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Beware the terrorist drones! For they are coming! Pass new laws!


Re: yeah, that'll work..

...and make us all French

ooohh F. NOooo!

$deity help us all! I'd rather be a rebel redneck (and ALL pre-deposition) than the Yank I am!


Re: Every excuse is good...


... to get funds to play with powerful SHARKS WITH F'n lasers!


The "NEW" shark drone... coming soon.

All Systems z are Go: IBM ports Google language to mainframes


Re: Singing the BlueZ?

Worse off... D(H)ell

Boy did "I" (us/we) get screwed.. (I'm modest, my team of 4) No thanx to the manglangers. . . .

I have the most respect for Big Blue (DISCLOSURE : they are in my home state) but some of their designations, as of late, make me question their outlook.

Hell, we had their "Selectric" in my mid-school typing class.. got upto 100 wpm on that "ball"....


Singing the BlueZ?

Did it get a little colder down here? Big Blue n Google in bed?

Cisco forgot its own passwords for seven weeks



they changes their default password..

How many others are admin/.?

Anyone using M-DISC to archive snaps?


Re: Can I find a 5.25" floppy drive and/or VHS player?

Yes on both counts. I don't even need to leave the house.

.... In my case; this room on both

Anything other obsolete tech you might be wanting?

Parallel printer cable?

... Check - along with the Star-Micronics 128 printer and a case of tractor-feed paper - in this room

56K PCI modem?

... Basement - along with the other MoFU (Mathomes of Forgotten Usefulness)

Gameport joystick?

... MoFU

Audio cassette player?

... Audio OR data?

... W/or W/O the Atari 800?! Both are MoFU...

(I even tested that last one since it didn't involve getting out of my chair)

Ole Skool Users UNITE!

Trend Micro AV gave any website command-line access to Windows PCs


Re: Pick your poison

Kaspersky, maybe?

... the enemy of my enemy is my friend...

Stanford boffins snuff out li-ion batt blaze risk



does that mean my "hoverboard" won't burn my house down when I charge it, and fall asleep?!

( IDK about the rest of the world, but on this side of the puddle, we where "suggested" not to charge that damn thing over-night/fall asleep during charging. A few house fires where linked to that effect.)

NY to Charter: Sure, we'll approve that TWC merger, if you boost our broadband speeds


NY Thruway pipe?

Didn't TWC have a deal w/Cuomo to use the Thruway R.O.W. for a line from the City to Albany to Buffalo?

Yeah, we "promise" to boost speeds - just turn the rotary switch from 1 to 2, then to 3 then to 0..

But then again, IF they f-around, Cuomo can make their "existence" a living heck - you need a permit for this, that and the other thing. Drowning them in red tape until they cry "Mario".

The Register's entirely serious New Year's resolutions for 2016


Re: So the new formula is:

@ Dr. Syntax

"Articles re-published from The Conversation"

+ "you win the internet"



I find it very frustrating to have to keep changing tabbies every few minutes - shirley

"...Don't call me Shirley"


Re: we plan to be a big part of the prosperity

@ The Dude

I agree with you 100%. The last 4-6 months or so, The Reg seems to be going to the Crapper.

I've been "reading" posts for the past 3 or 4 years or so. As of late, they do suck. This is coming from a has-been, years ago, old fart, that's trying to keep up of what's "in", and why where because and the WTF of IT in the wacky-world of the US.

El. Reg. - PLEASE stop the cut-n-past from the "conservationist" It may be a Brit rag/tech/sci type of mag/site (honestly don't know), but atleast give us YOUR spin on it!

SpaceX makes rocket science look easy: Falcon 9 passes tests


x? up, one down.

How many times did Musk try to re-land a first-stage rocket? (not being a prick)

Is this the first one re-landing on solid ground rather than a bobbing-barge?

If so, hats-off. Just re-using the engine is cost-savings enough (if all checks out). Then launching, and hopefully reclaiming a "heavy" will be leaps-n-bounds ahead of anyone else.

Happy new year, VW: Uncle Sam sues over engine cheatware


By-By V-Dub

At least in the US.

The one, and only, veedub I ever owned was a pass-down '78 Diesel Rabbit - turd brown exterior, and a "smoother" brown interior. ..

I WILL NOT knock it - it was free (well - at the time living with the parents where nothing is "free"[father sold it after I left for the military and pocketed the $1g for a 8 y-o car]) and I filled it up once-a-MONTH (basically to-from work ~ 15 mile round-trip + weekend run-a-round)

It did act as a B.C.V.[G] (Birth Control Vehicle[Glasses] - who would want to date me then ?!?! [then the glasses in the military - I was just fckd!])

Microsoft's 200 million 'Windows 10' 'devices' include Lumias, Xboxes



I'm quite tired of all the MS Win 10 B.S.!


IF I would (maybe a bazooka aimed at my crotch) want to up(down) grade to 10, I'd just do it on MY own terms and time, and out of MY pocket..

Win 3.0 - bought 5-1/4" disks - own pocket - MY first 286 w/ 287 co-pro (previous was an ATARI 800)

Win3.1(1) - bought 3-1/2 disks - own pocket - 386-dx; wanted a "cheap (serial)" home network

Win 95 - bought CD - try it out (kept crashing, poor networking)

IBM O/S-2 - bought 3-1/2 - own pocket - TRUE multi-tasking; not just pause one op for another... loss of support was the major failing..

Win 98 - bought CD(s) + throw-a-way systems - again, out-a-pocket; better networking

Win XP - DEMO/Insider - Bought MULTIPLE CD's + Systems+"editions" (home, pro) - out of pocket

Win 7 - Again "insider/demo" - bought multiple CD's + systems+"editions" (home, pro, ult.) - more $$

Win 8 - "insider" - didn't like it - DIDN'T buy it

Win 8.1 - got it for "free" on a borked system, better than 8, but still didn't like it

Win 10 - Insider - Didn't/DON'T like/want it - reverted to a clean 7 install

IF I WANT this steaming pile of dung they call a OS, I'll gladly pay for it - IF IT IS WORTH IT


Now running Win 7/ Mint on dual boot - more Mint than 7(which I'll probably format for disk space)

Thanks for letting me vent a little...

The Register guide to software-defined infrastructure


Happy New Year

Mr. Pott

We haven't see you 'round in a dogs age..

That is all.

Face, meet book: Zuckerberg plans to dabble in AI this year


What could possibly go wrong?

... go wrong... go wrong... go wrong... go wrong... go wrong... ...

Apple had more CVEs than any single MS product in 2015, but it doesn't really matter


Re: What is the favorite Flash command?

delete all /y

Comcast 'rolls out' 'world's first' DOCSIS 3.1 modem, pumping 1Gbps over existing cable


Dig what up?

Just string fiber along with their other RG-59 cables they have strung from unbelievable straight, branch-less tree to the next.

Most utilities (except gas, water & sewer) in a (sub)urban and remote areas in the US are on (telephone/graph) poles - no need to dig anything. A couple a bucket trucks/cherry pickers, and butt-load of p-ties/zip-ties and your done...

I'm (all)mostly joking. . .

Google proffers plugs in Android MMS pwnfest


,or never,

That's about right...

Still running 4.something

on a Samsung Gal.5 on Sprint in the US

Gave up after 4.4 that almost bricked it - now on Cy...

The gear I use in my test lab: A look at three Trident+ switches


Re: Quotes

hate to reply to my own post, BUTT- 4 hrs later Linksometimes @ The Reg:


Carry on....


Re: Quotes

.... "And D-Link is shite - just above Belkin level in my books. Getting 10 years from basic 100Mbps or Gbit L2 switches seems to be a miracle, I've had to replace plenty of them due to them just breaking down...on the other hand it's kind of a pity to replace those fully functional 15+ year old 3Com/Cisco/HP switches just because Fast Ethernet (or even 10BASE-T) doesn't cut it anymore."

I echo D-Lump, and add Linksometimes... Still have "A" 3-Com 48 port 10-Base switch running. How, I don't know, it's in the most inhospitable environment possible - damp, warm/hot, and dark pipe tunnel. When it was "installed" (on a milk-crate just to keep it off the floor) I did use Dow Corning Compound #4 (DC-4) di-electric grease on all the ports, just to help with the moisture. It did loose about 8 ports over the years, but it's still switchin'... (all be it at a "slow" pace!)

Anything "new" we install Cisco, because of government contracts/preferred vendor clauses.

My home network is Netgear "pro-safe (sometimes, when the decide to post a update)" and ZyXEL

Facebook kills Creative Labs, cuts support for mobile apps


My thought EXACTLY!

I still have C.L. Sound Blaster ISA board, with the spare IRQ jumpers, in the "mathomes of forgotten usefulness" collection.

Telecity fails with car park net rescue plan. In fact, things got worse. Again


Re: Parse failure

... And the correct phrase is Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS).

I don't know much about DRUPS, but, do they have "Synchronizing" lights/meters. I know larger commercial/military generators that can be paralleled, do have synco lights to help the engineer get them into phase before throwing the big switch.

Apple supremo Tim Cook rules out OS X fondleslab, iOS merger


Ohh, did ya hita nerve?!?

"For some reason, that tour did not include a sit-down with El Reg, perhaps because of this, this, this, or this"

...and that, maybe/also this.

Does Cook-n-Co. think that El-Reg will just wither up n die? Naa, just a thorn in its side.

O.T. - Haven't touched the fruit since the ][c in AP class in grade school, BUT, they do make sense to keep the 2 O/S's different/apart.

DISCLAIMER : I do have several Android based tablets, a Chrome book or two, several M.S. based O/S machines (up to, and including "X") and A playbook. I still can't fathom why you would want your phone to act like your tablet to act like your lap top to act like your desk top to act like your server to crash/be un-secure as your "free" phone (w/a a 2+ year, non-negotiable, non-updatable, termination fee applicable).

New Nexus 5X, 6P smarties: Google draws a line in the sand


Re: I pity the US if $10 dollars per gigabyte is considered good.


then, again, it's the Chock (minus the "h") Factory - while they're taking pic's, AND slurpin' WiFi, they have a DB of ALL the open networks around you. IF you HAVE to use THEIR precious data that THEY bought from your local providers, ya gonna pay... If your in down-town Manhattan - no problem, plenty of open sources. But if you're in the middle of B.F.E., (Bumm F. Egypt) ya gonna get it in the Bumm...

Our local cable co. has a similar deal for $20(subscriber) $40 for non.. but it also uses their (and, being a subscriber, YOUR) WiFi/data/ D/L speed..


Re: point of view...

Oh and if you *don't* have slot, the sodding phone should be waterproof!!!!


I've have an "old" Casio/G-Zone "Boulder" circa 2006/07 that's STILL water-PROOF not "resistant" It still (sorta) does what I need - Receive/Send Voice, (what ever that is...) texts, and takes some-what decent pix's... All being 40' underground in an electrical noisy environment. I deal with pump stations - either potable(fresh) or waste - with more magnetic interference from 1950's low-voltage starters to today's VFD's from 60 to 400 HZ's.

Saturday, after a long day, I recovered my phone in a 1/2 million gallon waste water tank,(granted, it was being pumped down after I got the pumps restarted) that was at 17 feet (about 6 meters for you metric users) when I was called. Plucked it out, with a basket-on-a-stick, in about 3' of muck. Hosed it off (literately), and got my other dozen or so messages...

Now, if Casio - if no one else - can make a (clam-shell) phone like that about 10 years ago WITH expandable (MSD to 32 g's), removable/replaceable battery, EITHER external charger AND/OR cradle charging, and STILL works as advertised, (I admit, I spent US $200 for it at the time) WHY can't anyone else do so?!


P.S. - this is my 3rd phone in my 40-some-odd-year lifetime.. 2nd was a Nokia (can't remember the model - old-timers disease ;-) ) mono stick, and 1st was a Panasonic LUGGABLE; 2-piece, with the FULL 3-Watt output in the late 80's - not the milli / micro Watt we have now...



HP bought small

Who else remembers H.P.& P.B.? Buy little, and take a loss.. Now they "split", (I see 2x losses) M. Dell can get caught up.

"Dude - ya get a Dell-EM-C" (said as Dellemmsee)....

External vs internal: Why hybrid cloud is the way to go



What happens when your ONE (or combo of) "service(S)" goes TITSUP? An excavator installing new (gas, water, electric, sewer, etc), and your (AWS, cloud de joure) decides to take a break (s/w, h/w, F'ed update, "operator error", ect.) at 1400 on a Friday? You let the staff go for a (long) weekend? F. the (sales, updates/patches, support, etc.) - Sorry, XYZ, can't help (support, diagnose) ya, ALL our info is on the "Puffy Blue" cloud(s), and we let the staff go to the pub/bar....

Combo, "local" and cloud, is the best taste in my mouth. Age old adage - don't keep all your eggs in ONE basket(case).

HP Inc to pink-slip 3,300 workers amid biz-split bloodbath


Re: The surprising thing here


Could they charge more for their propriety ink(jet) cartridges than the $40, for they make for at less than 10 cents a pop?

Yep - cut the labor, cheapen/ out-source the product, charge more for necessities, and wonder why they can't make a nickle... But, but - the humans are costing us to have something between their ears.


Android 5 lock-screens can be bypassed by typing in a reeeeally long password. In 2015


Re: And nobody considered...

So, entering a 16 digit (O.K. maybe 24, or 32 at most) string of random characters will crash the OS, then it awards you with a SU!


Thanks, I'll have another Guinness!

How a massive campaign of booby-trapped web ads went undetected for too long


Re: Stop Thief!

And I removed the "DO NOT REMOVE" tag on my newly purchased mattress. Who ya gonna call? the mattress police!!

PRIME SPACE: Bezos in Cape Canaveral SPACE PODULE debut


ANOTHER Tax evation tactic

So, how much did Amazon stuff in the brown bag?!

Big trouble in big China: Crashing economy in Middle Kingdom body slams US tech stocks


THE best "B"movie eva

See title..

That is all.

Thanx, Neil McAllister!!!

(need to re-visit BTinLC)

Mohawk Valley, NY to become the new Silicon Valley in fab fab deal


Re: So how many jobs....

MAYBE in initial construction, but, long-term, lemme guess.... big fat nil.

Tax increase WILL be inevitable.

US police to throw big balls in criminals' faces



What good will it be if they toss one at/for us geeks/nerds?

WiFi, cell, heck any RF can be jammed/blocked. Even a simple frequency generator can do it...

I'll get mine, it's in the Faraday closet.

Secure web? That'll cost you, thanks to Mozilla's HTTPS plan


Re: How to kill a browser...



How to kill a browser...

Mozilla is trying its damnedest! Ever since they "acquired" Netscape, they've gone down hill (now up to 35.0.8 as of 2200 edt 15/6/2 [after a restart])

What's a "descent" browser now?

IE, yeah right; Chrome, and goooogles data slurping overload; Safari, no thanx...

Can someone suggest a non-bias browser (no commercial interest/walled garden) like netscape USED to be, on a win XP/7 system?

Couple sues estate agent who sold them her mum's snake-infested house


US Home inspection..

If they weren't too cheap to have a home inspection, and walk away, they could've saved a half-million bucks.

1st house I bought, the inspector saved me/use ovver $50k in asbestos abetments, and structural deficiencies. Bought the house at a $75k "discount", and the original owners made the house "clean"

The second inspection, with the same company, and the same inspector, gave it a "good" bill of health - it was a 100 y/o wooden structure house less than an 1/8 mile from the Atlantic.

My second home, we went over it with a tic(very fine) comb, and came out ahead.. again withe the same company, but a different and diligent inspector.

PAY for a home inspection - $$ now = less headaches/hassle in the future!

As I recall, it was about $200, in the 00'. It may be closer $400 now, but cheaper than a half-mil later...

SourceForge sorry for adware, promises only opt-in in future


Re: . too late.

waaay to late... They, and cnet,amongst others, have earned a permanent d/l ban due to ad/mal ware, viruses, etc..

No groveling can make up for me.

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1



O.K. all you penguin users, suggest me a OS w/desktop to keep me sane..

The "better" half is used/likes '98/xp and tolerates 7, and I HATE THAT DAMN DOG HOSE - it leaks like a sieve!

Been using D.O.S. since 3.0 on an ATARI 800, and M.Sh!t since 2.0 (still have 5.25" install floppies)..

3.1, 3.11.,'95, '98 (3.5 hd), and cd's of XP and 7. Did do a dabble of OS.2/warp, and liked it..

Sooo, whatcha got fur me (OK us)

Wi-Fi was MEANT to be this way: Antennas and standards, 802.11 style


Re: Nice round-up - thanks.

And a second TY to Danny Bradbury for adding to the confusion!

Wake me up when we get to Zed-Alpha-Zed.. Alpha-Charlie is beyond fast enough (for now) for our needs

Uncle Sam spanks PayPal for credit scheme cockup


Interest rate!!

And what's the "normal" interest rate?!! Something like 30%? It's like taking out an (american) Indian

"Pay-Day" loan...

I've been (retired) an U.S. ePAY member from the early '90's, and a "PREY-pay" user from the '00's... When they (P.P./Musk) pushed their "bill-me-later" on every bid/purchase, I "disengaged" from them.

If I can't pay with a bank C.C.(visa, master card), directly on site, I'll find another vendor. Goggle Prey is another I won't deal with..

Mad Max: Fury Road – two hours of nonstop, utterly insane fantasy action


Re: Cracking film

".... although I do prefer Mel's 'I-gota-show-my-f**ck'n-a**-in-every-showing ' brand of madness..."


Even thou', I would kinda miss Mad Mel - haven't seen it as of yet, but, he seems like a shoe-in for the fourth... (BUT who HASN'T he pissed-off yet?!?, and is he still alive/cognoscente?)

Right Dabbsy my old son, you can cram this job right up your BLEEEARRGH


Names... Faces...

The most important way to get me to know your name is if you f-up enough!

We have a high turn-around, usually 6-10 weeks. If I see you 2, or more times in the first, or 4, or so, by the second, I'll remember your name - not in a good way...

Good way to piss me off.

If I can't remember your name, don't take it personally, it's just you haven't f'd up enough (yet..) to make a mark on me!


Or, as I tell people, I have chronic CRS. (Can't Remember Shit)

OR Can't Repair S...

USAF - CRS= Component Repair Squadron

(Me, OTOH, was CES - Clean Everyone's S.. [Civil Engineering Squadron])

Nasty Dyre malware bests white hat sandboxes


Re: Please Check HCL

TY for the grin!

Welcome, stranger: Inside Microsoft's command line shell


Re: Falcon 3.0, the ultimate test of your config.sys/autoexec.bat skills?

Similar situation with an irrigation program..

Needed a mouse, sound, and a 4-color light pen driver to be loaded, before it ate about 600k of the 640. This was on a "true" IBM 286 w/ the 287 math co/pro.

This was the t-o-t-l (top of the line) system - 16 colors, 4-voices, 2-button mouse, and an 84(?) keyboard. Propitiatory 8-bit comm card, and software to drive it, dual UART232 for a dedicated weather station, (on a short-haul modem) and their "custom" mouse/brick (with a "special" pad), Centronics 36 parallel port to a 9-pin (IBM) printer, and a DB-9 to the "largest" (14inch) color display..

Ahh, kids these days... I don't know.. That crap music they play, touch screen this 'n that, social media....




Anyone else tries to keep their file names in an "eight-point-three" format anymore?

When MS went to 256.256 (98?), I just threw my hands up in surrender..

Hi, Fi: Google JOWL-SLAPS mobile bigguns with $20/mo wireless service


WiFi calling...

The past couple/few months, I've been getting ads/spam from my local cable co. about their wifi phone, in the NE US.

@ $10/month, (30 for non consumers) and a $100 (300 non consumer) moto G, you can yack, txt, d/l as much as you like (in their hot-sparseness)....

No coverage @ work, (most of my calls/txts) and I WILL NOT open MY personal/home WiFi to world+dog+++!

linky - https://freewheel.com/


Granted, goggle, would also have cell reception - IF you/I could get a signal.

Working around A/C motors, in high frequency (Hz), inside a proverbial "brick sh.. house," with the associated noise - I'd be happy if I could hear and/or feel you call, no less hear you..

@ the tone, please.....