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In Hemel Hempstead, cycling is as bad as taking a leak in the middle of the street


Pointless exercise

Justified or not, these new laws and protection orders seem utterly pointless when there are barely any officers around to enforce anything these days.

Overheard at a Brit mobe network: On the count of Three UK, smile and say, er... we lost how many customers?



I've found the most efficient way to get a PAC code from any network is to simply say you have poor/non-existant signal combined with the occasional bellow down to the operator of "SORRY, CAN YOU REPEAT THAT AGAIN?". I most recently got a code from Three in less than five minutes using this method.

Half of all Windows 10 users thought: BSOD it, let's get the latest build


Try the LTSB...

If you need to use Windows 10, try the 2016 LTSB version which is the successor to Windows Embedded editions. Current version is based on the 1607 build, I think. It is pretty good, and doesnt include crap like Windows Store, Metro apps, Cortana or Edge. It'll be patched up to 2026 without any out of the blue feature 'improvements'.

UK gov grilled over massive exposure to struggling outsourcer Capita


It's increasing in popularity... http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/16180590.Giggles_as_MP_uses__Crapita__nickname_in_parliament/

Six things I learned from using the iPad Pro for Real Work™


One angle... "You're looking at it wrong..."

Apologies, couldn't resist!

Maplin Electronics CEO ups stakes for steak house


RIP Maplins...

At least one branch of Maplins I know has got rid of its electronic components inventory and now they have to order in from central warehouse for anything in that category, so it has turned into a shop stocking almost 100% tat. I used to remember going past the old Maplin HQ in Westcliff-on-Sea (where R&D and support were done too) and also loved popping into the Maplins Westcliff shop in the 1990s, but sadly it is now a shell of its former self...

So, the new font, then


Glad someone made a post about this... font strains the eyes, especially in the comments sections. Change it back...

Apple Watch sales go over a cliff: Down 2.8 meellion per quarter in a year


Battery, battery, battery.

I'll consider getting a smartwatch as soon as someone develops one with a battery life similar to any old digital watch.

Wikimedia’s executive director quits after less than 2 years in post


Re: I thought they had some good engineers

I think that was Knight Ridder...

Revealed: The AMAZING technology behind Apple's $1299 Retina MacBooks – a lot of glue


Serviceable computers are better

For all their sins, I think Dell have always been a fantastic company for serviceability. Bought an XPS 12 'Ultrabook' recently and I'm very impressed that the whole laptop including display module can be broken down easily and all replacement parts can be sourced. It was the same with my old M1210 from 2006 which is why I've stuck with them so far. They even make the service manuals easily obtained from their support website which is very uncommon with manufacturers now unfortunately!

Guess what too? Normal Torx screws that most people have a driver for these days. They are better for the application than the Philips head which is quite prone to stripping.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Rare of me to complement Google but they do actually have it right and far better than El Reg with site design on YouTube and others, so perhaps you might want to take a leaf out of their book.

It's nice how YouTube's style sheet adapts depending on screen size and resolution and takes full advantage of whatever you're using, tablet, hi-res desktop or otherwise...


Not enjoying the new layout :-( Much harder on the eyes for navigation and trying to identify what I want to look at. Seems to all blend into one mass now.

It's not you, it's Three. Mobe network goes titsup across UK


Three internet connectivity has been fine in this area all day... (South Essex)

Read the proposed US ASTEROIDS Act to green-light mining IN SPAAAACE


The first space mining freighter needs to be named the Nostromo... because that worked out so well for another crew :)

You'll hate Google's experimental Chrome UI, but so will phishers


I've been getting disillusioned with the direction of both Chrome and Firefox in recent times... I switched to SeaMonkey recently and I'm really enjoying. No intention to dumb down, idiotize or ruin the interface...

Just what could be inside Dropbox's new 'Home For Life'?


"Home For As Long As We Don't Go Bankrupt"

"Home For As Long As We Decide To Keep The Product Until We Get Rid Of It On A Whim"

And so is the cloud...

Microsoft slaps LTE mobe broadband into Surface 2 slabs (Yeah, take that, iPad)



"Beginning this Tuesday, Microsoft will offer a version of its Surface 2 that fulfills a request of ̶m̶̶a̶̶n̶̶y̶ a user"...

SCRUBBED: Technical oopsies halt SpaceX's bid for the Money Ring


I prefer SpaceX's 'take no chances' attitude as compared to NASA's "just try launching it anyway" approach...

HUMANITY STUNNED - Apple Retina iPad Mini arrives. A solemn moment


Sorry, going to pass on this; I'm waiting for the Retina iPad Mini Air - Pro edition...

Apple's first iPhone now COSTS MORE than golden mobe 5S


Re: £9,999 mobile phone battery

You're right about the price changes. I sell a lot of eBay stuff myself, and upping the price like this is a common technique to save money (due to relisting fees) and also save time, as you said.

A £30,000, 295bhp 4G MODEM?!? Must be the Audi S3 Quattro, then


I'm in need of cheap petrol

Amused by some of the captions for the Audi menu options... "Refuel for the best price". Like you'd care if you owned an S3?




Is Vulture Central planning on publishing an article on the new Yahoo! logo and the accompanying joss-stick and whale song inducing dialogue?

Ad man: Mozilla 'radicals' and 'extremists' want to wreck internet economy


Thanks Ad Suits...

...I didn't know about this upcoming feature before, but now I do, I'll be sure to enable it.

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild


Windows 7 is the new XP

I'm planning to keep using Windows 7 until it EOLs with no more patches, and in the meantime slowly transition to Linux...

Lego X-wing fighter touches down in New York's Times Square


The wings are only open in flight; I don't think it's physically possible for them to be open in a landing position...

PayPal security boss: OBLITERATE passwords from THE PLANET

Thumb Down

No thanks...

I'm guessing this guy has never seen an episode of Red Dwarf or the film Demolition Man...

Microsoft explains bland new Windows logo


No substantiated reports of a faint essence of joss sticks and whalesong in the area at the time?

Archos 35 Home Connect



Seems like it would be better just to get some kind of holder, like a car holder, to hold your regular smartphone at your bedside... which probably has a much better screen than this anyway.


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