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STOP! Pebble Time: New color watch clocks up $5m on Kickstarter

Patrick O'Reilly

Re: "back-lit color e-paper"?

E-paper, not e-Ink.

The screen on the Pebble is just an LCD which works best when backlit as the white pixels are completely transparent unlike eInk which are an opaque white hence requiring front lighting.

GoPro's new lens: Like a GOOGLE STREETMAPS car... for your life

Patrick O'Reilly

Mon Deux

The French have made something similar that uses 3 lens and stiches them together in-camera


Let Google's tentacles fondle your mobile's web downloads and Chrome will put the data on a diet

Patrick O'Reilly

Re: <cough>Copycats</cough>

It acutally is exactly what Opera Turbo has done since it added WebP in 2011.


Before that it just downsampled JPEGs and PNGS.

The ULTIMATE cuppa showdown: And the winner is...

Patrick O'Reilly


Ireland's favourite tea, Barry's, wipes the floor with all of these.

Penguins, I give you: The SOLAR-POWERED Ubuntu laptop

Patrick O'Reilly


To paraphrase your comment:

"lighen the battery and panel", "give it a much longer battery lifetime"

You do realise that these are opposites, like saying put a smaller engine in a tank and make it go faster.

Ubuntuforums.org cracker promises no password release

Patrick O'Reilly

So this is what Dell meant when they talked about Project Sputn1k_

NSA: 'Dozens of attacks' prevented by snooping

Patrick O'Reilly

Save Marilyn Monroe

Do they mean that time they prevent two British hipsters digging up Marilyn Monroe?


Google builds crowdsourcing into new Maps code stack

Patrick O'Reilly


I hope Google have their patent cheque book at the ready, a lot of the new features look a lot like Microsoft's Photosynth technology

Google asks Blighty to slave over its Maps for FREE

Patrick O'Reilly

NavTeq, so long and thanks for all the tiles

When Google enable Map Maker for a country it means that they've ditched their reliance on 3rd parties for map data.

The Google Map is now exclusively Copyright Google 2013 for map data. (external companies are still required for satellite imagery)

WebKit devs on Blink fork: 'Two can play that game'

Patrick O'Reilly

Re: Chrome starting to fall behind

What is that blazingly fast Firefox on Android that you speak of? Is it some special internal build, because even the public nightly's aren't up to much.

Opera older presto based browser was much more superior to both.

Google forks WebKit, promises faster, leaner Chrome engine

Patrick O'Reilly

What about Morrissey?!

Opera's Bruce Lawson also dissed Morrissey's solo career, where's your comment on that?!

A lightbulb that does IPv6: You know you want it

Patrick O'Reilly


The LiFx smart LED bulb that started as a Kickstarter project uses an IPv6 mesh network too, but it utilises your existing WiFi network for it's backhaul.

Canonical unveils fondleslab-friendly Ubuntu 'experience'

Patrick O'Reilly

Re: I just want to run Ubuntu on my tablet...

You will, tomorrow, when the code is released.

Top Firefox OS bloke flames Opera for WebKit surrender

Patrick O'Reilly

All smoke and no flame

Not much of a flame...

Google Drives into web hosting

Patrick O'Reilly

Drop in the ocean

Similar functionality has been available on Dropbox for a long time.

When open-source eats itself, we win

Patrick O'Reilly

Re: Agree

Even on a Raspberry PI Nginx holds up to a pounding from Blitz.io

Greedy Apple told it can't triple Samsung's $1bn patent payout

Patrick O'Reilly


There's a giant in South Korea?!

Samsung demands Apple's iOS 6 source code in patent case

Patrick O'Reilly

Apple Advantage

If Apple want to review Samsung's source code all they need is, to paraphrase Andy Rubin:

mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git ; repo sync ;

Microsoft to pump cash into Dell buyout deal?

Patrick O'Reilly

Re: Has Microsoft won the war against alternative operating systems?

This does not bode well for #projectSputnik

Opera sings WebKit's tune for new mobile browser

Patrick O'Reilly


Mozilla attempted something similar with Junior for iPad. This is just a concept UI for iPad, which doesn't allow Opera's own Presto to run.

I still have to see any official verification of this being an actual move by Opera. Some articles even incorrectly claimed the gentleman in the video is the CEO, which he is not.

Siri, will Chrome's new speech features kill you?

Patrick O'Reilly

Old News

Chrome has had the Web Speech API for over 2 years.


'SHUT THE F**K UP!' The moment Linus Torvalds ruined a dev's year

Patrick O'Reilly


It's not like he hurled a chair across a room at the guy.

Adobe's revenge on Steve Jobs: HTML5

Patrick O'Reilly

Jobs Last Laugh

Steve may yet have the last laugh, as under his final watch HTML5 support was crippled outside of Safari by not upgrading the JS engine in the webView and limiting it's functionality.

Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review

Patrick O'Reilly

Health Warning

This article should be prefaced with a health warning, by the end I was about to hurl.

Woz labels Apple 'arrogant' over iPhone size inadequacy

Patrick O'Reilly


He's also the guy who invented the home computer, and a freakin' genius!

Motorola outs Razr phone with Intel Inside

Patrick O'Reilly


"20 hours runtime", I hope that's talktime, not standby. But I wouldn't be surprised with a hungry-hungry CISC chip.

Microsoft offers alternative Lync-like web chat spec to W3C

Patrick O'Reilly


The current WebRTC spec does not lack Peer-to-peer capability, it has both a P2P messengering and data API's. Even dev versions of Chrome have it implemented and hidden behind about:flags.

Opera updated following unexplained Outlook.com lockout

Patrick O'Reilly



Dell readies Linux Ultrabook for autumn release

Patrick O'Reilly

Re: Not this again

Last time I went through the shopping cart flow to buy an Ubuntu machine off Dell, they suggested I used Internet Explorer 7

The last decent Ubuntu based machine Dell stocked was the Mini 10, however Dell got seriously burned by punters buying the cheapest one they saw and then complaining when it "didn't have Windows". Picked up a couple at the Dell Outlet for €199.

Skyhook offers 'Always-On' background STALKING feature

Patrick O'Reilly


Inertial navigation? Monitoring the barometer? Or guestimating from flight predicted course?

Microsoft 'didn't notice' it had removed Browser Choice for 17 months

Patrick O'Reilly


So 2014 covers displaying the browser choice screen on Windows 8 too? What about Windows RT?

And I've been looking but I can't seem to find the browser choice screen on Windows Phone 7 either?

LOHAN fizzles forlornly in REHAB

Patrick O'Reilly


What about testing the motor in an environment that lacks any O2 i.e. in a an airtight pit that's filled with dryice. They you could rule in(or out) the lack of oxygen being the issue rather than the low pressure.

New Opera 12 hooks web apps to 3D graphics acceleration

Patrick O'Reilly


It's also the first desktop stable to ship with HTML5's getUserMedia API for camera access. Opera Mobile on Android already has access to the camera.

Samsung plunges $500k into Linux Foundation

Patrick O'Reilly

It's the least they can do.

For a company who's majority of consumer products are built on the Linux kernel, its the least they could do.

Based on their 2011 phone sales alone, that works out at $0.0016 per device. Add to that TV and DVD/BluRay sales and that contribution per device drops even more.

LINX 'downed by ethernet loop' on external network

Patrick O'Reilly

What's up with the hipster lookin' PTX photo?

Apple design chief Jony Ive knighted - but not by the Queen

Patrick O'Reilly

Sir Job

Who's got money on zombie Steve Jobs returning to steal the knighthood, because it was obviously intended for him. Steve deserves it.

Star Trek's Wesley Crusher blasts Google+ landgrab

Patrick O'Reilly
Thumb Up

All Hail!

And that is why he is our king.

HTC peeves punters with One X woes

Patrick O'Reilly


I tried one of the One X's in Edinburgh recently and was shocked to find it's browser did not support WebDB/SQL


Patrick O'Reilly

Better Photo Apps

There are much better apps out there for photo manipulation, e.g. Magic Hour, Pixlr-o-matic and Retro Camera, but for a pure hipster photo community it's hard to beat Instagram.

Personally I do most of the photo warping in other apps and just use Instagram as a place to put photos without fotospamming off my friends on Twitter or Facebook.

Nordic region, Ireland adopt new 'connected telly' standard

Patrick O'Reilly


I see in keeping with the Nordic traditions, Opera is the browser of choice for HbbTV.

As an Irish citizen, I wonder what it means for Irish consumers as most of our electronic devices are sold by UK retailers (the local Sony Center's only closed last week after Dixons Retail drove them into the ground). The Irish Digital TV service only started last year, SaorView, and is only compatable with Freeview HD devices (i.e. we only broadcast MP4 not MPEG2)

Whisky IN SPAAAAACE: Zero-G Scotch is matured aboard the ISS

Patrick O'Reilly

Aged not Distilled

The Whisky will be space AGED, not space DISTILLED.

Phonedeck pushes out web 'n' mobe app for Android

Patrick O'Reilly

Prior Art

Isn't this was DeskSMS does already?

Dot-brand explosion will shell-shock lazy coders - ICANN

Patrick O'Reilly

whois theregister.xxx

It's been months and my system still can't whois the .xxx domain. This'll happen all over the place with dotBrand

Facebook denies poaching your text messages on Android

Patrick O'Reilly

Dormant My Ass

If they're not using that code, then they don't need that permission and it should be removed.

If they do introduce a new feature that uses, then change the app permissions so the user is prompted to accept the app permissions again with the text message access hightlighted as new.

Youtube accessing the camera isn't an issue at all, the Youtube can invoke the camera so that you can take videos to post to Youtube.

Foursquare ousted? Google sneaks out Latitude leader boards

Patrick O'Reilly

Dodge this!

"Foursquare more or less invented the concept of checking into locations"

Foursquare didn't invent the concept, Dodgeball did which was subsequently bought by Google in 2005 and became Latitude, while the Dodgeball founders left and setup Foursquare.

Mozilla releases Firefox 10, adds developer tools

Patrick O'Reilly

Two Digit Browser

And that's why Opera will forever be Opera 9.80, Mozilla should have followed Opera's lead (again)

'Hannibal' leaks '100,000 Facebook logins'

Patrick O'Reilly

It burns!

Careful what you hack, you could end up with a white phosphorous coming through a your sitting room window.

Dixons cuts Ice Cream Sarnie ready Xoom to £225

Patrick O'Reilly

ICS Easy

It's very easy to get ICS on a UK WiFi Xoom. No need to root it, just unlock the bootloader, download the official Xoom US WiFi ROM from the Motorola website and once it boots it updates itself to 4.0.3

Ubuntu Linux shop reveals 'TV for human beings'

Patrick O'Reilly

Already here

Most Samsung, LG and Sony TV's already are Linux powered, as are most Blu-ray players

ISP ordered to drop 'three strikes' rule against pirates

Patrick O'Reilly


The 3 strikes rule might be dead, but the record industry have sunk their claws into government and the Irish government is to legislate in the new year against downloaders.