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iOS 5 'crashes more apps' than Android


Is it not possible to roll back? I haven't an iPhone so I'm only guessing.


I wonder...

All this discussion reminds me of my days supporting clients in the field. Every now and then they'd pay me to make a house call about a PC problem. Usually something about it "crashing or going so sloooooowwwww". Once I arrived and took a look at things I'd notice all the file sharing applications and instant messenger clients sitting active or waiting to pounce in the task bar. I would then ask, "Do you have teenagers?" Then I'd get the sheepish acknowledgements. Then look at the browser with the countless tacked on "tool bars" and other worthless spyware ridden cruft to understand where the problems lay. Now that's not to say there aren't problems in the base OS, there always are, but to compound said weaknesses with unstable crapware is only to beg for a justifiable beating.


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