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Facebook may soon reveal new name – we're sure Reg readers will be more creative than Zuck's marketroids

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its new name will be FBNC False Bullshire news Corp

Chinese espionage group targets Israel while suggesting the source could be Iran

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This reminds me of the novel by Tom Clancy called Threat Vector


released in 2012

Oh, no one knows what goes on behind locked doors... so don't leave your UPS in there

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Re: Not quite a power lead...

I remember in a large open office space. running a new cat5 cable under from false flooring to a new desk. I had to drop down in the the floor space in the server room. Go 5 tiles to the right and 40 tiles down. So I would be under the new desk. Well we got our mapping wrong. I'm on my back pushing up the tile i believe is the right one. But is not Im under someone else's desk. panel is stiff so i give is a good push and it starts to move. looking through the small gap. I see a member of staff sat in her chair looking at me. Then the biggest scream you have ever heard and the words. "There is a man under my desk"

She was getting every one in the office to check under her desk

I quickly dropped the panel back down and scooted back to server room.

we left server room and entered office space. she looked at me and shouted " its you"

No one would believe her as i had just walked in to the room.

we decided in future to run cables after office hours.

Antarctic researchers send an SOS to the world: Who wrote this message in a bottle?

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Vancouver-based tour operator Bestway Tours & Safaris has put together an expedition to visit Bouvet Island, departing from Ushuaia, Argentina, on Mar. 24, 2015 on board the M/V Ortelius, an ice-strengthened UL1 class expedition boat with 47 cabins accommodating up to 104 passengers

The expedition concludes on April 22, 2015 in Ascension Island.

so i would get in touch with Vancouver-based tour operator Bestway Tours & Safaris. as this trip was in the timeframe of the message in a bottle.

the person who sent in may be on the passenger manifest


What happens when a Royal Navy warship sees a NATO task force headed straight for it? A crash course in Morse

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and a pinkie is an Electrical engineer

NASA's Chandra probe suddenly becomes an EX-ray space telescope (for now, anyway)

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I wish they could build central heating boilers to last that long nowadays. they used to be able to do it

Former NSA top hacker names the filthy four of nation-state hacking

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I just go with every country is trying to spy /hack every one else.

and the russians just want to cause disruption wherever possible.

East Midlands network-sniffer wails: Openreach, fix my outage-ridden line

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many years ago working for BT i traced a fault for my mother's internet. the problem was the cable under a pub carpark. It was deemed not cost effective to dig up car park and replace cable

10 PRINT "ZX81 at 37" 20 GOTO 10

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I had the zx81 my mate had a spectrum. Born in 69 was the right time. by the mid 80s when I was in comprehensive school we had Commodore PET and BBC B micro and a little bot with a pen. I think the program was called LOGO. pen up move 10 right 90 pen down move 10. I remember me and a friend drawing out the full map for manic miner on graph paper and sticking it to the wall. it was a big map. I remember my dad coming home from work wtht a parcel and gave it to me. said the IT guy from head office had brought it ( dad worked for Ciba-Geigy at the time.) it was a massive printout of a game. on green and white listing paper. looked like something from nasa. took me ages to type it all in and save it to audio tape

NASA finds satellite, realises it has lost the software and kit that talk to it

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send up the space cowboys to fix it.

UK emergency crews get 4G smartmobes as monkeys attempt to emerge from Reg's butt

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Re: Coverage

I believe this is already in place and has been for years.. certain people and security services. have phones that can and do use any network. these phone/simcards have to be authorised by the home office.

Leaky-by-design location services show outsourced security won't ever work

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what about the photos taken of someone elses wife/ sheep ( depending on nationality ) and posted. location of 3rd parties bedroom/kitchen, garage, show will be geotagged

Samsung flashes flash stash for flash motors

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enough storage and internet connected cars. how long till we end up with a war driving botnet. Dashcams connected to google cloud. everything real time. the NSA will love that.

The award for worst ISP goes to... it starts with Talk and ends with Talk

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Ive been with virgin over 20 years now. from when they where diamond cable. even when i worked for BT. when broadband first came out. i was working for BT. had a chat with an engineer about having it at home.was told don't bother go with diamond media as most of our main cables back to the exchange are still the original wires laid down in the beginning of the GPO. I then went to work for then called NTL.

did my own install in my present house 16 years ago. barring 1 tv box failing an a power supply for the modem. Ive not had any network issues. Always had the speeds i've paid for. I even remember when people where leaving NTL for AOL broadband and i would turn up with an AOL broadband modem. SAME as NTL but different sticker. no cable changes whatsoever. just plug in and use install CD. My lad worked for BT and now sky so i keep updated on offers and kit. For me Its just not worth me changing.

where i am. Because anything over the bt network. will be useless. I would be better firing up my ham radio packet bbs at 1200 baud i would get faster speeds.

Vodafone customers moan about sluggish data abroad

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Im often in Turkey and holland on vodafone. I have never had an issue. just back from turkey. and where was the WIFI was crap but my 4G was spot on. plus with my overseas package. no extra charges..

Jodie Who-ttaker? The Doctor is in

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Im just waiting for the Doctor to bump in to the wife (Riversnog)

Is Britain really worse at 4G than Peru?

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I get better 4g coverage in Turkey than i do here in lincolnshire

Amazing new WikiLeaks CIA bombshell: Agents can install software on Apple Macs, iPhones right in front of them

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just pondering a few thoughts.

With the latest airline checked in baggage news about tablets and laptops and other gizmos.It seems not many people have picked up its actually traveling FROM certain countries and not too.

So are the spooks looking to target certain people coming from these countries. Are these people are a bit tech savvy and the spooks have not been able to tamper with their gizmos by their normal spooky means.

Twin brothers. One went into space. The other didn't. NASA reveals how their bodies differ

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As one spent a year traveling faster than the other. is he now younger?

The developer died 14 years ago, here's a print out of his source code

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Re: Huh?

Im from Grimsby and its shite here

FBI says it helped mess up that iPhone – the one it wants Apple to crack

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Im just wondering whats going to happen.If Apple say it can not be done without destroying the data.

Without the password the phone is actually secure. I see this playing out a few different ways.

1 Apple do help get the data. But actually make out that they cant and go though a play of being dragged through the courts. The result is everyone jumps over to apple in thinking they have a secure phone. In

reality its now wide open

2 Apple design a backdoor Everyone knows and your never secure. Some dumb idiot leaves a laptop on a bus with the backdoor tools on and it gets leaked.

3 Apple have done a good job and the phone is actually bullet proof. Nothing can be done.

Every spy agency is now pissed off. Apple execs start jumping on to planes to go to countries with no extradition treaties. As the the government now try to shut down apple.Because they have given the people what they want and not what they should have and the Iphone becomes a banded item. if you own one your a bad guy.

China 'evacuates' 9,000 around monster radio 'scope

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worlds biggest Wok

Manchester car park lock hack leads to horn-blare hoo-ha

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most car alarm keyfobs in the uk are on 432.975 which happens to be in the ham radio band. as previous stated just a simple £30 handheld radio can be used to jam a large carpark.

also popping up on the market nowadays are drones with telemetry running on the same freq.

this type of thing has been happening for years now.

Just jam the frequency with a carrier and the cars wont unlock or lock. Though some cars if you did lock it with fob.Then unlocked it with a key the immobilizer is still active and you cant start car.

Airplane HACK PANIC! Hold on, it's surely a STORM in a TEACUP

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someone is going to be stupid enough to sit on a plane with lappy and joystick. every time you hit turbulance they are going to shake joystick. scaring the shit out off passengers.

one way ticket to a very dark deep room

High-speed powerline: Home connectivity without the cables

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Re: Bedroom camera

its to see if your data transfer is quicker than your biological transfer :-)

the old Joke

husband asks wife. "why do you never tell me when you have an orgasm"

wifes reply " your never at home when i do "

now you will be able to watch ;-)

UK call centre linked to ‘millions’ of nuisance robo-calls raided by ICO

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we believe you have been involved in an accident

It appears the police have kicked your back doors in.

You do not get any compensation

do not pass go

do not collect £200

Go straight to jail.

This message and your phone will self destruct in 5 seconds


opps I lied it was 1 second

Have a nice hands free day

Crap employers banned from enforcing backdoor crim records checks

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its not a CRB any more the rules changed its a DBS check. I am a volunteer for a group and another organisation ask for us to all be DBS checked. but as we dont fall under the criteria for a check we cant get one.

I dont regularly work with children so no requirment for DBS. Even though now and then I may come in contact with a child. That being said the child would either be with a parent or responsible adult

Who needs hackers? 'Password1' opens a third of all biz doors

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A common password i keep coming across in letme1n or their year of birth in twice

Samsung brandishes quad-core Galaxy S5, hopes nobody wants high specs

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Bring out a phone with 2 sim slots and illicit mode. no need for 2 mobiles then

unlock phone on way and your in normal everyday mode. unlock it with a different code and your in illict mode. you can check the messages and calls you dont want the other half to know about.

Dual mode the ability to to uses both sims at same time. recieve calls and txt on either sim at same time

A thicker phone with dual batteries

Computer expert and broadcaster Ian McNaught-Davis dies at 84

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I remember the programs well.Also I still remember in school sitting there typing the code in from a mag to play a new game.

First we had the commodore pet. Saving all the typed in code to tape and when we got a BBC computer saving to floppy disc

Also we had a little line drawing robot using software i think was called LOGO

Tell it to move froward 10 pen down move 10 pen up

Mosaic turns 20: Let's fire up the old girl, show her the web today

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My first steps in to computers was the old zx81 then i found out about girls it was not untill I started wiht ham radios and a programe called FBB a radio linked BBS and using baycom boards. then venturing onto the net Demon was my isp. but some of the good stuff still out there seems to be forgotton or not know by users today like IRC and Newsgroups. Even had one kid say to me a few months back about a new program called Mirc and recon its going to wipe messenger off the web.

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I remember using Arachne on Dos many years ago I like its email programe very much


Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?

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Yes I like the gimmicks and gadgets of the samsung s3. im intrested in the s4 .Ive never been an iphone lover dont know why but I have always prefered android.

but for me the biggests selling point in future would be battery life. Give me a phone that last days not hours.

I use to love and still do my old Nokia 6310i. Boy did that battery last.

give me a samsung with a nice drop in mobile cradle like the old nokia 6310i had with ext ant connection

non of this fitting it in the dash clamp in car then plugging in power lead. Just drop in and go

give me a phone that can have external phone, wifi , gps ariels. that i can just drop in to its cradle and it starts to charge either via power lead or wirless charge i dont care.

Ipones have docking stations evening the galaxy tab have but not seen one for the phone.

I think its the aftermarket stuff that makes the iphone sell more. walk in to and high st phone shop and look at all the case covers and stuff for the ipone and you have an alladins cave of choice.

look at the samsung and you have a small choice in the corner. other wise i have to trawl the web for stuff

Google emails Virgin Media subscribers ... about privacy

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well i set a new email accound up on my own domain yesterday got a google email on it today. and ive not even given it out to anyone


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