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Anonymous turns its fire on China


"So expect us because we do not forgive, never. "

There is a grammar check in WinWord 2.0.

European Parliament prez slams ACTA 'in current form'


television news coverage

"An estimated 25,000 people braved sub-zero temperatures – Celsius, that is – in Germany to register their disagreement with ACTA, while another 4,000 took to the streets of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. By contrast, an estimated 200 people demonstrated in the UK."

Was there any coverage on this on the UK new casts, either before or after these demonstrations. I did not see any on the Beeb, but admit I don't watch it daily.

However, the nightly new cast at 19.30 on la Une (RTBF, Belgium) carried quite reasonable coverage of the demonstrations against ACTA.