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Apple Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion review

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You can't put lipstick on a pig.

Windows Metro Maoist cadres reach desktop, pound it flat

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Animal Farm

I've been using Win 8 as my sole OS since the RC. Its OK...now that I've installed that stardock or whatever its called (forces a Win7 style start menu button).

Still annoys me that I have to shut down by mousing to the top right of the screen, waiting for a brief moment while the worthless animation takes place, bringing out the side bar, sliding down, making sure to keep to the right, then clicking 'settings' (is SHUTDOWN really a fucking setting???), and finally POWER -> SHUTDOWN.

That fudges me off something rotten.

I use a mouse setting of high speed, zero acceleration. Mainly so I have total control of the mouse, and it doesn't whizz about unexpectedly. Acceleration is a dick. To shut down windows, takes me from the bottom left corner (where I inevitably click - my mistake admittedly), 4 mouse swooshes (to make sure I am in the top right corner)....a pause......a rigid grip and slide down, settings/power.

Absolute dump.

Time for a Stella. 4.8% would you believe. Can't even consider that 'Wife Beater' these days....

How to get a job in Australia

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I need to move away

I hope people come back and read the comments on this, I bookmarked it as I want to (.net dev) work in Sydney. The Switzerland comment got me tho. That sounds awesome. 80k for a dev role? You don't need to get back to me actually, I'll research this myself, because I'm on a Welsh wage here of 30k. This would be 45 or so if I was in London (based on colleagues pay whilst working down TVP). Fuuuuck, I need to move. I will move, just.....where?

Ten... two-bay Nas boxes

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Re: I still dont get the use of iTunes server?

I've never had much luck doing it this way. My music library is 100 gig or so (160 gb ipod classic).

Every time I plug in the ipod to sync, itunes seems to want to pull EVERY single file over the network. This takes ages.

Media monkey doesn't do this.

The itunes server tho I agree, its a bit pointless.

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+1 for Synology

I've had a 209+ii, and a 1010+, the 1010+ is a beast, a proper workhorse. I hammer it constantly.

Software updates are pretty frequent, and the beta of 4 includes a new 'SynoCloud' feature thingy.

Think dropbox, but everything syncs to your nas instead of some random dropbox server somewhere. It's a bit crap at the moment - last time I checked, you couldn't sync files over a certain size, making it a bit useless for me, but that will (hopefully) get sorted before the final release.

I'd love to 'upgrade' to one of those new 10/12 bay models!

Life on Mars found – in 1976

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Re: My memory is hazy but...

Upvoted for mention of 'The Planets'. Brilliant series, 1999 I believe. I got the double VHS of it after watching it on telly. Its great (probably a bit out of date by now though). Go and watch it.

RIM retracts denial on consumer devices: Pulls out, spins in circle

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Had me all the way up to 'cocks on twitter'.

The Register obtains covert snaps of Google's new London offices

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'Honking' is a pretty good word. I like the word 'Honking'. I normally use it to reference a horrific smell, i.e. "Jesus Christ, its F**king honking in here".

Sometimes I go for the plural, i.e. "Mate, your sandwich honks.".

Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth headset

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Re: Re: Re: Yay - decent stereo headset!

I've had a pair of these since November.

Yes, they do have an on board mic, its hidden down by the USB slot on the right ear.

They *are* a bit flimsy mind, if you sat on them, they would be ruined. The switch (linked to the folding mechanism) doesn't fill you with confidence either. I hate that I have to fold them to switch them off. Also, they don't lock in the folded position, they are just loose, so unless you've got something to put them in, they just flop about.

The velvet padding is a bit crap too, its started peeling away on the one side, quite a bit, doesn't really matter, because the material underneath is fine, but you expect a bit more for £70.

Apparently they have noise cancelling built in too, but It's either useless, or very *very* subtle.

Saying that, I love them. Great headphones, I'd never go back to wired ones now, they feel so restrictive in comparison. These work brilliant with my Galaxy S2, and they've got some good punch to them if you crank it up too. The sound is a little bassy perhaps, but you can tweak all that with your EQ on your music player.

CRACK made by quakes FOUND ON MOON

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Re: Don't most satellites have hot cores ?

From memory, it's because of the difference in gravity between the nearside and farside of said satellite, rather than the pull between the host and the sun.

Thats the case with Jupiter and some of its moons at least, but the gravity is far stronger on Jupiter. I don't think the Earth is massive enough to have that sort of effect. Then again, what do I know.

Apple's Messages beta will self-destruct on Mountain Lion launch

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Re: Re: Re: Oh Great....What a frigging annoyance from hell

Hey, don't blame the programmers!

Blame the designers.

But I totally agree. I get annoyed with MSN (or whatever the fuck its called now) on the laptop & desktop & phone.

Apple lands slide-to-unlock patent blow on Motorola

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Re: Rethink the slider

I hate the slider on my iPod. Of course, you shouldn't be using it while driving, but that aside.

Its annoying.

I've installed 'No Lock' on my SGS2, the button on the side is more than good enough for me thank you.


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ahh but

Unless said supernova illuminated the dark side to the exact same degree as the sunny side (and I'm talking to the PHOTON), then one side would still be darker than t'other.

Stick that in your pipe!

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There's always a dark side of the moon...

...it just moves :p