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Canonical kicks Kubuntu to the kerb

Jonathan Riddell

"There's always Linux Mint KDE version."

Linux Mint KDE is a mostly-community-made derivative of Kubuntu (which is a package selection from Ubuntu). Kubuntu will continue as a community distro so Linux Mint KDE should continue as well.

Jonathan Riddell

Pepole pay for Unity

"Sad KDE is dropped"

This is not correct. My paid work on packaging KDE won't happen but Kubuntu is a community distro so KDE packages will still be available in Ubuntu

Jonathan Riddell


"The decision means development of Kubuntu will stop"

This is incorrect. My development on work time will stop. After 7 years as a community distro we have many contributors to carry on development.

I stopped working on Kubuntu for 6 months last year and that release happened successfully.