holds nose, shoves Windows into Android, iOS boxes


I recognise this app! Mostly because it's an obvious rebrand of iTap RDP, except this one is free. Not a bad thing as iTap RDP has always worked well.

Peak Apple: Has ANYONE at all ordered a new iPhone 5c?


I currently have a 4S and watched the 5S and 5C announcements in detail, and looked at the price. I've come to the conclusion I want a Galaxy S4.

Happy 23rd birthday, Windows 3.0


Is it an operating system? It was really only a window manager which sat on top of MS-DOS.

How I nearly sold rocket windows to the crazy North Koreans


Re: The problem...

""Horrible as it sounds, war would be about the best thing for North Korea, with the leadership overthrown, the seriously oppressed people of the country can be brought into the international community, helped, fed and allowed to grow prosper like their southern counterparts.""

Ultimately it will be the best for all concerned, especially South Korea - or just "Korea", the only question is how many deaths and how much damage is done in the meantime. The worst thing that can happen is the use of nuclear weapons, a bitch to clean that up.


Re: Air Power

An ex US joint chief was on Radio 4 the other day and talking about the Nork's artillery capacity, he said that even compared to 10 years ago the precision weapons available to the US mean that systematically destroying the artillery pieces will be pretty straightforward.

Review: Renault Zoe electric car


They won't be popular until...

Like most cars like this it's another step in the right direction, but..

They won't make sense until there are significant financial advantages in owning one. Firstly the purchase cost has to be no more than the equivalent petrol/diesel equipped car, then the running costs must be far far lower.

At the moment you'd have to be doing a lot of miles in order to justify the high up front cost vs buying a petrol car. Unfortunately doing a lot of miles is what electric cars are worst at.

So at the moment there's no real incentive to buy one.

Sony promises PC-based PlayStation 4 for Christmas


Re: Sony have dropped the ball

Because Apple have devices which people hold in their hand and carry around, the device and how it looks is important. The PS4 is a box that sits under the telly. What it looks like is of little consequence.


Re: Price...

That's the main point of having a console. You buy a game for "PS4" and you know it's going to run well.

BBC: Monster cargo ship delivers '863 million tins of baked beans'


Re: American Broadcasting Corporation?

Perhaps the same way that whenever US dollars are quoted the conversion to Pounds is omitted unlike with every other currency.

This week's BBC MELTDOWN: Savile puppet haunts kids' TV



I'm completely outraged at their decision to show this! As I am every time the Tweenies is on cos it's total crap.

5,000 UK pubs get free Wi-Fi... and they're not even all in London


Re: They have a signed a deal with a big partner

Yep, and the best part is it just logs you in, no messing on with the settings.

Ofcom looks at contract opt-outs as users rage over price hikes


Re: Leave it alone ofcom

Quite so, you sign into a contract - even for 2 years the cost should be fixed for the duration - no question. If the operators want more money - tough! If their costs go up - tough!

If you can't forecast for 2 years ahead don't offer 2 year contracts.

MEGAGRAPH: 1983's UK home computer chart toppers



Worst graph I've ever seen. It would have been too much trouble to put the names next to their starting position on the left and then you can trace them through. Rather than having to guess which exact shade?

Aw grandad, I asked for an iPad and you got me an iPod


Easily done. Like my Mum saying her cousin got an iPad or iPod 'or something'... yeah very informative thanks.

Apple said to be testing 46, 55-inch big-screen TVs


What Apple secrecy?

Nearly all of their recent products had been widely leaked well in advance of their launch anyway.

Australian Police say don't use Apple's iOS 6 Maps


Give up Apple!

Apple should outsource their mapping to a company that knows what it is doing! Google for example.

2012: an epoch-defining year for home entertainment


You never know, that might be why it's momentous.

MySQL gains new batch of vulns


Re: File System Permissions

Microsoft SQL cheap? Larf.

Google buys parcel storage service for Christmas


If Amazon just used Royal Mail for everything we'd be able to go to the Post Office to get the parcel, easy as. But they don't and don't give an option.

ROGUE PLANET WITHOUT A SUN spotted in interstellar space


Re: Planet?

It most likely formed around a star and was ejected into space. If the earth was to leave the orbit of the sun and travel off into interstellar space - it wouldn't just stop being a planet.

'iPhone 5S' said to begin trial production next month


Re: Oh FFS!

I wouldn't be surprised if 'iPhone 6' is the working title for whatever the next iPhone is, and I would be very surprised if they hadn't already been working on it for at least a year already.

Just because they are using iPhone 6 as a working title doesn't have any bearing as to the final name.


Re: Good luck Apple

Which is exactly why an iTV won't work. Apple relies on people replacing their devices every 2 years or so, whereas you replace your TV more like every 5 years at the most. They would be much better off making their current 'Apple TV' system something actually worth buying; rather than having to pay to get a box which lets me pay again.

Virgin Media spanked for 'we've already cabled up your house' mailshot


The ASA just like most watchdogs are useless. They should have the power to impose serious fines on companies repeatedly found to be in breach. This would certainly focus the mind of the marketing department. Other than being told not to do it again.

Ballmer bets 'all in' on Phone 8 and Windows


Re: squee1701

That's because this isn't what tablets are for, you need to stick with a laptop as that's what works for you and not complain that a tablet isn't like a laptop.

Petition for Alan Turing on £10 note breaks 20,000 signatures


Someone seems to have forgotten Wogan isn't British.

As a general rule there should be at least 50 years between the death of a person and them appearing on a note.

Why is solid-state storage so flimsy?


This is why hard drives - including SSD, really need to be arranged in a RAID. One fails, you replace the drive simples.

Panel production problems may stop iPad Minis getting into fans' mitts


Re: Personally

The new new iPad (or 4th Generation iPad) was announced yesterday, complete with smaller adapter.

Apple unveils iPad mini, upgrades its big brother



The reason you have to get a cellular one for GPS is that the GPS system relies heavily on data downloaded over the mobile network. Yes you could have GPS without mobile data but Apple don't want to diminish the experience or other such marketing slogan.


Re: 3rd generation iPad

>For me, the biggest announcment today was that they've released a 4th generation iPad after only six >months. Is this a sign that they are changing to two new versions a year? I own a 3rd gen. iPad* (yes I >know... ) but to me this seems more likely to upset people than the poor 'mini' version.

No, it just shows they are switching to an October release for new iPads. Which is much better for the Christmas market than March - as then by the time you get to Christmas you're thinking - I won't buy an iPad now because there will be a new one in a couple of months.


I've always thought the iPad is too big and too heavy, so I'm looking forward to trying one of these. It'll just be a replacement for using my phone on the sofa.

Of course there will be a retina display version launced in October 2013 - but then isn't there always something better on the horizon?

JK Rowling's adult novel arrives on ebook full of FAIL


The government should either put VAT on books to 20% or zero rate e-books. Having two different rates is silly indeed.

Microsoft's Bing bods exploit fanbois' Apple maps misery


OS Maps

If you want OS maps on your iPhone look for the map called 'Outside Maps' you can view online plus download tiles for offline use.

New I-hate-my-neighbour stickers to protect Brits' packages


Could be worse

Amazon 'delivered' some books to us by pushing them through the back gate but didn't leave a note. So they got rained on for two days before we discovered them.

BBC dishes out fanboi-only telly downloads ahead of ITV plans


Re: Not quite the first

Yes, I was watching downloaded iPlayer videos on my N96 in late 2008.

Optical Express 'ruined my life' gripe site lives on


It would be good if they would stop sending spam text messages too.