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Everything Everywhere to be Nothing Nowhere in rebrand


Nothing Everywhere



I for one welcome our four-toed non-human overlords.

Can Tony and Gordon take off their disguises now?

Anonymous takes down UK government websites in Assange attack

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I'd have more sympathy for Assange if he fronted up and answered the sexual assault charges that have been levelled against him.

Claiming persecution and making a national cause celebre out of his attempts to evade the legal system still doesn't absolve him from having to address the allegations two women have made.

He may have a point about freedom of speech but what about the rule of law?

Undead galaxy cluster spews 700 zombie baby stars A YEAR

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Re: Impressive

and when lined up end-to-end, how many double decker busses long would they be?

Kidney-for-iPad fanboi sues after illness strikes


What a sad story

Setting aside the trivial Apple bashing of a few small minded individuals, the main point here is that someone was duped into selling one of his major organs for a small cash incentive.

Many people commenting here seem better informed of the facts than i could find on the story but fundamentally I find it a shame that the sort of people that carry out these organs for cash operations don't have more heat brought down on them sooner.

Apple extends tablet market lead


Re: iPad's sell well

@jarjarbinks, I understood from the OP not that the other tablets CAN'T do what the iPad does, they can but that the majority think the iPad does it better, hence the vastly larger sales of the iPad over the others.

Individually, you may find otherwise, I might too but the OP is pointing to the sales figures and whether you like iPads or not, the sales figures cannot be disputed, the majority buy them, not the alternative.

Samsung: 'Apple's proto-iPhone Jony is a Sony phone phoney'

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Two tech titans battling it out in court.

I bet their respective corporate lawyers are rubbing their hands with glee.

The only loser in all this? Us again, the consumers :-(

BIG BOOBS banished from Linux kernel


Re: Are we sure it was a breast reference?

Women in IT was mentioned but surely it could refer just as easily to men with big boobs?

As there are way more men in IT than women surely this category is the most offended.

FWIW, I couldn't care less about a Hex number that vaguely resembles a lame chuckle-worthy couple of words being hidden in the kernel of an operating system.

Java won the smartphone wars (and nobody noticed)


Java won the smartphone wars (and nobody noticed) .

Or in the context of smartphones: Java won the smartphone wars (and nobody cared) .

Giant super-laser passes 500 TRILLION watts


Hmmm 2mm target?

If it's that accurate, it'll definitely be able to hit Alderaan.

Now Apple faces Siri court room showdown


Re: So we can decide we 'own' animal names now then?

Does that mean that the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) need to be sued as they offered to send me a toy Snow Leopard with my membership thereby blatantly infringing the trademark for financial gain?

HTC handsets hit by grip of death


Re: Hmm, Apple viral marketing at work?

@AC Posted Tuesday 12th June 2012 11:33 GMT

I smell a troll.....

World+Dog to demand ever larger tablet-phones


Re: It's not the length, it's the thickness that counts.

Crikey, I find myself in the unusual situation of agreeing with Barry.

5 inch phones make me feel too much like Dom Joly. The current iPhone's 3.5 inches is now starting to seem a little too small (rumour is it'll get bigger in the new iPhone).

Personally, I feel the sweet spot is around 4 - 4.25 inches.


Norwegian teens arrested over SOCA DDoS attack


Bet they were surprised

That knock on the door must have given them a shock.

Though targeting a police organisation (SOCA), even if it's in another country, is always going to stir up a hornets nest. They should have stuck to defacing their school intranet pages and friends homepages.

Facebook IPO: The date is set, Zuckerberg casts the dice at last


No comments yet?

Article posted at 12:38 GMT, by 14:09 still no comments.

This speaks volumns about how much people really care about the flippin FB IPO.

Is it really such a big deal that Mr Zuckerberg is going to get significantly richer in a few days time?

RIM shares take a bath after uninspiring BlackBerry 10 unwrap


Circling the drain

It may be that the tech media have made up their minds about RIM already as all the reports I see tend to reinforce the image that RIM is circling the drain.

It's be a shame to lose a formerly innovative player in the mobile arena but I can't see how RIM can come back from this without either massive financial outlay and/or some unforseen "next big thing" to generate optimism for them.

Beer for the RIM employees to cheer them up.

HP and Epic 'preferred bidders' for UK eHospital plan


It doesn't matter who supplies the services/kit

What matters are implemeting fit and proper contracts with real teeth if/when the suppliers don't come through with the goods on time.

It seems that the large suppliers tender for these contracts knowing they'll never be able to supply the goods at the price and rely on wriggling out of the initial contracts before then extracting huge amounts of additional cash from the NHS to finish the job that they should have finished at the original price. Meanwhile the original contracts are so flimsy the is no comeback from the taxpayer other than to bend over and take it.

I really hope this one is different but the track record for these large Govt/NHS contracts is not the best.

Samsung overtakes Nokia, Apple in mobile handset race


Re: Ultimate victory?

Isn't the usual business matra spouted by the Dragons and other TV entrepreneur types:

"Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity"

Profit is what buys the beers...

Good Tech: Apple dominates mobile enterprise


Elephant in the room?

"As Good competes with RIM, there's no BlackBerry support"

So if RIM was the previously (almost) unchallenged incumbent, having glossy charts showing everyone else but RIM is hardly giving a balanced view of the state of enterprise gadget management.

Like a chart of PC operating systems missing Microsoft products.

Samsung heralds quad-core chip 'first'


Re: Concerns..

Have to agree with you there. The S2 is a great bit of kit and very fast but it just felt a little, dare I say, cheap and plastic-y.

Hopefully the S3 will have a bit more of a quality feel to it to go with the (assumed) outrageous specs.

Before the hardcore Android fans start having a pop, I'm not knocking the phone itself per se, it's a great bit of kit. I'd personally like it to feel a bit more robust.

Flame? Because as soon as you mention mobile phones there's a deluge of downvotes from the radicalised mobile extremists.

Vodafone fights India's retrospective tax grab


Vodafone in arbitration?

I wonder if the arbitration company will sign them up for a minimum 24 months?

BT's 'unbeatable' Infinity broadband ads banned by ASA


Re: Good

I'd avoid BT simply for their crappy ads, even if I didn't already know their equipment / speeds / customer service / pricing were rubbish.

Naked gyrating iPad vid exposes truth behind Apple's billions



...from China? Surely not....

Anonymous plans DDoS attack on GCHQ in snoop law protest


Trying to hack the experts?

I don't know much about "hacking" but surely rallying a bunch of script kiddies mixed with hard-core hackers to attack the experts in countering this sort of behaviour is asking for the less able hackers to be found out and prosecuted.

At least attempting to hack the Chinese isn't generally going to generate a knock on the door from the rozzers or worse (though if you REALLY annoyed them, it might be much, much worse).

California judge hauls in Samsung CEO, bigwigs for Apple to grill


Very sick of it

Fed up with two tech giants wearing each other out whilst the lawyers get fat off the profits.

They should be spending the cash on R&D and giving the consumers real progress and innovation.

Yes, I realise that protecting that R&D is worthwhile, but the current system only benefits the lawyers. Spend the cash lobbying for a better patent system, fix it and then get back to giving us great new products.

Netgear Powerline Nano 500 Ethernet-over-mains adaptor


Re: Bottom plug

<Insert joke here>

Anonymous turns its fire on China

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Re: That's a little optimistic....

Yes, tomorrow is a public holiday, they'll probably wait until tuesday at the earliest...

Adam Sandler's cross-dresser shocker is Razzies stonker

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After his last few outings, I'd have thought they'd elect Adam Sandler to president of the Razzies.

Griffin Reserve Battery Case


Re: WTF?

If you use it heavily and find the battery life is not long enough for your individual needs then yes, lard it up with a strap-on as you put it.

If your usage means it doesn't need it then don't, it's a choice.

Luckily for me, my phone's battery lasts long enough that I wouldn't need it but if your doesn't then it's a possible solution. Another would be to buy a different phone, one that does what you need it to for as long as you need it to.

Google planning to brand and sell Android tablets


Re: is it bullshit Friday or something?

>>Expect that to be 70% Android and 30% iOS before you know what hit you...

No Barry, I won't, as I would call into question your access to the facts behind the future sales, future products and your impartiality given your previous rants.

You do your cause no good by spouting such utter rubbish.

As you are so keen on the fail icon you can have one from me.

UK public sector IT jobs rebound - for permies

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Re: Hmmmmm

I thought agencies spoofing jobs like that was illegal (it's certainly unethical).

Still doesn't stop them though.

Apple IP details tech for 'iTV' innards


RE: Apple TV >= iTV

Not so sure ITV would be too willing to sell as they have been trading under that name for such a long time.

However, I suppose everyone has a price and they do have shareholders so if the offer was big enough....

Beer? If I were a shareholder the payoff would buy quite a few


Re: Cant help but notice...

That's why they're patenting the square corners...

Apple iPhoto

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Seems to do what most want it to

Easy to use, fairly intuitive and does enough to make your pics look nice without having to do a training course first.

Just what the majoirty of people would like. It'll probably sell well but I agree that it should really come bundled with iOS.

Giant planet pileups in far-flung star systems: Computer says yes


AU - Astronomical Units

Could we have the measurements in more meaningful El Reg units please rather than AUs?

Double decker busses / Elephants ?

China ready to slap down US in smartphone wars


Nice angle

When Britain or the US buy way more of some shiny toy than everyone else the headlines scream about our evil consumerism and how bad it is for the world + dog etc.

Now the emerging countries are jumping on the bandwagon the tone of the article is such that we are made to feel somehow lacking as we are not consuming as much as they are?

Should I feel guilty or pleased Britain is slipping back in its ravenous desire for disposeable tech?

Cambridge boffins build laser 'unprinter' to burn pages clean

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Decide wheter to patent or not?

"They have found some papers hardier than others, and are continuing experiments while considering whether to file patents or commercialize the technology"

Wow, how nice to see people giving consideration as to wheter a patent is worthwhile or not rather than just filing for the patent automatically as well as patenting everything else that is vaguely associated with it.

Steve Jobs' death clears way for Apple-Android peace talks


Could it be?

Is this hope that the utterly ridiculous patent wars could come to an end and the consumer might actually benefit from innovation again?

Or is it just the first round of a new patent land-grab to build up the biggest stash of stupidly obvious patents just in case the negotiations come down to a round of willy waving.

Stolen NASA laptop had Space Station control codes


Unencrypted lost laptops

Was the user of the laptop who lost it previously employed by one of the security services?

They seem to make losing laptops with sensitive data a speciality.

LG touts Tegra 3 talker


iPhone mention on post number 6

Crikey, can't even get to double digit posts before the iPhone has to be mentioned goading Obviously! into spouting his anti iPhone rants again.

Will there ever be an article about a mobile phone where the comments focus on how good/bad the phone is rather than disparaging comments about people who don't share the same choices as you?

China Telecom ramps up iPhone 4S fanboi fever


Oh no, an article mentioning a phone

Cue the usual Android Vs iPhone rantings.

You don't make the same choices as me therefore you must be a moron, Wah! Wah! copy me and my choices etc. etc.

Brit space agency sends up 1st satellite


That satellite..

looks surprisingly like Bill and Ted's time machine phone booth....Excellent!