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LinkedIn users buried in spam after database leak


As I've deleted my account months ago and didn't receive any spam on that address there's the glimmer of hope that account deletions are indeed real deletions..

Faster mobile data: the road to 4G


With HSPA+ devices I think many people will get to have cheaper and faster access than any over-the-phone-line service. Apart from mobile coverage I consider the UK still in the dark ages of connectivity compared to the REST OF THE PLANET.

Anonymous knocks FTC site offline


Yeah lets protest we know it works, there was no war in Iraq

Barack Obama: Bland, predictable and cheesy ... on Spotify


What is this fascination with Spotify's recommendation system and history, seriously! I realise audioscrobbler/last.fm is not a uber popular fasetube shared peddler of poor quality music files (as part of its main business) but that stuff has existed for EONS before spotify's feature. What's more there are plugins to use for most players so you can scrobble your existing library not what you have in the bleeding "cloud".

iPad Fleshlight lets fanbois express their love


"rather than a slab of electronics enhanced with a ribbed polymer pocket"

Why would one want to make love to an actual human anyway??