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Serverless is awesome (if you overlook inflated costs, dislike distributed computing, love vendor lock-in), say boffins


Re: Costs are not apples-to-apples

Finally someone with a brain that isn't just ranting in the comments.

I've personally take multinational organisations through PoC's using services like Lambda and it almost always, always works out a lot cheaper - key examples:

PoC looking at migrating Wordpress fleet(over 2000 sites on servers) to Lambda - saved a ton cash, improved site speed for virtually every user across the globe, reduced complexity and therefore the number of problems.

Multimillion company launch with A LOT of users all coming online after an announcement at a huge conference, no scaling issues, worked like a dream.

I could go on for a quite a while here but I'm going to with the examples.

As Geebee rightly points out Serverless also reduces personnel requirements massively for businesses.

Also from a Node perspective, the services I've designed are really easy to work with no crazy config, no docker containers, just Node 8.10, Gulp, Serverless, Jest, CircleCI

Note I don't dislike Docker but when people are trying to replicate a server locally it almost always never works, so then go to docker which is great but it's more complex - I once had to spend 6 days trying to configure my env at a well-known gambling org, simply because the docker setup was complex and staff churn meant nobody had documented it.

This "research" and I use the term loosely seems to confuse the purpose of Lambda, they seem to have deliberately picked things that nobody in their right mind would try and use it for and then said "Hey Lambda is crap" - it's not and it's changing the way we develop applications for the better.

Bonkers call to boycott Raspberry Pi Foundation over 'gay agenda'


My constructive feedback

So turns out I had to sign the petition to leave a comment, which was as follows:

'I'm NOT signing this, but I've had to just to leave a question - are you totally insane?

FYI Rainbows are not owned by LBGT People, Care Bears, Skittles or those people at the end of the yellow brick road.

If your aim is to promote LBGT rights then you're actually doing more harm than good with your insanity so please, do us all a favour, take your laptop out into the garden and smash it, never, ever, ever(no really E-V-E-R) use the internet again.

P.S - You're a douche.'

TalkTalk attack: Lad, 15, cuffed by UK cyber-cops



The web address talktalk is giving out is HTTP://www.talktalk.co.uk/secure - oh dear seems lessons are hard learned.

Flag-waving Lego Canuck soars to 80,000ft


They seem to even have captured a shot of an alien spacecraft, 00:35 to the right of the lego man!


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