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Google open-sources HTTP/2-based RPC framework

Norman Hartnell


...is not a word. Probably.

It's a Doddle: Amazon inks train station parcel deal with Network Rail

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Agreed - and yet it's a "bus station", not a "road network station".

Ain't English wonderful?

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The Axe

If only Dr Beeching hadn't removed the branchline that would have made this a useful thing to me instead of a 10-mile drive.

Google's URL-hiding 'origin chip' is 'backburnered'

Norman Hartnell

"the origin chip work is backburnered"

Verbing weirds language.

Happy Birthday Tetris: It's flipping 30

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Re: After-effects

For me, it was Elite - could still see those spinning ships as I tried to sleep...

Evidence of ancient WORLD SMASHER planet Theia - FOUND ON MOON

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Re: Named by whom?

Because it was already taken?

Get ready for Europe's robo-butlers: Billions of €€€s pledged to electro-slave dream

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I want a robot...

....that can climb stairs.

MH370 'pings' dismissed as false positives

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Re: Surprise!!!

@Timmay "It'll be in the last place they look."

Of course it will be - they won't carry on looking after they've found it, will they?

Four-pronged ARM-based Mac rumor channels Rasputin

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"we're adults here..."


Skype to become 'Star Trek' style real-time translator, says Redmond

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Re: Less than one second?

@Dan 55 "English (where it's at the start)."

Within the endlessly-nested folders, full of countless Access database files, the information lurked.

Norman Hartnell

Don't encourage them.

ET hunter: We will find SPACE ALIENS in 20 years

Norman Hartnell

"I think it will happen in the next 20 years, depending on the financing"

So...not in the next 20 years, then.

Klingon and Maori roar into 'mutt's nuts' dictionary

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One more for the list!

The mutt's nuts: Diwgel an ki.

Microsoft Surface 3 Pro: Flip me over, fondle me up

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This is overpriced for a tablet, and I really, really, don't want a fan in my tablet. If I wanted a fan, I'd buy a laptop. No moving parts, please.

Brits to vote: Which pressing scientific challenge should get £10m thrown at it?

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"they’re going to let the British public vote on which of the six problems should be the focus of the prize this year. "

Icon says it all, really. We could easily find £10m for each of the six projects, for less than one mile of HS2.

Multiplayer Elite to debut on May 30th

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Re: Wow

IIRC the whole environment - the galaxy, the names, the prices, everything - was generated procedurally, so there was no need to store a mass of data.

ULA says to blame SpaceX for Russian rocket rebuff

Norman Hartnell

@Syzzleman "has the gaul"


Space Station in CRISIS: Furious Russia threatens to BAN US from ISS

Norman Hartnell

"the irreplaceable orbital station"

Hopefully not irreplaceable, I wouldn't like to think that the ISS is humanity's last permanently-manned outpost in space.

Voters pick luminous tech spacesuit as NASA's off-world fashion statement

Norman Hartnell

"NASA has announced the winning design to its new line of spacesuits"

I hope they were listening carefully.

Anatomy of OpenSSL's Heartbleed: Just four bytes trigger horror bug

Norman Hartnell

61 minutes to midnight

So that's just...22:59, then?

Microsoft: We've got HUNDREDS of patents on Android tech

Norman Hartnell

Don't panic!

I'm sure they're using the money to fund innovations of their own.

Honeybee boffin stings own wedding tackle... for science

Norman Hartnell

If he wants a pain index, why not just stab a compass into his nads instead of killing wildlife?

Back off, Siri! Microsoft debuts Halo beauty Cortana

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Thumb Up

Good to see Microsoft innovating again!

Sorry, "innovating".

Artists install Monty Python silly walk signs in Norwegian town

Norman Hartnell

I wish to register a complaint.

No Notch niche: Minecraft man in rift with Oculus after Facebook gobble

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Re: Refreshing!

"due to a conscious."

Due to a conscience, I hope.

Vote now for the top reader Limerick limerick

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Re: Scansion

Too many syllables in the first line. You have to run "said the" together to make it fit.

Norman Hartnell

Chris Hunt seems to be the only entrant who can count syllables and understands stress.

Finally! Some actual, novel tech: Apple patent to revive geriatric gear

Norman Hartnell

Prior art

The abbreviation "ADC" has already been taken...

Satisfy my scroll: El Reg gets claws on Windows 8.1 spring update

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Thumb Up

"Is it time to "reimagine" Windows again, so that tablet and phone users get one experience, and PC Windows – if it has to do anything - simply provides a runtime for these phone and tablet apps?"

Yes. Next?

Bugger the jetpack, where's my 21st-century Psion?

Norman Hartnell

Psion 5mx

If ever there was an old case that just needed updated innards...sigh.

Squidge-droids maker updates iRobot for SUCK, SCRUB action

Norman Hartnell

Jonathan Creek? And wasn't it someone's ashes?

Japanese space boffins set to map the world in 3D

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"The satellite was apparently fired into orbit around the Earth in January 2006"

Only "apparently" fired into orbit? According to the ALOS website, it actually was fired into orbit, at 10:33 on January 24, 2006.

Psssst. Don't tell the Bride, but BBC Three is about to be jilted

Norman Hartnell

Little Britain...

...first aired on Radio 4 actually.

Missing matter found by squinting through gravitational lens

Norman Hartnell


Does this mean the end of the Dark Matter theory?

China confirms Jade Rabbit lunar rover has conked out

Norman Hartnell

Re: It's baaaaack!

Emily Lakdawalla has some info here: planetary.org

Norman Hartnell

"This mission may not have been succesful" - all they did was get a rocket to launch without exploding, navigated it to the Moon, soft-landed on it and deployed a rover which moved around the surface, did analysis and took pictures. Sounds like a total failure to me...

Prof Stephen Hawking: 'There are NO black holes' – they're GREY!

Norman Hartnell

Re: "I know absolutely nothing about the black holes..."

@Denarius: "his longevity after the ALS diagnosis has puzzled me"

Occam's razor: he doesn't have motor neurone disease, but something else with a much longer decline rate.

Judge sighs at 'whack-a-mole' lawsuits as Apple deals blow to Samsung

Norman Hartnell

Re: Hang on a minute...

@Lost all faith... "it is also allows for error correction and put's "

Should have bought that Apple... ;)

Chinese Moon rover, lander duo wake up after two-week snooze

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Re: A lot of risk was taken for the Moon landings

@cambsukguy I think I'm right in saying that the LEM descent and ascent stages used different fuel tanks, so the fact Armstrong landed with so little remaining fuel didn't affect the take-off.

Staffs Police face data protection probe over 'drink drivers named' Twitter campaign

Norman Hartnell

Re: Next Sussex Police?


Being convinced is a crime now?

Cygnus cargo truck on its way, and funding to 2024: Space Station is back in the game

Norman Hartnell

Re: Lurch on lift off

The crew compartment of the Shuttle used to rock by something like 6 feet when they fired the engines, and it was released as it came back to vertical, so I presume it wasn't unexpected.

HP’s ENORMO-SLAB: The Slate 21 MONSTER tablet

Norman Hartnell

Re: great idea

If it's running Android, won't MS still get money from it?

How STEVE JOBS saved Apple's bacon with an outstretched ARM

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Re: I just think it's a shame

RiscOS runs on Raspberry Pi, so you can have a very cheap RiscOS machine these days. It's amazingly fast as the OS is very small compared to Raspbian.

Acer kills CEO job before CEO starts: All goes Wong after Wang pull-out

Norman Hartnell

Acer CEOs

The headline gift that keeps on giving...

Space tourist Dennis Tito begs US to BANKROLL HIS manned Mars flyby

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Re: 501 days of fun..

+1 for the Goons reference.

Buy-curious minxes and chaps fancy hot wrist action, rest of us baffled

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Re: Obviously the future.

The main reason I still wear a watch is to stop myself from feeling that something is missing if I don't wear one.

Everything's going to be all white: Google Nexus 5 mobe expected Friday

Norman Hartnell

Re: From a Nexus 4 owner

Mine would happily slide off the for-all-intents-and-purposes-horizontal wooden-topped bedside table until I bought a case for it. Very slippery indeed.

BBC's Clangers returns in £5m 'New Age' remake

Norman Hartnell

Re: So, the BBC CAN still sink lower

As I remember the myth/truth, it was "The bloody thing's stuck again" when a door failed to open, and it was cut from the original broadcast despite being whistled...

Google: Now your mom will try to sell you toilet paper

Norman Hartnell

Re: whatever will they do next...

If only they had given us some sort of opt-out so we didn't have to see our face next to an advert...oh, hang on, they did, clearly shown when you log in. So what was your point again? Do you think Google should provide free services from pure altruism?

The life of Pi: Intel to give away Arduino-friendly 'Galileo' tiny-puter

Norman Hartnell

Re: Just buy a beaglebone black.

...or buy an Arduino TRE when it's out, that should do you.