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Microsoft points to a golden future where you can make Windows 10 your own


Re: Deinstall parts of W10?

Ummm. XBOX?

Russia: The hole in the ISS Soyuz lifeboat – was it the crew wot dunnit?


Re: ...suction clamped to the surface...

So, can you create a mini vacuum (suction) when already in a vacuum?

Happy with your Surface Pro 3's battery? Well, here's a setting that will cut the charge by half


Used to?

They still do ship with this software. Running it on all my X1 Carbons.

Court sends Telstra a truly premium bill, for AU$10 MEEELLION


The fact that this went on for SO LONG is an absolute joke. The fine should have been a lot more than that, yes, $100 per customer is hefty, but Telstra willfully engaged in this kind of behavior for many years, and $10M is a slap on the wrist for them. They provided the ways and means for a criminal enterprise. It's truly disgusting.

BOFH: Honourable misconduct


Simply brilliant.

We don't need another hero: Huawei overtakes Apple – even without a big-hitter


True, but I believe this can be largely attributed to the upcoming release of the new iPhone X or Edition or whatever.

I've got a feeling this new iPhone is going to set all time sales records, if not by volume, surely by revenue.

I anticipate this to be the biggest iPhone launch since iPhone 4. That was the last time I went out of my way to secure one on launch day. This year, you'll see me in the queue... Because you can be sure of one thing: if you don't preorder or queue, it will be a lengthy wait for you.

Kremlin's hackers 'wield stolen NSA exploit to spy on hotel guests in Europe, Mid East'


'People of interest' should run their bloody updates. How hard is it?

Commonwealth Bank: Buggy software made us miss money laundering


Lose $70M to money laundering, potentially get fined $954,000,000,000...

Remind me who the criminals are again here please?

Hackers can turn web-connected car washes into horrible death traps


Add firewall. Whitelist owner IP address(es), or better, only allow connections secured by a VPN. Problem solved.

Having an unpatched web server accepting traffic from everywhere is bad karma, regardless of the underlying OS. I mean, a web server that's a control system that really only exists so a small subset of people can access it, really doesn't need to be open to the whole world. That's just lazy and asking for trouble.

'SambaCry' malware scum return with a Windows encore


Wrong. It's a Windows variant as stated in the article, and therefore affects Windows and not Linux based NAS devices.

Presumably, with a patched version of Windows you're fine.

Seagate SNAFU sees Cisco servers primed for data loss


I heard...

.....of this thing quite some time ago on controllers called 'battery backup'.....????

Hot news! Combustible Galaxy Note 7 to return as 'Galaxy Note FE'


Fucktard Edition

Because, you just might be, if you buy that neutered already just about obsolescent device. Even more so, if they make you pay full price...

It's a shame (for Samsung), I was almost that Fucktard. It could have pulled me away from iOS, but I couldn't source one due to the recall. So now I have a 7 Plus and am happy with it. I wonder how many people like me there are...

Kaspersky files antitrust suit against Microsoft


Re: News at 11

"The best I can hope for is an extended court case that's cost them both heavily..."

Yes but then the other scumbags win: The Lawyers..

Don't stop me! Why Microsoft's inevitable browser irrelevance isn't



I use Chrome on Windows, but only when I'm plugged into AC. If I'm on battery, (and I'm REALLY trying to conserve power) I will use Edge. It is undoubtedly the most 'lean' browser on Windows in terms of power consumption. Similarly I will use Safari on a MacBook in the same scenario. On my iPhone, I will almost exclusively use Safari. In fact, I don't even have Chrome installed. Never needed it, despite my reliance on Google services. On Android (Galaxy S7) I use the built in browser because it has smooth scrolling. I find Chrome's performance in that aspect lacklustre at best. I've tried Chrome on various Android phones and I've always found it unoptimised and terrible. Mind you, I've never owned a Nexus or Pixel and it did appear to run really well on my friends Pixel. Is it only optimised for pure Google phones? That's certainly been my observation anyway.

Overall, Chrome is probably my favourite of the bunch, but it is a power sucking whore and for me that limits me on when I can use it.

Microsoft raises pistol, pulls the trigger on Windows 7, 8 updates for new Intel, AMD chips



Just asking: apart from discussed transgressions etc, does anyone want to buy a brand new PC and stick an old version of Windows on it? And if so, why?

Drive-by Wi-Fi i-Thing attack, oh my!


Kinda like Windows 7/8 and Kaby Lake.

I guess everyone is guilty.

Friday security roundup: Secret Service laptop bungle, hackers win prizes, websites leak


Er no

It's a very reputable service.

nbn™ is installing new hybrid-fibre coax cables


What kind of NBN?

Do you have Fibre To The Node? Because the kind of behavior you describe is what I get with my standard 100Mbps HFC cable today. If NBN can't fix that problem, then what's the point? Mind you, when NBN arrives for me in 2019, it will be Fibre To The Curb. Which means fibre backbone all the way until the last 8 metres from the curb to my doorstep. I would imagine that will fix my current HFC woes. The Optus HFC back-haul is terrible, and the network itself highly congested. I've paid top dollar for a while, to get a sub-par service. It was great until they oversold their network (at least in my area) thanks to the NetFlix promotions..... Anyway, if I had your issues with NBN, I would be complaining VERY loudly...

Grumpy Trump trumped, now he's got the hump: Muslim ban beaten back by appeals court



I can't help but feel this is over almost before it began. Even the people that took Trump seriously will have a hard time doing it now.

Intel's Atom C2000 chips are bricking products – and it's not just Cisco hit


Uh oh

We own several Synology DS1815+ devices each with about 24TB capacity and currently quite full of data. They use the Intel Atom 2538 which is listed as a SoC containing this fault. These are well over 12 months old and therefore approaching the 18 month danger zone.

This is obviously very concerning.

I hope Synology are ready to help us.

FYI: Ticking time-bomb fault will brick Cisco gear after 18 months


Re: Intel perhaps?

I have a C2538 in my Synology DS1518!

The thought of losing all that data is freaking me out....

'So sorry' Evernote rips up privacy changes


Re: When they raised their prices

That's very true. They totally lost their way on the UI. It's shite.

HPE storage meltdown at Australian Tax Office lost no taxpayer data


We lost...

A *Petabyte* of data, it literally screwed every system we have, except 'Taxpayer data'.... well thank God you had that on your 'other' storage...

Am I the only one who smells bullshit here?

Windows 10 market share growth just barely has a pulse


We disable...

all the Telemetry via Group Policy. It ain't that hard. It's not compulsory nor mandatory. I get that people aren't pleased about this (count me as one of them), but let's try and also be clear on the options and facts. Also, DontSpy10 achieves this quickly on a standalone PC. As far as Windows 10 goes as an OS there are certainly some improvements but it's not as stable as 8.1 which has gotten pretty good these days.

Fancy the new HTML vSphere client? Go get it: The old one has a security problem


Re: ?


Give that a go mate.

New Ransoc extortionists hunt for actual child abuse material


Haha yes. First thing that sprang to my mind only after having watched that episode last week!

Vodafone Australia promises fixed-line broadband over NBN


Step right up and choose the pig with the best lipstick!

World-leading heart hospital 'very, very lucky' to dodge ransomware hit


Re: Bleedin' obvious

We run our own training programs and always educate our users on each visit. That and a small peppering of 'you don't wanna be that guy/girl' has raised the level of awareness at our company.

I also quarantine ALL doc/x files and zip attachments with impunity, and encourage the use of secure file sharing applications. There's a small management overhead, yes, but it's a damn side better than dealing with an outbreak, which has not happened yet.

nbn™ says nobody needs gigabit internet, trumpets XG-Fast at 8Gbps anyway


Re: Gigabit not needed, what a load of crap!

Rubbish. High bandwidth applications open up more possibilities. And it allows us to get stuff done faster. Which saves precious time. If that isn't reason enough, then I don't know what is. And it's not just TV's. What about streaming games? Streaming VR? Backing up/downloading/syncing your insane amount of photos and personal videos of your family and loved ones you've taken over the years? What about UHD video calling, interactive learning, and other forms of interactivity we haven't even thought of yet? Not having loads of bandwidth shuts you out of some of those things entirely, and makes other things paInfully slow. It also puts our country at a disadvantage to other countries that have it. Speeds of 25Mbps will just not cut it!

Bungling Microsoft singlehandedly proves that golden backdoor keys are a terrible idea


Linux kernel support

.... for Surface Pro Touchscreen just released by Linus, then this leak... Coincidence?

BOFH: I found a flying Dragonite on a Windows 2003 domain


"This is the sort of large-scale licence abuse that generally sails under the Jolly Roger ensign."

Seriously almost fell off my chair for that one. Gold.

Webpages, Word files, print servers menacing Windows PCs – yup, it's Patch Tuesday


Sounds unrelated. I would think in your case that would have just been your malware updating itself and requiring a reboot.

Australian government urges holidaymakers to kill two-factor auth


Support Reduction

My take: overseas SMS's may not always be delivered and this would generate an influx of support queries during a time when only skeleton staff are on deck. Turning the 2FA off would result in more people successfully logging in and therefore generate less support calls.

Searching to destroy ... Bing? Facebook JILTS Microsoft


Last line should have read

Any soul-searching.............. appears to have returned no results...

BOFH: A miracle on PFY Street


Good show 'ol chap! Merry Christmas!

Apple's SNEAKY plan: COPY ANDROID. Hello iPhone 6, Watch


Re: so bitter

Your comment isn't entirely accurate - they are bringing security to mobile payments. If you listened to the Keynote (I presume you didn't) you would know that storing your credit card in Passbook, when you make a payment, you are using a new credit card number and security check digits each time you make a payment. That combination can't be used twice, which means that unscrupulous merchants can't pilfer your details nor can miscreants with unauthorised access to their systems. Nobody has done this before and Apple are leading the industry here, and surprisingly, the banks are only too happy to be on board. I thought that was pretty darn innovative and cool.


I too would have preferred a round face watch - I guess that's Apple Watch 2. However, going over the specs and marketing blurb for the Apple Watch, it does look rather impressive feature-wise. I'm going to reserve judgement on physical appearance until I buy one. (Hint: Im buying one).

Samsung isn't alone: HTC profits take a huge dive



Shame, as the One is without doubt, and by a good distance, the best smartphone I have ever owned. It kills the S4 (and others). Disclaimer: I have used them all.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game review



Considering the replay you get out of Zombies (everyone I know LOVES Zombies) I'm surprised you didnt get into too much detail. Surely that has to be a contributing factor to a Black Ops review.

I just LOVE Server 2012, but count me out on Windows 8 for now

Thumb Down

Lost me....

at " I admit that I don't have a Windows touch device of my own to play with"

Salesforce CEO Benioff: Win 8 is 'the end of Windows'


Re: @Spotswood "those who bag Windows 8" I realise that this question is a touch off-topic....

@Arctic Fox, Mate the word has a bit of a double meaning down here. Some people use it in the way you do and that's totally fine, but we also say to 'bag' something is to 'put it down/insult it'. :)



@Dave If I could have upvoted you 100 times, sir, I would have. This guy is the only guy Spruiking Salesforce. He'd even have you believe he invented the cloud. He blew it straight out of his amazing, revolutionary lungs. Now all I need is a dual 27" tablet with a keyboard and I can be part of his fucked up dream too. Where do I sign. He's just the next moron to ride the wave of free publicity bestowed on those who bag Windows 8 and the journos publish it for the same reason. (No offence intended Reg). I run a gardening business but wait I fucking hate Windows 8 too because, well because, they took my start button!!! Can I get a free write up? No I can't and no one should. Why? Because Windows 8 rocks. There I said it.

Ballmer's lightened pay packet is the least of his problems

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Re: Comparisons?

Exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself. Businesses always adopt slower, and so what? That's pretty much the norm everywhere I've worked as a sysadmin. I don't put anything in production until it's had a service pack. I like to stay one step behind the bleeding edge. Besides, it gives me plenty of time to familiarise myself with a new product, and when the business is ready, I'm already well and truly skilled up so I can perform well in my job. I've been using Win8 on my new ultrabook since the RTM. 90% of my Win7 drivers work. Everything else was out of the box anyway. Do I like Windows 8.... Hell no.... I LOVE IT. I too, am a convert. You know why? Because I love IT, and I love change. I'm quite enjoying this more agile and modern Microsoft. Sue me!

Pakistan blocks 20,000 sites in wake of anti-Islam vid


I watched it twice. I found the acting and the poor editing offensive.

'Programming on Windows 8 just like playing bingo' - Microsoft VP



Life's good, shutup.

iPhone 5 Lightning cables sticking in USB ports



It's now come to light that female USB A connectors have been manufactured incorrectly for years! Apple have 'got it right' and when hardware manufactures catch up it will 'just work'. If hardware manufacturers don't step up, Apple will have 'pioneered' a 'new standard' in connectivity, (and will probably patent it too).

The world's first Windows Phone 8 hands on – what's it like?


Re: Downvotards amaze me

Cop that.

Apple now most valuable company OF ALL TIME


All that says to me

is that we pay WAY TOO MUCH for petrol and Apple products.

Stuxnet: 'Moral crime' or proportionate response?

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Wars are going to be fought, it's in our nature. Why not do it in a way that doesn't endanger human life? Wouldn't that be more ethical? And anyway who in their right mind would trust Iran with a Nuke? I think the US has done us all a service here.

HTC phones held up at US ports after Apple patent ban


Poor HTC

I think patent litigation is downright evil. What really upsets me though is that HTC is struggling. They make great kit and it would be a shame if they folded. They're not perfect, but neither is anyone else. With Apple and Samsung so strong, and Google ready to jump in with hardware, and the software, I think HTC's position is tenuous at best. Still, hopefully people give them a chance. I ditched my iPhone 4s for a One X, and I'm posting from it right now. It's fantastic and I look at my wifes iPhone now and it seems like a tiny,outdated device. So I can tell you that people can leave Apple and be happy with their choice. HTC have won me over. My wife will never use one, she said 'its too big to handle'. Yeah, that's what SHE said!