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Microsoft catches 11 UK pirate retailers

Andy Kavanagh

Backup discs and documentation?

"Microsoft reminds businesses and consumers that if they buy a computer with software pre-loaded it should come with proper documentation and backup discs."

Perhaps someone should inform Dell?

Dell to launch 'Eee PC beater' today

Andy Kavanagh


And spec?

Looks bloody nice though.

Sellers price up 8GB Eee PC

Andy Kavanagh

4GB not easy to get hold of?

You're looking in the wrong place! Toys R Us have MILLIONS of them in-store.

[Actual MILLIONS may be lower than suggested]

DVLA turns censor on grubby number plates

Andy Kavanagh

Shame they haven't clamped down in previous years...

...to save my eyes from the ugly bloke who overtook me last week in "LUV 269X"

Woman cleans keyboard... in dishwasher

Andy Kavanagh

This is new?

Er, haven't people been doing this forever? I work in a school, and every summer I dishwash all the keyboards. We've been doing it for about 12 years now. Never had a single failure, either.


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