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IBM ordered to hand over ex-CEO emails plotting cuts in older workers


Re: The dog ate it

The company will still keep them, but not tell anybody that they have them. That stuff could be useful

Google offers $118m to settle gender discrimination lawsuit


Re: This lawsuit has 0 merit

According to wiki they had 139,995 employees in 2021. That's not mind boggling, and I do understand it

Atos, UK government reach settlement on $1 billion Met Office supercomputer dispute



How much do we really need to know if it's going to rain?

If you fire someone, don't let them hang around a month to finish code


Re: Unhelpful comments

Ah the old i++; // increment i


Re: I had a three month extension like this once

By "full time" I think you mean permie

Not looking forward to a greyscale 2022? Then look back to the past in 64 colours


Re: Angel Delight

I’ve genuinely not seen any lack of products in the supermarkets other than when the nutters went buying up all the bog roll last year. Yet another reason to feel blessed for being a midlander

Microsoft previews free Visual Studio Code for the Web


Straw Man Tilts At Windmill

I don't think anybody has said the web based version is superior, in fact the article clearly states the exact opposite but explains the potential benefit for certain scenarios.

Square peg of modem won't fit into round hole of PC? I saw to it, bloke tells horrified mate


Re: DIMM Slots

If a job can't be completed with a hammer, get a bigger hammer

Sources: Misco sold to Hilco Capital, care home for the distressed


Re: Management

Citation needed

IT jargon is absolutely REAMED with sexual double-entendres


Re: Now, IBM can finally perfect its hi-tech stuff

I'm pretty sure the designers of 'tar' made the command line options so difficult to remember just so that people were forced to type 'man tar'.

Always makes me laugh though, and is usually followed by a quick check on the man page for 'finger', just to check for any updates I'd missed.

Microsoft: We plan to CLEAN UP this here Windows Store town


Re: Now, IBM can finally perfect its hi-tech stuff

It comes in quote handy for windows phone

Barnes & Noble: Swallow a Samsung Nook tablet, please ... pretty please


We've had two Nook HD+'s's's in our house for over a year and I have to say they're far superior to the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire in terms of, well, everything. IMHO of course.

Intel's Raspberry Pi rival Galileo can now run Windows


Re: What software will it run?

It just runs

US regulators OK sale of IBM's x86 server biz to Lenovo


Re: Now, IBM can finally perfect its hi-tech stuff

Well said that man

Google buys shagadelic playlist biz Songza


Re: The Lumberjack song

You sir owe me a keyboard. Also my dog is not happy as he now he smells of coffee.

Have an upvote

Windows 8.1 Update 1 spewed online a MONTH early – by Microsoft


Re: A question

I think you'll find the slur used was 'Shrills'. Presumably people with higher voices are staunch supporters of Windows.

ESA rejoices as comet-chasing Rosetta probe wakes from 3-year nap


The thing had to warm up after three years in space. They always said they were expecting a response at between 5:30 and 6:30 gmt and it arrived at 6:15.

Frankly I'm blown away by this. Sod the bit about landing on a comet - if they can get a computer to wake up in a working state after three years in space then the rest is simple.

I know if I'd written it they would have been greeted by a prompt 'disk sda has not been checked for 900 days, do you wish to check now? y/n' and some poor yt ladwould have had to nip up with a ps2 keyboard.

Curiosity looks up, spies Martian double-mooning


Re: Lovely Movie

i don't think they have a full 60 fps video, what you see is what they have. the 55 second version just has longer pauses between frames

FA Cup 2013 - Surprise Result


FA Cup 2013 - Surprise Result

Whilst watching the Community Shield highlights last night I couldn't for the life of me remember who Wigan beat in the FA Cup, so I turned to Google but now I can't work out which Manchester-based Ministry Of Truth might be resonsible for this ...


History shall record.

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of


I am unable to form an opinion on this. I shall await Eadon's sage wisdom

Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride


I'm not really sure who McKinsey Associates are but according to my own studies a proper digital economy would add a billion squillion bazillion europounds. Very worrying

Zynga banks fluke profit - won't happen again, says CEO


I just don't get it

" compared to an $85.3m loss in Q1 2012, on revenues of $263.6m"

How does a software company (I'm being generous here) spend 350m in a quarter?

Microsoft CFO quits as quarterly results fail to sparkle


Re: Geek Win (sort of)

My 13 year old son came home from school one day earlier this year and early told me that the school had rolled out win 8 and that it was sick. From the mouths of babes ...

Mobe networks bag UK 4G for a steal - £1bn shy of Osborne's £3.5bn


10?! Did you slip in to Base2 for that comment?

Mozilla needs to find alternatives to the Google umbilical


Re: "less airtime than Google or Apple"

What a useful and well-thought out comment. Thank you for taking the time to share with us your incredible foresight and business acumen.

Google upgrades Gmail interface, now less 'drafty'


One of the problems is that browser apps are just not written optimally enough for current systems

There, fixed it for you

Lenovo unfolds smaller Yoga tablet-laptop hybrid


Uuuugh *shivers*

I can only imagine the detritus that would fall out all over my lap after using this thing as a laptop for a month and then folding it keyboard-down on my lap. I'm in the seventh circle now.

HP: PC industry has forgotten how to innovate


Re: Sigh

I suppose I must be much shinier than you! ;-)



I was in Currys the other day looking at ovens, and the missus wandered over to the computers on the way out. She saw the ultrabooks and went "ooooh", and then she looked to the left and saw the iPads and walked over there instead. There are two markets here: shiny things and things for actually doing work. Black and Decker still seem to be doing alright out of selling screwdrivers and hammers.

USAF declassifies ‘flying saucer’ design


Re: Check it doesn't

Does it count if it just has the one rounded corner?

New Opera 12 hooks web apps to 3D graphics acceleration


Re: "and also access to the computer's webcam"

Oh no, you've misunderstood. A webcam would allow _you_ to wave your genitals in other people's faces. This may or may not change your opinion but pointless pedantry always cheers me up

Apple design chief Jony Ive knighted - but not by the Queen


Re: What about my 3 year old?

But it is still very funny. And now that I know it annoys people it shall be even more so!

Amazon drops planned 8.9in Kindle Fire for 10.1in job


No no, it's not that they want to "go" either way, they want to offer a 7 _and_ 10 inch option.

Sent from my kindle fire (running cm7).

Facebook jumps then slumps in first few minutes day's trade


say wha?

wtf is facebook?

Microsoft stuffs $300m into Nook, bolts B&N app to Windows 8


How much?!

$300m for a large chunk of a growing firm with real products making real money is ridiculous, you could buy a third of a freebie photo app for that - far more trendy

Opera retires Unite, widgets in latest browser cut


Re: That is opera sync

It's opera _link_ these days fella

Amazon names date for Kindle Touch touchdown


as an owner of an imported (and rooted (many times)) kindle fire I am extremely happy with it - I can browse t'interwebs, read emails, and play crappy freebie android apps, and that is _all_ I got it for. however i'm not sure that it will ever be a "killer" tablet for mort without bluetooth, camera, mic, etc.

suspect amazon have worked this out and blighty will not see the fire until the next gen model is ready, and sellable under £200.

Mozilla releases Firefox 10, adds developer tools


" It seems that somebody at Mozilla has looked at Google's method of version numbering and decided to copy it in the ridiculous belief that the version numbering must be the reason Chrome is surging ahead"

This would indeed be a ridiculous belief, and as such is probably not the case.

Strange how some people claiming that version numbers are insignificant get so upset about them. And if you're upset about features changing on you, such as add-on management, then disable those updates - it's your choice. Lovely.

Mine's the one with the Opera browser embedded in the collar.