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The gear I use in my test lab: A look at three Trident+ switches


Exactly.. So these switches have their roots in the nortel's, run ISCLI for anyone that has a catalyst background and carry full warranties with no yearly maintenance. Under the covers they are the same single ASIC cut-through switches with a full layer 2/3 software stack plus are openflow 2.0 compatible. Run like a charm but I am baffled that more people don't know about them .


The comment on the Cisco for global service but keep in mind that Lenovo sells a Trident+ based switch as well that is globally supported at a fraction of the cost ;)

IBM: We do server flash already...


The IBM RAID cards have been supporting SSD devices for a long time now, this is nothing new.

Regarding TRIM, that is a function where the SSD is relying on the O/S to govern recycling of deleted data cells. In the SSD's in use in the servers, the SSD's have an internal garbage collection mechanism that takes care of this function.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, putting the SSD's behind a RAID card ( an HBA is supported as well) gives you flexibility on hardware assisted data protection as well as drive aggregation for capacity increases.


Actually IBM has been selling the full suite of PCIe based solid state since before the announced the EXFlash.

While the PCIe are faster, they do have the downside of not being hot - swap and only able to use software RAID to protect data unlike the EXFlash which sits behind a hardware RAID card allowing for a lot more flexibility and aggregation if required.

But hey, you seem to know everything already :)


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