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Interwebs taunt Sir Jony over Apple eye candy makeover

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Re: People forget: Icons should be iconic!

You're circumnavigating the world .... wide web!

Apple cored: Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy S4 in a month

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Re: @ Dazed and Confused

> Have a downvote, because "Their just phones FFS" bothers me too much

Unterminated quotes bother me too much!

'Untidy' Shoreditch just CONFUSES American techies - Olympic hub team

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Also it's a numbers game.

The amount of startups created is huge in the US. And loads fail, but obviously some don't. But people aren't afraid to have a go.

Don't bake your Raspberry Pi - now you can WATER COOL it

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I like mine with gravy

no text

BlackBerry bets fans are willing to upgrade skills

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May I suggest 'TCFKARIM'

as the reg's new name for RIM.

Unlocked iPhone 5 on sale in US, cheaper than UK - but not cheap

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Is the only difference between the models the storage amount?

Apple really charge $200 for 48Gb of flash? Even worse if you go for the 32Gb model: $100 for an extra 16Gb!

Oi, Apple, stick to phones, forget about TV - Time Warner CEO

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Re: If you are not on the ball, you will Perish..

Coming up next on Apple: iSitcom! A bunch of hillllllarious 20 somethings sit around in their iApartment and discuss how great Apple products are.

NASA SECRET DISCOVERY ON MARS: Meteor offers possible clue

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Re: Strengthen the case for boots on Mars

Well in time it won't just be boots on mars... i imagine there'll be a superdrug, and smiths, and a robert dyas

Automatic Facebook couple pages: Nauseating sign of desperation

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Re: *chunder*

I was in a massacre once, then I took an arrow to the knee!

Apple stops Caring in Italy, probably all Europe soon

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Re: So where does that leave someone who's paid £129 to them for a refurb?

You don't know what sour grapes are.

Twitter survives election after Ruby-to-Java move

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Re: As a grown up, I say..

Yeah the language or platform doesn't matter - I can write C in any language

Facebook login-via-email-link option BLURTED user secrets

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Re: No disrespect ...

Well not every news site can have their finger on the pulse quite like the BBC's expert technical journalists (Eg Rory Cellan-Jones)

Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review

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*slurp slurp*

oooh is that good apple

Debenhams cafes ban outré terms like 'espresso' and 'cappuccino'

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Good for them.

A lot of people have no interest in playing the coffee-wanker game.

At work the other day, some chap came in for a meeting with us and we got some coffees from the refectory. It "proudly servers" Starbucks' coffee. After a while he noticed the starbucks logo on the cup and said "Ah it's Starbucks'. I thought it was good !". I had to stop myself laughing.

Now I don't claim to know anything about coffee, but to me Starbucks is the McDonald's of coffee. Mass-masket shit for plebians. No one serious about food goes to McDonald's. Does anyone serious about coffee go to Starbucks? Even the name sounds tacky. I feel dirty if I go in such a place.

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Re: rantomatic

They wouldn't even know what an ounce is.

The new Mac mini eviscerated with ease

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Re: Have to say it...

Refit --->

Amazon UK leaks Windows 8 retail box, TV ads

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Who wants to come to my Windows 8 launch party?

It'll be fun.

Inside the real-world Double-O section of Her Majesty's Secret Service

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Hmm I'm struggling to find a good angle to

start an Apple vs Android discussion.

Apple: Blue-shirts can fix iOS Maps in their spare time

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Yeah it's no big deal

The towns are holding the ground wrong

Rapper rips up Microsoft's Atlanta store during performance

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It was just his way of expressing his

dissatisfaction with the new metro interface, the office ribbon, and the death of clippy.

iPad mini to go on sale in one month?

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Re: To stop us all posting the usual buy/no-buy/walled garden comments...


Bloke jailed for being unable to use BlackBerry Messenger freed

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Re: Hmm, should this have ever gone to court?

Maybe he was playing the numbers game with all the teenagers, and the texts to parents/family/male friends were his alibi

Tim Cook: 'So sorry for Apple's crap maps app - try Bing or Nokia'

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Re: IE6

Yeah I can't wait for 3d mapping, it will be so useful to find locations when I'm flying in my hovercar.

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This comment posted via royal mail!

Because my phone battery ran out.

Christian footie match ends in almighty brawl

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Jesus saves!

But Pele heads in the rebound.

LONDON iPHONE 5 MADNESS: 'You must be CRAZY to buy Apple'

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Benchmarked against best-in-class peers, your comment is a top quartile performer, and moving forward I will seek to leverage the upvote button.

Google offers tool to bridge Android and iOS app dev

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I was thinking of writing a tool

for writing common non-UI code with a series of elegant C pre-processor macros. I'd write code in the macro language, and then I'd have a different set of macro definitions for each target language. It would have been AMAZING.

Ding dong, the Ping is dead! Apple brings in Facebook for iTunes

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Re: Can anyone....

install rockbox on the ipod

The iPHONE 5 UNDERMINES western DEMOCRACY: 5 reasons why

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And the $99 dev account, otherwise you're just stuck

with the emulator, unless you jailbreak the phone.

HTC's 4G patent beef could get iPhone 5 BANNED in US

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Re: OK I'll feed the troll

May I recommend the documentary Status Anxiety. You'll love it.

Small clip here. Skip forward a minute or 2. These 2 Crass members are two of the sanest people I've ever heard.


Hold the chips: Apple axes Samsung RAM order for iPhone 5

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Re: Dentopedology of the keyboard...

What's that, the study of childrens' teeth?

Why I've got a sync'ing feeling about Amazon's new Kindle Fire

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Brooker already used this pun i'm afraid


Apple confirms 'surprise' September 12 event

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Fictional exchange which may occur

Pre iphone 5:

Droidman: Look at my big S3/Onex/etc ...ooh look at the big screen

Fanboi: Urgg it's too big, I don't need a phone that big

Post iphone 5 release (assuming it's going to be bigger):

Fanboi: Ooh wow the screen is so big, just what I needed !

Bruce Willis didn't Buy Hard: His girls can't inherit his iTunes

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Re: Apple Schmapple

Get rockbox

British boffin builds cool maser after argument with wife

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Re: Applications?

A new generation of microwave ovens. 0 to Tasty in 0.01 seconds.

O2 dropped the ball in Olympic cycle race Twitter fiasco

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Surely they have the concept of a priority device,

that gets preferential treatment by base stations, that these GPS devices could have used?

NHS trust spunks £67m on e-patient records, Twitter, Facebook

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Re: Social media?

Also a Facebook plugin to allow you to share the fact that you now have chlamydia with certain other users.

Apple faces Italian shutdown over warranty skulduggery

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Re: You would

Top pedantry

Finally a use for quantum computers: Finding LOL-cats faster

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Some joke about doing something fast

but not knowing where it is

Insider cuts into Apple, peels off Intel Mac OS X port secrets

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Re: OS X & x86!

> you can enjoy the best of both

The stability of Windows with the value-of-money of Apple hardware. Sign me up!

Rogue kebab provokes Carlisle post-pub car deathmatch

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Don't retrieve your doner

You might become a goner

Watchdog relieves iPhone 5 scammers of £10k

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Why the hell doesn't the SMS protocol

support some ability for the user to accept or reject a premium-rate SMS when each arrives at the phone, with a warning on the cost.

Hands on with the Apple iPad 3

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> It stops reading e-books being the strain on the eyes viewing iBooks on the iPad and iPad 2 was.

This sentence troubled me greatly. I think the "It stops the reading of ebooks being..." or even "It stops e-book reading being..." would be better.

Third of Blighty stuck on snail-speed broadband

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Ha, I get 2mb in Tooting/Earlsfield, SW london

That's all O2 said they can do, because I think it's Wimbledon exchange our line is one, but that must be a good mile and a half away at least.

Two thirds of Brits crippled by mobile phone loss terror

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I rarely post on the reg

out of fear of chronic Votedownaphobia