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MS preps 12 fixes for August Patch Tuesday


At least...

On the bright side, at least MS is issuing patches for their product, rather than taking their "Vista features" Mojave Experiment approach of "It's great the way it is, you just don't see it."


Just a note

What does MS patches accomlish? Security issues.

What does *nix patches accomplish? Added features, bug fixes, security issues.

The last "patch" MS came out with that actually added a feature was WinXP SP2. A bit different than "patching" KDE or Gnome. (especially if you "patch" from KDE 3.x to 4.x)

MS products just too cool to comprehend, say MS geeks

Thumb Down

Vista = bloatware

I'm just mad about the WinSxS folder that seems to grow exponentially... Time to format and reclaim 15GB of my hard drive.

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins


Shaolin Temple

One must remember that traditional Kung Fu has been banned from the Shaolin Temple by the Chinese government and the Kung Fu masters forced into exile. The Shaolin Temple now trains in Wushu, an acrobatic form of Kung Fu that has lost the real power of the art.

Intel schedules quad-core mobile CPUs for H2 '08


Re: Quad in a laptop

3 cores for vista (assuming M$ knows how to thread their OS...) and 1 for the rest of your apps.

Texas cops taser diabetic seizure man


Some FYI


"he stuck his head out the front door and said, 'We don't need the police.'"

This kind of a reply to officers after a 911 welfare check is definately grounds to call for backup. Many domestic violence issues have comments like this. Heck, he didn't even know how many police were in his room. "I think it was three, three different lights". So, he was in a back room, with the lights off in the dark. Of course the police are going to react if his movement in any way resembled reaching under a pillow/bedspread/bed/etc for a gun. I doubt any IA board would view this as excessive force.

"Compared to English and Europeans where you read about some bad incident once or twice in a year (if at all when compared to this), we read about these typical "American incident" every few weeks"

Not only is this not true, but the USA has a slightly larger population (301 million+) as opposed to the U.K. (60 million+), or France (63 million+), Germany (82 million+), Italy (58 million+), and Spain (40 million+). Ah, there, we broke even. Surely you haven't been trolling all the papers in those locations or others.

All in all, there are idiots everywhere, be they police or normal citizens. All it takes is the media to get the ball rolling.


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