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Sony BDP-S185 Blu-ray player


Major let down for me :(

I bought one of these via Amazon as a Xmas present to replace a DVD player during the festive season but had no end of trouble with it. Setup was all easy enough but it regularly gave a completely blank black screen together with sound cutting out for a few seconds while watching both on-line content and movies from discs. This would happen between 4 or 5 times an hour which really killed the immersion for watching something. After a few days the problem escalated where frequently the device would randomly completely switch itself off during movies too.

Returned to Amazon and got a new one sent out, very first film and it's still cutting out with the same blank screen during movies (still both streaming and from disc). Not tried it any further.

Nothing else plugged into the TV has any problems (Sky box via HDMI, Wii & previous DVD player) Have tried switching HDMI port & cable, firmware is updated. Guessing I'll need to return it for a refund :(