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Irony alert: Pirate Bay accuses anti-piracy group of illegal copying


Re: How dare they................

Big jump there to call the pirate bay thiefs it is like saying the Highways Agency is responsible for all drug trafficking on their roads so lets sue them.

The biggest problems with P2P is the complete lack of understanding about it. ISP's are like roads and sites are like direction signs but they are BOTH dumb in nature. Just like road signs the people doing the journey can ignore the signs and go their own way (the soon to be very popular distributed encrypted form of P2P).

The Pirate Bay chasing is a waste of time and effort people WILL do what they want as life is short (the trick to a business model is to make people want it not be sued into it). With the correct VPN/Encryption set up there is no answer once people move away to their OWN road signs which is what chasing the Pirate Bay "accelerates"and reduces the timethe big techs and media moguls have to sort out a business model before the next wave hits.

Trying to sue to hold up a crap business models never works in the end. The big corps have begun to move to better systems via a younger generation but the old guard is holding them back big time.

The Pirate Bay are not thiefs this is a serious misconception and causes more problems than it solves. In time content will be bought up and sold cheap by big techs and the old entertainment moguls will die off as their business model collapses in the face of this. But this will not be solved in the courts or parliaments end of.

Scientists snap first film of giant squid in action



Probably they are researching if they can eat it. ;)

'ACTA is dead,' says Europe's digital doyenne



What baffles the brain here is the copyright industries do not grasp people elect officials and if they anger the people they do not get elected no matter how many contributions are made to their campaigns. If people DO NOT WANT A LAW it will never pass (or be revoked) and not be enforceable. Lobbying has one fatal hole in it - people elect officials not the lobbyists. When people use social media to reach out they kill laws. This is becoming a common theme now the lobbyists have zero answer to as they can no longer control the flow of news via their old fashioned media companies.

In order for copyright people to get what they want we would need to turn off the internet - I cannot see any other way save a police state. Which is rather OTT to save one single industry in the west.

Simply put as sad as it is for these corporations they simply need to find new ways to make money if the old ways do not work anymore. It is not my problem and it is not the peoples problem they have these issues - it is THEIR problem and they have to evolve or die that is capitalism. You cannot opt into the good bits and out of the bad bits by lobbying for laws to protect your business model.

In 100 years from now the concept of copyright will simply be dead. What remains to be seen is what comes along in it's wake.

iPad chargers can open beer bottles

Thumb Up

No really that kid needs a job at Apple. They could use him to think up dual use for their products. Here is a few ideas for him to get him started.

Your MacBook is not just a computer it is also a hover board - ride it to work - push your shopping bags home - but wait there is more...if you buy a Magic Mouse, with built in COCOA lottery number generator, we will throw in the new iPad "HOT"...the new iPad HOT does not just organise your life on the go but keeps your coffee warm anywhere anytime...just pop your cup on it and press the heat me button to remove those winter chills - also heats soup - terms and conditions apply.


Apple need a prize for these kind of viral marketing things kids come up with for their products. At the very least this kid should get a free iPad out of this!

Hackers spunk 'pcAnywhere source' after negotiation breakdown



Yeah your right....few points to add.

The thing is with unix system (not osx), as you will know, is you can just turn huge amounts off and keep running what you only need so you limit your exposure to hacks by very large margins.

Most of the unix software is also battle tested in the open, as discussed, and not connected up to any internal API so they all sit in sand box basically to a degree by design.

Everything in win hooks up so holes in something odd know body thought to pen test leads to access to something very important.

Due to less admin config ability on win a bug on one win system usually hits them all.

Not to mention the network config is important also and use of VPN or SSH should have been the only way to access the server that go hacked so evidently that was all to pot.

Not their coders fault (they still make bulky but good software) this would have been some dumb admin who is probably not working there now.