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Nokia's 41Mp Lumia 1020 'launches' in UK - but hoi polloi must wait


Re: 4MP vs 41 ?

...even you have super super Soft and processor you need a lot of memory... It is a lot graphics data anyway. Scen on PC you need a lot of ram and processing power to process such photos. So please..

Windows growth keeps Microsoft earnings relatively stable


Who cares about MS any more ?

If you can make lost as profit by "creative" financials and putting hight insurance on top of that and balance future imaginery income into current balance - then we are all doing perfect ! MS is like massive bubble in falling

market. The problem is nobody cares - Market has shifted to more attractive options... ohh I shdould say "wrong"

options ;)

...but steam gaming on Linux is brilliant.. and less and less people will need MS for having fun..

There is no need to spend ridiculous amount of money to enjoy it !

Well I reckon secure bios is "very" popular...

Global warming still stalled since 1998, WMO Doha figures show


Really ?

Track extreme weather events ? so easy just by looking over your window ? or You mean by storm chasers :) with fancy cars ?

As far we know first satelite realised was Russian "Sputnik" - but it could only beep ;) and it was cold war anyway ;) So you are right - more people or meerkats looking there is more storms or predators detected ;)

and hotter is gets ;) But how cold it was when no one has been looking ;)

What can save the Xmas PC market? Not Windows 8, say analysts



oohh No....... Noo

granfather Santa doesn't like square bathroom tiles on his game station as well... bad bad for him He has gestured it wrong way... probably ;) and Millions and millions Androids are comming - game stations for 50-70$, cheap tablets Samsung Cortexes multicores etc and others.. How to fit super bombastic plastic squares 8 on pen-size USB PC ? Is is playing Crisis about ? NO !T is basic computional tasks need and Android toys sells better, works better and more fun, there is more apps for that and practically no viruses and it is Linux anyway... Even Apple starts getting hard time about it.. Tiles 8 have no chance.. someone would argue ? ;)

Global warming: It's GOOD for the environment


Re: warmer sea temperature

Hey - you have forgotten about the rain. More vapour - more rain.

More C02 - trees will grow faster - did you read the article ?

Warmer climate - more land to agriculture.. and more food.

There is no proof oceans heats up much.

ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. - Humans begin artificial CO2 emissions


Re: Missing the whole point/problem of man made emissions.

The problem are people who think that by stopping CO2 emissions will save "as all" and taxing as

at the same time. Ignoring the common science in the name of financial reasons spreading false science.

The climate will change as always if we like it or not and humans can't reverse natural cycles even if

we collect all CO2 from atmosfere. The single sun can bake as in the moment of bad mood with CO2 or with out.

Happy barbecuing.


We don't need climate science any more - it's all because CO2 ;) Ignore sun spots and stop barbecue on weekend basis ! ;) If we pump more CO2 dinosaurs will happen again and they will eat all our sausages ;) But what about - Life had happened when it was much hotter and much more CO2 then

nowadays - so how we can stop it by barbecuing ? ha It just makes more life around ;)

Funny article ;) just for barbecue after fee "special brews" ;)

Laser boffins blast bits onto hard drive at 200Gb/sec


Life span..

Just exmaple : OCZ VERTEX 3 SATA III 2.5" SSD 240GB life span is 2 Milion hours.

2 000 000h / 24h = 83333 days / 365days = 228 YEARS

With a normal filled SSD and very heavy writing/usage of say 10GB data each day 365 days a year you'd be looking at roughly 22 full SSD write cycles per year, out of the 3000 (worst case scenario) available.

Worst scenario then : 3000 / 22per year = 136 Years !

So in the worst scennario if TheRegister keep you message at SSD it will be still to read for quite long time. SSD drive will fail because spark-sure or tunder bolt much easier then because of short life span.

So take care about you power supply ;)

Five ways Microsoft can rescue Windows Phone


Android is FREE it's OpenSource ( Apache 2 licence ). Check the WikiPedia. You can use it I can use it without paying a penny to anybody.

Please don't spread FUD !

The problems you've mentioned are Android proprietary extenions related - MS Outlook synchronization most frequently - NOT Linux kernel or any OpenSource ( Apache 2 licence ) software

related. There are NO "Android `patent uncertainties'" as Andoid as such does not violate any patents.

It's manufactures who try to use for free proprietary extenions without any licence a cause of the dispute.


Hard to rescue wrong model..

Few clarifications,

1) Lack of trust to Google or Apple ? I reckon the problem is lack of trust to MS at the fist place;

( would you like to have nice key logging virus on you phone ? )

2) Accusations of Android phones manufactures are not Android related but Android extensions related - in most cases it is MS Outook synchronization related. So clime it is Android braking any patents is completely wrong and FUD;

3) Android IS free - proprietary Android extensions are not - and it is up to the manufacturer which to include or not.

4) Developers don't like MS development model when every change needs to be "certified" back and forward to M$. The process is unefficient and slow - there is not much apps for that.

5) Users do not like Windows Phone as it sales number is close to disaster.. and the whole Elot Nokia M$ overtaking at the first place.

Windows Phone 8 to get NFC, HD and Skype


What's Windows Phone ?

What's Windows Phone ? ;) Does it do copy & paste ? I've heard it not multitasking even.

I'm "sure" WIndows 8 will be amazing - if Nokia will not collapse because of that ;)

Google and Apple would have to stand still for 4-5 years and do nothing to allow Widnows Phone

to catch up. There is not much apps for that either. M$ development model is out of date, who will be

able to develop fast running games in .net ? But miracles are welcome ;) Good luck Nokia You will need

that - just not sure Elop will help you with it.

Windows Phone is like ghost we hear a lot of about them, someone have seen it once ;) but nobody likes them..