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Hackers spunk 'pcAnywhere source' after negotiation breakdown

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media shouldnt take advantage

John Leyden chose to start the article with "Hacktivists affiliated with Anonymous". After reading the article and others reporting this story its clear that the fact is "hacktivists [i]CLAIMING[/i] to be affiliated with anonymous" would be more accurate.

In an earlier comment LeeDowling said "Anyone could do anything and blame it on Anonymous and there's no way that anyone can definitively say it *wasn't* them" Hes right and Id like to add that I think that many of the general public DONT KNOW THIS.

Whats the point of this Mr. Leyden? Is it ignorance? probably not. Hype? More likely. Either way it stinks of news manipulation.

You might say " hey, so what , its really no big deal. But YES, it is a big deal, in fact ITS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE WHOLE STORY , exactly WHO was the person/entity attemping the extortion.


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