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UK copyright exchange man: Nontrepreneurs are just stingy


Re: Music licensing

It's more likely- I think- that YouTube's fingerprinting software was at fault here. Pro-active takedowns were very rare from labels (especially for classical, which I imagine must be particularly difficult to auto-identify when there are so many multiple recordings of the same piece in existence).

Also YouTube and BMG (record company) never co-existed. YT started in 2005, and the Sony BMG merger was begun in 2003, and completed in 2004. Maybe more likely BMG Publishing.

Not denying that the appeal process is annoying and unfavourable to the individual complainant, though.

LulzSec SMACKDOWN: Leader Sabu turned by feds last summer


Is SQL injection still a real attack? I mean, it is if it works obviously, but it's been embarrassing to get caught out by it for about 6 yrs now. Almost like cheating.

TicketWeb coughs to email database hack


I'm [fairly] sure that I'd unsubscribed from TicketWeb emails, after receiving some generally spammy comms about stuff I wasn't interested in.

I still got the Acrobat mail through on Saturday though, which shows that 'unsubscribe' doesn't mean 'delete from database'.

That's probably not uncommon but, yknow; if you're going to keep me on file indefinitely, look after my data better.