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Football club catches, then punts, Kaspersky name

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Re: Why...

You work Lamont, I assume?

By definition then, you're working class.

The Middle Class moniker was created by the idle rich aristocracy so that the more educated working classes thought they were a class above their peers, and therefore had less incentive to rise up thus losing the bourgeois scraps they'd been thrown.

Adobe Reader 0-day exploit surfaces on underground bazaars


Two Useful Steps

Edit->Preferences->JavaScript uncheck 'Enable Acrobat JavaScript'

Edit->Preferences->Trust Manager uncheck 'Allow opening of non-PDF file attachments with external applications'

Facebook offers just a week of free Android AV

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Re: Meh

Actually, Mcafee Mobile Security was one of only three anti-malware solutions for Android that had >90% detection rate for all tested malware families. F-Secure and Kaspersky were the only other two from the 41 tested that achieved the same detection rates.

Asian hackers p0wned by Eastern European rivals


Maths; humanity's salvation?!

Maybe it's a cultural thing. There are certainly lots of top maths and computer science graduates in China. These people seem to be going into bona fide research rather than being swept into the hands of criminal gangs due to poor employment prospects,

Patch Tuesday deja vu: Adobe patches Flash ... again


Re: Android users stuffed?

"on your Firefox. All mine are just fine."

I've had problems ever since the release of flash 11.3, which still persist with the new release (11.4). Notably, lurid colour when in fullscreen accelerated rendering mode with youtube video. I've even described the problem at length to Adobe, to no avail! And yes, everything's bang up to date on my machine.

If I had a pound for every minute I've spent sorting out flash on the machines I look after, I'd have a great deal of cash!

Pastebin.com hiring staff to get rid of activists' dumps

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"I do hear from people in the hackers' community that many hackers like to test their DDOS skills on Pastebin."

Wow! What a great skill to have! Being able to launch a DDOS attack! I'm just about to exercise the same level of skill by clicking 'submit' to post this message !!

Florida man 'fesses to naked Scarlett Johansson outrage


Re: Hacking?

"Christopher Chaney, 35, of Jacksonville, Florida"

35!?!?!!? He looks more like 55 !!

Queensland Police go war driving

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12 Characters

As long as you're using WPA or better still WPA2, with a network key 12 characters long containing upper-case, lower-case, numbers and special characters, you're safe. A key of this length is totally uncrackable by most people/groups and would take much more than a lifetime to crack even with access to a supercomputer array. There's absolutely no need for an unwieldy key of 20+ characters, let alone 63!

The problem is that many ISPs don't give out very secure keys. For example (but by no means limited to) Sky. Their old G routers had SSIDs that started with SKY, and provided network keys of 8 upper-case alphas. Anyone seeing a network named SKYxxxxx, would then know that its network key is made up of 8 upper-case alphas, thus making it relatively easy to crack. Not very many people know they can log into their router's config, let alone how to change their network key! I can see several Sky networks in my neighbourhood, all of which are using older G routers with WPA security, the owners of which haven't switched to WPA2 since new firmware was released last year allowing this superior protocol.

Powernumpty, shhhhhhh about channel 13 !!

Symantec buys mobile app management firm

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Facebook Junkies

"will allow Symantec to develop and market products that support the growing trend of allowing workers to bring their own devices to work."

Considering the number of social networking junkies out there, are these people actually going to get any work done, or spend all day telling their 102,678 'friends' what they had for lunch or what the hot girl sitting opposite them is wearing today!?!?

Maybe private firms will clamp down on workers spending all day on their mobile device. Councils (ie. a repository for uneducated morons who can't be sacked once they're in however inept and useless they are) will just get even less productive.

Cyber snoopers target NATO commander in Facebook attack

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This guy needs to grow up, and start spending his time doing something tangible, rather than faffing about on farcebook.

Grumble-flick chat site exposes flirts' privates


Infinte Disposable Email

Why create email addresses with Yahoo, when there are several disposable email sites that create mailboxes on the fly, meaning you have an infinite number of email addresses for sign-up purposes!? Shame the 'educational' sites that give 'sign-up for 30 free minutes' have now cottoned on!!