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Windows 10 will now automatically download and install on PCs

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No should bloody well mean no

I have a nice win 7 desktop. I in no way want win10 touching this, and yet down comes that 4gb update and all the telemetry bollocks with it. Bloody thing pretty much tied up my slow internet connection for an entire day, meaning i couldn't get on with what i wanted to do, even watching youtube was out. This machine is set up perfectly for my needs and i really dont want to go through the hassle of upgrading, failing (which it will), not being able to roll back (ditto), reinstalling 7, then 10 like i did with my other machine.

I just noticed it does the same thing on my netbook, a machine that wont run 10 anyway so why the blue blazes are you downloading 4gb of pointless data eh microsoft?

I quite like 10 as an os, but all this sneaky buggering about behind my back has started putting me right off. First they remotely removed ccleaner without so much as a single notification they had done so. Cue me thinking i was going mad and maybe hadnt installed it on this machine, but then others started reporting it as well. Yeah i get that it probably had compatibility issues with an update, but ffs tell the user, dont just uninstall it in the background. Is that even legal?, and more to the point, what else are they planning to uninstall or alter without telling anyone?

I found spybot antibeacon handy for turning off the telemetry, but surprise surprise, Microsoft seem to have got round a lot of the blocks (ignoring the host file for one, yeah thatl end well).

I would switch to Linux, but every time i install a distro to see how its improved, i always find it lacking in certain areas for my use case, mainly games and productivity stuff, plus the fact that no distribution ever seems to find my laptops network card and/or sd card reader, resulting in much trawling of unfriendly forums before getting bored and going back to the comforting womb that is windows. Oh yeah, i tried mac os and thought it was bloody awful, so wont be switching to that either.

Crowdfunded ZX Spectrum revival just days from shipment

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Heh, I remember the old 10 print "fuck off" 20 randomize usr 1331 trick. Many happy lunch hours watching the staff at Menzies fiddling round the back of the display Speccys trying to yank the power cord out to shut the thing up.

Anyone try running a 10p across the Amstrad 6128 edge connector?, amazingly, it didnt knacker it like it would have done on any other machine of the era, but produced all sorts of colourful displays and random sounds.

The menzies near me was great, the display machines were far enough away from the checkout that you could get away with all sorts. I used to ask to try c64 games, which they would stick in the tape deck and leave you to it, then I would power off the machine, insert a freeze machine cartridge and copy the game onto a blank tape. Happy days indeed, although one guy got caught doing it and got quite a severe fine after being escorted away by plod.

Nintendo says sorry, but there will be NO gay marriage in Tomodachi Life ... EVER

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Nintendo`s biggest market is kids, the last thing most parents would want is little timmy asking why ryu and ken are kissing like mummy and daddy do. Also, how will they handle breeding ingame?

These activists are barking up the wrong tree if they think the majority want poofters in kids games.

And where do you stop?, multiple wives are common in some cultures as are child brides and forced partnerships, imagine a game that included that little lot to avoid upsetting the locals.

Nintendo are 100% right for the decision they made, and if the gay crowd dont like it, then tough, dont buy it, go and play arseraiders 5 or whatever floats your boat.

GitHub probes worker's claims of hostile, sexist office culture

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Sounds like she just didnt get along with others in that particular workplace. Who the fuck complains about people hula hooping and having a bit of fun in the office once in a while?

My guess is that she rubbed people up the wrong way, you dont see anyone else from the company backing her up (the directors apology is just damage limitation, they probably dont actually care or even believe her story).

What the spurned coder did was pretty low, but its not sexual harassment, its just being an arsehole.

And why did no one notice or care about all this code erasing?, if it was my business id be pretty fucking livid if a worker was wasting another workers time on my money, and Id be watching said employees like a hawk.

HTML is a sexually transmitted disease, say many Americans

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Re: Any incentive to get the right answers?

Heh, I always lie on surveys, be they people stopping me in the street or cold calling annoyances. It gives me a smug sense of satisfaction knowing that in a small way, i have ruined their dataset and thus rendered all their hard work moot. This makes me happy.

Psssst. Don't tell the Bride, but BBC Three is about to be jilted

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Family Guy, American Dad, Russell Howard and bad education are the only things worth watching on bbc3 anyway, and the first two are just the same old episodes looped again and again, so no loss there really.

That bluestone army thing was embarrassingly bad as is most of the channels output (who the fuck watches gavin and stacey and thinks its funny, or even entertaining?).

And to those moaning about the bbc giving up formula 1, good riddance, after cricket, its probably the most tedious `sport` to watch. Id rather my licence fee went on something that didnt send me to sleep.

Apple, Symantec, other tech heavies challenge anti-gay legislation

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America, land of the stupid shopkeeper (probably)

Why would any sensible business turn away customers in the current financial climate?

How hateful and petty would you have to be to suffer a financial loss over such pointless bigotry?

This smacks of religious nutters trying to plant ideas in peoples minds that gay/trans etc people are beneath `normal` and therefore open for persecution. Whats next, `no blacks, no irish`?

Facebook pays $19bn for WhatsApp. Yep. $45 for YOUR phone book

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Re: Could be a blessing disguise

"I thought they removed that in the latest release?"

Its still there I think, they just keep hiding it deeper with each revision of the o.s.

There are apps floating around xda and elsewhere that expose its functionality again.

My guess is that Google dont want people with little knowledge of Android fiddling around and disabling vital permissions for things like the play store or the dialer and then complaining that the phone doesnt work properly rather than anything nefarious.

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Re: they're not the biggest mugs. We are

"What do you mean we Tonto?

FB may have paid $45 for your phone book but I am not on What'sApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network (apart from Steam if you count that) so they aren't getting anything on me."

Oh but they are. As many have said above, it only takes one person to have you in their phones contact list, tag you on a photo, or mention your name on facebook and the hive mind will be making connections and gradually profiling you.

As an example, I dont do any sort of social media, never use my real name online, and my phone spits out random data when an app requests access to my contactlist or location data etc (xprivacy ftw), and yet there are still images of me, with my fucking name tagged onto them and indexed in google images thanks to mates who have uploaded these things to facebook and not heeded any warnings about what an invasion of privacy doing so is.

So unless you have no friends/colleagues and never go anywhere where people know your name, you WILL be a datapoint in some marketing sleazes spreadsheet and be known and identifiable to the wider internet.

Very scary really.

EVE Online erects mashed-up memorial to biggest space fight in history

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While I appreciate the technical achievements of this game, and it looks lovely graphically, its boring as fuck to play and some of the players really do fit the aforementioned basement dwelling nerds description. My only experience of the game follows.....

"sweet, im in",

" whats this, a fucking spreadsheet?"

"screw that, lets just launch the cunt.."

"oooh, nice graphics",

"hmmm, controls are a bit confusing and not overly conjusive to enjoyable play, but hayho",

"aha, a jumpgate type thingy, away we go...",

"Fuck, those bastards in those big ships are shooting me whilst insulting me in the chat"

"im dead, what a pile of wank"

repeat the above 10 times, then realise what a load of boring, pointless crap the whole thing is.

so yeah, a game with far to many stats, a ship that explodes if a single laser hits it and a load of sad little pricks getting a hard on shooting their mega lasers at a noob.

Now i know why i dont play online games much, at least in WOW i could strip off and dance in the middle of a raid to annoy the nerds who take an imaginary world far too seriously.

Yahoo! Mail! users! change! your! passwords! NOW!

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Re: Improved password change security!

"Please change your password with the form that won't let you change your password. One line asks for current password, second line asks for new password, then click Save. So sez the instructions.

Error pops up telling you the passwords don't match.


Are you using firefox by any chance?

I almost tore my hair out with this, checking and rechecking i was tapping in the right characters only to have the bloody thing moan about pw not matching.

After pissing about, changing characters, case and symbols thinking it was their shit pw system not recognising certain characters, I tried it in chrome, and it worked first time.

Dont know if its an compatibility thing with an add -on or yahoo are just shit at making websites function properly. Il go with the second option.

Facebook app now reads your smartphone's text messages? THE TRUTH

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Re: So is anyone wrting an App Control App?

Xprivacy gives you fine grained permission control, including obscure sub-permissions i.e. you could grant an app the read_phone_state permission, but deny or insert fake/randomised data for the read_imei sub-permission.

App-ops has been re-enabled in Android 4.3 and above (including kitkat) over on xda. Google really should give up trying to hide the thing and just put it in developer options or something as its really rather good. Although its not as all encompassing as xprivacy, it does handle the main `problem` permissions.

There is also a cut down version of lbe that works with Android 4.3+, I think its been ripped from a Chinese phone (the company that makes lbe seem to write custom versions for various Chinese handset makers). You need to hunt around to find it for download though.

Angry anti-NSA hackers pwn Angry Birds site after GCHQ data slurp

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Privacy?, I remember that....

On Android, using xprivacy, lbe, pdroid or app-ops combined with adaway and droidwall or avast firewall gets rid of most of this nonsense. I dont care if the app developer looses ad revenue, my privacy is more important than the 0.002p revenue you might get when i accidently click your oh so convieniently placed ad banner instead of a menu option.

We now also know the real reason that most ad networks want fine/course positioning, contact read/write and call log info dont we?. Deliver targeted ads my arse, log your movements in an nsa database more like.

oh, btw nsa, my phone reports im on Christmas island at the moment, and that will change to a random location next reboot, I really hope your taking into account the amount of savvy users that are faking location (and other) data reported to apps and not just logging virtual worldwide frequent fliers like me as `interesting`.

I love the way Rovio try to weasel out of responsibility for the snooping by blaming the ad network. No Rovio, its entirely your doing, you read the ad networks sdk documentation, you knew what they were going to do with those excessive permissions, cowboy the fuck up and admit it, and then fix it. They wont of course, and the fickle great unwashed will have forgotten all this in a few weeks and be back to downloading games like this without a second thought to what has transpired and how their privacy has been violated.

Even 'Your computer has a virus' cold-call gits are migrating off XP

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Re: For some reason ..

I have just had an image of someone with 2 phones, a scammer on each line, putting the handsets down with mouthpiece to earpiece, and walking away ....

There was a website that did that through voip. People would route the calls to the site, which would in turn connect the scammers to each other.

I think it was shut down last year for breaking telecommunications laws, pity.

mickey mouse the fith

" I often wonder if the person on the other end of the line has any idea they are part of a scam?"

Oh, they know. I used to get a lot of these, so used to let em connect to an old pc. I used to put text files named "Bank details" or "confidential" on the desktop, they tried snaffling them every time (good luck using those cc details i generated from one of those fake id generator sites).

The best way to deal with them is just to waste their time, do the oposite to what they say,`misshear` their instructions, keep typing the wrong logmein pw (they always seem to use logmein), move the mouse constantly as they try and control it, randomly disconnect the wifi and when you get bored, just insult their faith or culture or get frisky with em.

The sound of a swearing Indian scammer after they just wasted an hour is pure joy.

Tech titan Bill Gates: Polio-free India one of the 'most impressive accomplishments' ever

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Re: Malaria

"Even if youre joking - youre still a massive twat."

Are you coming on to me? naughty

And to everyone else, it was a thought experiment hence the "although im not sure" bit at the beginning.

Besides, Africans seem to do a pretty good job of regulating the population by crapping in their water supplies, settling squabbles with ak47`s and spreading aids everywhere, malaria is just a drop in the ocean compared to their own stupidity and greed. /joke

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Excellent news

I really am warming to Bill gates, this is how ultra rich people should spend their excess wealth, to leave a lasting benifit to humanity, hats off to him i say.

Although, im not sure one of his other main goals, eradicating maleria in Africa is such a good idea, its great for controlling population growth in an environment that can barely sustain the people at the moment, let alone support the million plus that are offed by the pathogen every year.

App to manage Android app permissions

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Looks dodgy as fuck

Hidden sneaky costs, a shitton of permissions that could be misused and loads of very fake looking reviews, id steer clear of this thing tbh.

Use Xprivacy, app ops (or one of the apps that exposes it), pdroid or lbe, they are free and work great. Xprivacy in particular works magnificently, allowing you to block or feed fake data to even the most obscure permissions apps demand.

BlackBerry sues American Idol host's company for 'blatant' patent infringement

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Its getting a bit silly now

Got the rights to the shape of the keys eh?, next thing you know the roundness of corners will be patented......oh wait.

Ten classic electronic calculators from the 1970s and 1980s

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Re: First "banned" calculator...

I remember having my Casio calculator watch taken off me before a maths exam in the mid 80`s. Calculators were not allowed in the exams for the city & guilds maths modules i did.

You were allowed them in other subjects like physics or engineering though, just not maths (which stands to reason really).

Apparently the school had problems with people using sharp (and other) programmable watches to cheat in exams by loading them full of likely answers via the address book functions, and so calculator (or any funky looking) watches were always comfiscated before (or during if you managed to hide it under your sleeve and teach noticed it later) exams as you couldnt remove the battery and the teachers had no idea what functions the watch had hidden upon it. Calculators were inspected for cheating potential beforehand and a bunch of roving teachers scanned the room constantly looking for cheats during the exam.

Mars One's certain-death space jolly shortlists 1,000 wannabe explorers

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Message from our sponsor: Erm, there all dead

Theres no way they are going to raise enough money for all the mars infrastructure even if they manage to scrape together enough for a spacecraft to transport the ill prepared, narccisistic numpties to the planets surface.

For starters they would need a small reactor for reliable power (good luck sourcing that and getting permission to launch it), excavation equipment to create a radiation hardened shelter and many, many tons of building materials, life support systems and means of getting about on the surface. That equates to a shitload of launches, carrying mostly untested equipment, all succesfully landing on target intact (i think half of all mars missions have failed in some way thus far).

Na, this is a scam, they cant do it in the timeframe with the budget they have. The supply launches alone would cost millions each time, and how long will it be before tv viewers get bored watching hipster astronauts doing mundane tasks day after day?

Mind you, it would be amusing if they started dying or fighting each other, better than Crossroads that would be....

British Second World War codebreaker Alan Turing receives Royal pardon

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A good start

About bloody time, now how about apologising to the other 50,000 or so also convicted of this `crime` who`s lives, careers and health were ruined by this unfair law?

UK.gov's web filtering mission creep: Now it plans to block 'extremist' websites

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creep, creep, creep

Ahh, this explains why a certain video streaming site i frequent (to watch american tv series mainly) presented a `site not available` page a few days ago. Took all of 30 seconds to bypass the stupid block, so whats the point?

And as far as i know, the site in question isnt doing anything illigal or `extreme`, its just presenting links to streams hosted elseware. Theres mission creep right there, pointless, half arsed, easily bypassed mission creep, but mission creep nontheless.

False widow spiders in guinea pig slaughter horror

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Sod the false widow, be afraid of.....

In my youth, i picked up what i thought was a house spider and the bloody thing bit me. Turns out it was probably a hobo spider, aka the aggressive housespider. As another poster said, it was mainly the shock of being bitten that shook me up, i had no idea any british spiders could bite humans. It felt like a very mild wasp sting and left 2 little ulcers that took a month or so to heal.

Oh, and killing normal house spiders is a sure way to invite the hobo`s in, they dont usually occur together, but will migrate to a habbitat in the absence of the normal ones.

So there you go daily heil, get yer hacks reporting on that one as well, lets see how many schools you can close and parents you can scare witless.

Anonymous claims Parliament Wi-Fi hack during London protest

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Dibbles honeypot

You would like to think that anything important to the running of the country was kept off a public facing wifi network. If a load of soapdodgers and che wanabes can get at least a bit of the way in, imagine what an enemy government sponsored team could do. Theres no way they would be that lax with national security, is there?

Mind you, these are the people who leave unencrypted usb keys and briefcases on trains and send plaintext cdr`s with databases through the post sooo....

Im more inclined to think that they actually `hacked` a honeypot and are now a lot less anonymous than they think they are.

XBOX One SHOT DEAD by Redmond following delivery blunder

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Hmmm, think il pass on the xbone

Can they legally stop you playing your offline games? I would have thought that would fall foul of numerous computer misuse and trading standards regulations. Banning you from their online service for whatever reason is fair enough, but bricking a bit of hardware the user has paid for and rendering it useless until they decide otherwise? If they did that to me it would be marched back to the retailer and a refund would be demanded with threats of legal action as its no longer fit for purpose.

And if they have this offline games knobbling capability, you have to wonder what else they have hidden in the firmware.

Netflix, YouTube video killed the BitTorrent star? Duo gobble web traffic

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I wonder if the drop off in bittorrent traffic is due to aggressive throttling by isp`s? My isp pretty much kills the connection if you even look at a torrent client. I think a lot of people have moved to filelocker sites like putlocker or private dropbox and mega accounts etc for their pirating needs.

Netflix is pretty shit value in the uk if you use it without fiddling the dns to get American content. How on earth can they justify such a massive difference in choice for the same price? The American one even has far more bbc series than the uk service, how crap is that?

'F-CK YOU GOOGLE+' ukelele missy scoops BIG WAD of $$ - for Google

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Re: yea google F*ck you

"Yes, but now that they're under your real name, maybe everyone will think twice before leaving imbecile YouTube comments. Less Internet pocket lint."

Eh?, how does this change anything?, I have a g+ account, its full of bullshit false info. How am I more identifiable than i was before?

Trolls can just put false info into the g+ account and continue as normal, this doesnt solve anything.

Tbh, i think the comments are the most entertaining part of youtube.

YouTube co-founder either HATES Google+ or his vid account just got HACKED

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" Intelligent people don't use google services at all. Instead, we use sites/products that protect our privacy such as Dolphin browser, HushMail, Ravetree, and DuckDuckGo."

The Chinese company behind Dolphin Browser have been repeatedly called out for hiding data raping and snooping functions in their browser. Every time they were caught, they apologised, then just hid it better next time.

At one point, every url,every bit of form data, history and bookmarks were being pumped back to servers in China.

So yeah, Dolphin really, really dont protect your privacy at all and any `intelligent person` would know this lol. Good call on Duckduckgo though.

mickey mouse the fith

Re: Quality unchanged

"This comment is spot on, if the policy helps to reduce in any small way the vile diatribe of homophobic, racist, sexist and mostly downright disgusting comments that quite often appear currently on YouTube by making people identifiable, then that is all good in my book. Human nature it seems allows people to quite happily say one thing to a complete stranger when hidden by a cloak of anonymity that they would not dream of saying if they met that stranger in person."

How will requiring a g+ account change anything?, I have a number of them, all with totally false info, im no more identifiable than i was before they required g+ for youtube.

They have also disabled any commenting on posts made before the change, resulting in millions of debates suddenly being silenced.

This is all about inflating g+ subscriber numbers, not offensive comments.

Only a merciful BULLET can really save a RHINO, say Texas hunters

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"If the unfortunate beast needs to be killed for the greater good, then pay an experienced and skilled hunter to take it down with the minimum of fuss and the minimum degree of suffering to the animal."

Have a look on youtube for fat American wankers shooting drugged up animals for `sport`. Even though the animal is barely able to stand, the fuckers still wound the thing rather than kill it. Its supposd to be illigal, but is still widespread practice in Africa.

As for this, wouldnt a zoo be a better place for it?, if its so endangered then keeping it alive, but away from the herd sounds better than having 1 less viable animal in the tiny population.

I suppose if the money goes towards the conservation of the other rhino`s and its not possible to relocate it, then its better than nothing, but i bet corrupt officials trouser more money than the rhino`s.

Amazon's EYE-OF-SAURON KindlePhone will watch you with FOUR cameras - report

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" I rooted it and managed to crowbar Play on it, but it's barely compatible with any of the apps because Amazon have forked the OS so much it's not recognisable to many apps as a "version" they are compatible with."

My kindle fire hd has no problems with the play store. True, it did need `crowbarring` onto it, but its worked perfectly ever since. Only app iv come across that dosnt work is the old google talk apk sideloaded, hangouts does though.

I could just flash cm onto it, but its fine as it is for my usage, no problems whatsoever.

Only thing lacking is gps, which is strange considering the soc supports gps, maybe it can be enabled with a patch or a bit of soldering. Bluetooth gps works fine for the very rare occasion when i need it.

mickey mouse the fith

"Given their bloody awful tablets I'd hate to use one of their phones."

After I rooted, disabled all the Amazon snooping, advertising, autoupdating and useless background services nonsense, my Kindle fire hd is actually a joy to use for the price i paid. Great batterylife,good screen and very good sound, in fact the dolby sound the thing outputs through its speakers is far and away the best iv heard coming from any tablet.

The interface is a bit clunky, but you can install other launchers with a bit of fiddling or just flash cyanogen via a second bootloader and have done with it.

Samsung denies benchmark cheating, despite evidence

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Hmm, from what iv read, it should be possible to rename an apk to antutu or whatever and get it to run full pelt, or add your apk name to the decompiled java file samsung use to trigger this `feature` and recompile. Could be great for running demanding games a bit faster (until the phone overheats and dies obviously).

Its not really cheating though, as technically the phone CAN run at that speed, they arnt falsifying data, just being a bit dishonest about how long the device would last at that speed.

It would be funny if reviews started reporting the degraded battery life these tests would produce, Sammy would soon stop the practice if consumers thought the quoted battery life was a third of the actual figure.

Ofcom sets out next DECADE of spectrum policy: Use it or lose it

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"What's wrong with DAB radio? (Just curious)"

It sounds worse than the fm system the govt want to phase out due to a lot of stations saving money (space on a DAB mux is a lot more expensive than fm) by using dreadful bitrates and sometimes mono only. It has really bad coverage countrywide and doesnt work very well in moving vehicles. It also degrades horribly in bad reception areas compared to fm, with fm you get a bit of hiss, with DAB you get a horrible mix of pops and clicks that make the audio painful to listen to. The recievers eat up power and cost 3 times as much to buy. The mp2 standard it uses is old tech and used only in the uk, everyone else uses DAB+ which is much better in both sound quality and reception.

mickey mouse the fith

I read somewhere that ofcom were considering buggering about with the freeview bands in a few years, thus rendering up to 30% of current digiboxes/tvs unable to tune in. If true, what a great way to stimulate tv sales and thus tax for the govt at the expense of the public eh. Currys, dixons et al must be creaming themselves at the prospect.

If they want to obsolete something, how about killing the awful current uk DAB radio system and doing it properly next time.

Blighty's great digital radio switchover targets missed AGAIN

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I was given a DAB radio for free a while back, it remains perminently in FM mode due to the non-existent DAB signal in the area i live. On occasions i have fiddled with DAB radios in an area that actually has coverage, i was not impressed at the audio quality. Nasty distortion, weird bubbling mush type sounds and most notable of all, a really flat, lifeless quality to the sound (probably due to the horrible bitrates). Fm sounds much clearer and degrades a shitload better than DAB, at least you can still listen to it without wanting to tear your own ears off.

I think broadcast radio is living on borrowed time anyway, most stations are just unmitigated crap in radiowave form, from inane dj`s, awful ads and the same 10 songs looped until you hate them with a passion. Streaming radio and huge mp3 collections are rapidly making broadcast radio irrelivent.

Only 1 in 5 Americans believe in pure evolution – and that's an upswing

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If god created the heavens and the earth, where did the material to construct him, or the idea of him come from?

Ask a biblethumper that and watch em squirm..

mickey mouse the fith

Let there be.....Ignorance?

If they want to teach their ridiculous fairy stories in schools then do it in a theology class or something. Keep it the fuck away from anything science related. Dont teach bloody lies as fact. There is no evidence for the creationism theory whatsoever, its all easily dispproved bollocks. As a race, we should be beyond promoting the worship of sky daddys in public schools by now. And shame on these idiots who strive to present these stupid creation myths as scientific proof to our children. The sooner religion in all its insidious forms is stamped out the better.


Chinese police probe iPhone user's death by electrocution

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Re: Skimpy article

"I was initially wondering if she dropped the charger connected phone in the bath"

Other news sources mention that she had just got out of the bath to answer the call, so my guess is maybe there was a problem with the earthing in the house wiring or charger and her wet body made a really good conduit for the leccy to escape to ground. Or maybe she dripped water into something live.

Facebook slurped phone numbers says Norton

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Re: Kakaotalk

"If you dont want to root/flash your phone there are other apps that act as a permissions firewall, LBE Privacy guard is one I used in the past but I dont think they work 100% like pdroid."

LBE needs root like the others. Xprivacy using the xposed framework is the most complex privacy app i have come across and its very similar to pdroid in function. It allows fine grain permission and access management and works on most roms ics and up without messing about with patchers on a pc (unlike pdroid, which only works with select roms and requires making a patched zip). LBE is pretty good, but its closed source, hails from China and is getting more bloated with every release, not to mention it can leak data at boot, before it starts up, and hasnt got the vast choice of permission options that pdroid and xprivacy have..

Having said that, I used the full fat xda translated LBE for years and it served me well.

As for facebook, it bloody annoys me that it only takes one person who has my details in their contact list to upload their contacts to fb, and they have all my details, even though I have never had a fb account.

Its getting almost impossible to stay off-grid and anonymous now when the average person doesnt know or care about the data on others they spunk online every day. And dont get me started on photo tagging....

Schwarzenegger says 'I'll be back' for Terminator 5 reboot

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There are some enjoyable reboots, I quite enjoyed the Judge Dredd and Conan ones.

The terminator series is just tired now though, there isnt really much more they can do with the story and Arnie is really looking past his best now.

I dont know why theres so much hate for t3 , I thought it was a solid action fick with one of the best endings ever (the best of course being the ending of ` the mist`, god I laughed so hard at that one).

What gets me is when I first saw t2 in the cinema, I was awed by the special effects in the nuke dream sequence. Watching it now, it really doesnt look that great, tis amazing how far cgi has advanced.

We want to put a KILL SWITCH into your PHONE, say Feds

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What I dont get is why the imei isnt set in stone on every handset. On my old zte blade, changing the imei was as easy as hex editing an unencrypted file.

If the imei was hard coded, and fees to access the blocking database were waivered/subsidised for poorer countries comms providers there would be no need for this poorly thought out and almost certain to backfire plan.

Of course, the real reason they want this new kill switch function is to install a 2 way backchannel for the purpose of snooping. If you can remote brick a device, you also have the capability to open up the mic, camera, forward sms, eavesdrop on calls etc.

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Re: It woud be OK if...

"You'd think anyone nicking a phone wouldn't think to bring a Faraday bag like people use to get nicked clothes out of department stores and the like. If it can't get the kill signal, it can't be killed. And you can't use cell phone reception as a vigilance control. One big blackout or trip to the sticks would kill the phone."

A few anti theft apps available to rooted Android phone owners can brick the device if the sim is changed, no signal needed. Avast antitheft has this option if I recall.

Film crew plans dig to find lost burial ground of Atari's E.T.

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Re: Hey!

"I quite liked Pacman on the 2600. That and The Empire Strikes Back were both great for a quick, casual game."

The sound effects on 2600 pac man were good enough for the supercomputer targeting system in superman 3. It was a dreadful conversion though, flickery, malformed sprites and the aforementioned sfx that sounded nothing like the arcade version.

Hey, O2 punters: Kiss goodbye to 4 MEELLION* Openzone hotspots

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Re: Baffled

"At least with branded WIFI, you do have some assurance that at least the device itself is not logging your details if you don't have a VPN....or so you can hope."

I dunno, its pretty easy to fake the ssid and hoover up pw`s etc. I presume most devices will just connect to a router with an ssid of `BTOpenzone` or `BTFon` without checking if its actually a real BT hotspot.

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild

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Aaaargh, why dont they listen?

Please Microsoft, just put the sodding thing back properly. I dont want a bloody link to that horrid start screen, I want a start button like the win 7 one, as does everyone else.

Stop half arsing it and do it properly....please.